Atticus at 2 months

Whew. Where has the past few months gone? Between preparing for Atticus to arrive and adjusting to our new family of five, it has just flown by.

And now here we are…Atticus is 2 months old. Well, 9 weeks old on Wednesday.


I thought I would be real slick and take real pictures on my real camera with the 35mm lens for a change. And then both laptops stopped working and I couldn’t figure out how to get the pics off my SD card and onto the iPad to write in WordPress. Damn technology was trying to hold me back!! But now, I’m writing on Michael’s laptop, and everything is weird cause it’s a PC, but oh well.

But y’all, my baby is already 2 months old. ::sobbing::

And yes, that's Fred and George. Cause the Boy Who Lived just had to have Harry monthly stickers, didn't he?

And yes, that’s Fred and George. Cause the Boy Who Lived just had to have Harry monthly stickers, didn’t he?

He’s wearing mostly 3-6 month clothes with a few 6 month pieces creeping in. And is it just me or does Carter’s run REAL small?

Atti is just the sweetest and silliest little guy. And forever chill. Like only cries when he’s hungry, tired or has to fart. Otherwise? Chill.


Mid photo shoot starving

He’s awake more than he’s asleep these days which is fun and exhausting in it’s own unique way. I am definitely looking forward to the school year starting (in more ways than this one) because hopefully, he will settle into a nap pattern that will allow me more of a chance to get stuff done while he’s asleep so I can hang with him and his sisters while he’s awake.


Sticking out my tongue is my favorite

A new favorite is the baby gym play mat thingy that Josie is too big for (thanks Leslie!) and anything that makes music or noise.

While he is all giggles and coos and silly sounds these days, his funny little piglet snorting when he’s hungry or becoming upset, is still going strong too. If you haven’t heard it, imagine a baby pig. That’s him. We should really call him Piglet.

Who you callin' Piglet, mama?

Who you callin’ Piglet, mama?

Atticus loves nothing more than taking a nap in a wrap or carrier and that’s often the best way to get him to sleep. He managed to sleep for three+ hours at the DIA yesterday in the carrier. Just snoring away like a little old man.

And though Michael may be in denial, I think the first stages of teething have begun. Lots of gnawing on his hands and any object he can manage to get in his mouth, the incessant drooling and a sigh of relief when I massage his gums. So he is now sporting a sweet new amber necklace and I’ll be busting out the bibdanas shortly.

He really is just such a good baby. We love him so much more than we ever dreamed we could. And can’t imagine how he has only been here for 2 months, and yet it seems like that was just a second ago.




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