Two Years Ago…

Today’s our second wedding anniversary.  Two years ago we joined hands and committed to spending the rest of our lives together in front of our family, friends and community. Today that seems so very far away. I want to be back in that moment. I want to be in love and elated. I want our happiness back. Every day gets a little better. We’re working on it. But good god is it hard.

I’ve been working on our wedding album on for the past couple days. It really was the most elegant, beautiful and fun wedding I’ve ever been to. Our guests still tell us that it was the best wedding ever. Since I have never posted wedding photos, and since they are so present in my mind, here are many highlights that many people haven’t seen.

We were married on a brisk yet sunny day at a beautiful reception hall called The Colony Club right in downtown Detroit behind the Fox Theater. In it’s previous incarnations it was a ladies club, a police officer training center and a library. That’s right, the library was housed where the ballroom is now. And about 38 years ago (give or take) a young engineering student set his sights on one of the reference librarians. That student was my father, that librarian, my mother. And so it came to be that we were married in the exact same room where my mother and father met. And to say my dad’s presence was felt that day is an understatement.

So together with 200 of our closest friends and family, and with our dear friend Sterling doing the honor of performing the ceremony, we took our vows and agreed to spend our lives together. We are incredibly blessed by the people in our tribe. They came from Arizona, Florida, D.C., Chicago, Canada, Mississippi, South & North Carolina, New Orleans, Maryland, New Jersey, Cleveland and all over the state of Michigan.

The ceremony was short but sweet, the cocktail hour was swinging (thanks to Gino Fanelli’s Red Hot Sugar Daddies), the dinner was delicious and the reception was full of drinks and dancing. It was an absolutely amazing spectacular wanna-do-it-all-over-again kind of day. One we will forever remember fondly…

 With Mom & Sisters
 With Mom
 A little help from Jef
 The Aisle
 The Tables
 Loved this hair piece from Etsy
 The loveliest bouquet
 Perfect staircase
 My Dad ‘walked’ with me down the aisle
 Perfect place to hide a cocktail
 The synth ties the guys wore
 Picture of my Mom & Dad’s wedding 
 Head table all aglow
 Winter tree centerpieces
 Cutting the cake
 And choking
 A kiss
 Michael during his brother’s toast
 Two of my oldest and dearest Niki & Robyn 
 My sisters Erin, Jilnar and Tracey
 Michael has known these guys since 3rd grade. But Amie & Kate – my girls!
 Pete, Radfan, Nicole, Rajin, Mike & Steve. The Fun Table
 Marta & Iesha. Lovely ladies
 Our first dance 
 Dancing with my brother to ‘Dance with my Father’
 My gorgeous sisters
 Michael’s sister & brother Jilnar and Andre
 Oops! Did I do that?
 Frozen in time
 The Hustle
The Debbke 
 The cutest girl in the room – my cousin Milan
 One of my bestest friends Jen sharing a laugh
 Love me some Natalie
I gave the toast at Kristyn’s wedding and made her cry
so she returned the favor. In a good way. 


  1. Teresha@Marlie and Me says:

    You look stunning! Michael ain't too shabby himself. The setting is perfect. Everything looked phenomenal. I can feel the love between you and Michael and your families in that room. Nothing this beautiful can turn ugly.
    Happy 2nd wedding anniversary! Wishing you a billion more :-)

  2. Kim says:

    Those are absolutely amazing pictures, Alexia! I love all the small details you put in — your fathers picture on your bouquet is stunning. Getting married where your parents met is incredible. What a legacy. Praying you have many, many more. Working on it is half the battle.

  3. Alexia says:

    Thanks ladies! Appreciate the kind words and encouragement. And indeed nothing this beautiful can turn ugly.

    Two down…decades more to go!

  4. musicfrombigpink says:

    One of the funnest days of my life. I'll never forget you getting thrown out of the casino by the pit boss. In my version of that story, you're still wearing your wedding dress! Ha!

    But all kidding aside, you had a wedding no one will forget and I'm so proud of you and Michael both for admitting that nothing's perfect and committing to making it work.

    You are a truly good person, and these days, that's exceedingly rare. Happy anniversary, Al. Love you!

  5. Michael Mansour says:

    You were absolutely stunning in that gown! Looking at these pictures is just a small reminder of a day i will never forget. Friends and family came from all over to celebrate our day with us. what an amazing feeling it was. I love you forever!!!

    • Alexia says:

      Thanks for reading and commenting. This is literally the FIRST time. You loved pretty smashing yourself darling. Love you too.

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