Why I Hate Packing.

So it’s T-minus 31 hours and we’re not finished packing. Really I’d like to blame this one on the 12+ years I spent as a Girl Scout. And the 32 1/2 years of being my Mother’s daughter. Packing for me isn’t easy, or quick, or fun. It is grueling. There are so many ‘What if’s’ to consider. So many scenarios to ‘be prepared’ for. Ugh. It’s fucking exhausting. I’m tired. I need a vacation from my preparing for vacation.

The thing it has been drilled into my head that I must be prepared for any situation. Check the weather again and again and again before you leave. Going from Michigan to Arizona we need both winter coats (for the to and from the airport) and sundresses. Boots and flip-flops. Or worse (and adding many more lbs to the suitcases), layers. Cause it will be 50° in the Grand Canyon and 90° in Phoenix.

Plus we’re going for 2 weeks, and though we have laundry access at my father-in-law’s condo I feel the need to bust out all the new cute summer outfits for Miss Monk. And all of her adorable new sandals. And all of MY adorable new sandals. We need pool clothes and zoo clothes and museum clothes and hiking/active clothes. And date clothes. Oh my.

My husband literally packed his bag in 5 minutes. When I asked him if he had packed some things in case we want to go to a nice dinner or on a date, he tossed in an extra linen shirt and hasn’t thought about his bag since. There’s not even socks or deodorant in there. WTF?! If we got there and he had no socks or underwear or wife beaters he’d be one crabby ass man. Guess I have to finish packing him too.

But what really gets me is all the baby gear. Packing our fluffy stash, cause of the aforementioned washer/dryer, which takes up a lot of room. Sippy cups, snacks, toys, books, a Peapod pop-up tent for her to sleep in, an Ergo carrier, all those Babylegs. Seriously? And I can’t think of a single thing to give up. Except for the toys. Let’s be honest, she’ll play with pots and pans all day. And it’s not like we’re going to be in the condo all day. There is a pool. And a desert. And a city to explore. Right?

Am I crazy to just take stickers & crayons & coloring books for the plane, some books for bedtime and her Elmo lovie? Can we do without the Peapod tent? I’m going to attempt to re-pack right now. Wish me luck…





  1. MARY says:


  2. Heather says:

    Flying from Japan to the States and back I had a whole diaper bag filled to the brim with things to do to keep her busy. Won’t make that mistake again. She will have fun with the papers and magazines that are stuffed in the pockets of the seats. Plus if she is flying on your lap it’s going to be hard to put the tray down for her to color. Just bring a few favorite books, her lovie and you guys will be set! Good luck and have a great vacation.

    • kim says:

      Heather did if from Japan, so I’m guessing she’s more on it than me, but every time I’ve flown w/ mine — and I’ve done w/ all 3 by myself — I pack well. Chocolate milk, new color wonder packs, at least one new toy if not 2, and definately my laptop w/ a new movie. She’ll be on your lap, but you’ll have your husbands tray to use, too. AND I’ve had people vacate the other seat when they see me w/ a child. I just wave and say thank you :) And the packing thing? Doesn’t get any better. Mine forgot his deoderant, contact stuff and toothpaste once. I said, “what? Am.I.your.mom?” he hasn’t forgotten since. Good luck!!
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      • Alexia says:

        I’m with you too Kim. I have a huge bag of snacks and some stickers she can put all over me and the back of the seat. Hopefully the airline will just put the three of us in our own row and won’t bother trying to squeeze anyone else next to us! And my husband? If he forgets his toothbrush he’s SOL. LMAO!

    • Alexia says:

      Hahaha! I can just imagine Kaiya flipping through the SkyMall catalog and telling you all about the things she wants ; )

      You’ve definitely flown more than most with their little ones so I will take your word for it. Thanks sweetie! Hope you are feeling good ; )

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