Adventures in Cloth Diapering–The Beginning

So many of you may think I’m absolutely nuts for what I’m about to do, but others will understand the choice we have made.  Michael and I have decided to switch to cloth diapers after 9 weeks and hundreds of dollars worth of disposable diapers.  You might be shaking your head and wondering why, so let me explain…

1. Diapers are expensive.  When you multiply how many packages of diapers you use it adds up.  Fast.  In the 9 weeks Cedella has been with us, we’ve bought at least 12 packs of diapers, and that’s not including the multiple packs we had from the baby shower and from visitors in the first few weeks.  When you look at the cost of the cloth up front it seems like a lot, but you only buy once, and they can last for multiple kids.

2. Disposables are damaging for the Earth.  I’m not claiming to be the most green girl out there, but I am trying to be as environmentally conscious as I can be without being crazy.  Choosing cloth over disposable is a really easy way we can cut down on the amount of garbage in our landfills.  I know, I know, there’s water and electricity involved in keeping the diapers clean, but in the grand scheme, there’s less water used in laundering the diapers than in the making of diapers.  And hardly any electricity is used in our EnergyStar washing machine anyways (and most of the time they will line dry).

3. Disposables are damaging for Cedella’s behind.    The chemicals in the diapers make Cedella’s sensitive skin even more sensitive.  Since I tried so hard to avoid chemicals and bad things while I was pregnant why would I subject her to such things now that she’s here and growing?

3. They’ve come a long way baby.  There are more to the new wave of cloth diapers than the old fashioned diapers and pins.  There are a million varieties in a million colors and shapes for all comfort levels.  They are designed to hold moisture and prevent leaks and to also be easy to use.  There are neat things called Snappies that replace pins.  There are All-in-Ones with velcro that are as easy to use as disposables.  There’s even a spray hose that attaches to your toilet to wash away the poop!  How cool is that?  Don’t worry Grandma Becky and Linda, I’ve ordered inserts you can simply flush in the toilet and replace with a new one.  So easy why wouldn’t we try it?

4. Cloth diaper babies tend to potty train faster and more effectively than disposable babies.  So this may not be scientific fact, but according to some cloth diapering parents we know it seems to be the case.  It makes sense, those disposables are designed to hold A LOT of liquids and keep babies (and their clothes) super dry.  To me it seems like when a toddler goes to the bathroom and doesn’t feel wetness they don’t pick up on their cues to go to the potty fast enough, extending the whole potty training process.  With cloth they may not stay dry as long, which means changing more diapers, but hopefully for less time all around.

5. Gives me something new to do?  Since I have the privilege of being a stay-at-home mom to Cedella why not?  I have to change her diapers all day regardless, and it makes me feel like she’s getting the very best from her Mama.  And now I have a new hobby, laundry (and building my diaper ‘stash’).

Our thanks in making this decision goes to a couple of really special Mamas:

First is Kelle, our extraordinary doula who helped bring Cedella into this world more than any other caregiver.  She is pro-natural childcare without being preachy about it.  She’s given us slings and clothes and just the other day let us borrow a bunch of diapers so we could try out the cloth.

Second is Teresha over at Marlie and Me.  Her post on cloth diapering almost exactly echoes my thoughts on the subject and she encouraged me to take the chance, again, without being preachy.  It has been so nice getting to know her and her little girl online.  I’m glad to have such a fabulous e-friend!  Not to mention her post helped me figure out what to order to start the stash, check it out here: Chronicles of Cloth Diapering.

So let the fun begin…who knows what will happen but I have a feeling it will be something worth blogging about!

Cedella’s first cloth diaper! 
“It’s not bad at all Mama!  I think I’ll poop now!”
Which she did…


  1. Teresha@Marlie and Me says:

    hip hip hooray! she looks so happy in her fluff! great article! thanks for the shout out too.

  2. Alexia says:

    She does look pretty damn happy in her fluff huh? Her legs look so chunky sticking out of the dipe?! Glad I could shout out your amazing blog and hopefully bring some new folks to look at Marlie and all her cuteness!

  3. Tracey Sims says:

    I think you're crazy, but I appreciate your choice. 😉 It's probably better for the world at large in the long run. All the technology in the world and they can't create an inexpensive, biodegradable diaper? For shame! But have you thought about the other people (i.e. babysitters and Aunties, ahem) who may not be comfortable handling and changing cloth diapers?

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