A Week in our Life: Monday

I’m teaming up with the lovely Melissa over at Adventuroo this week for a really cool experiment. Those participating are going to attempt to document a week in our lives. The whole thing, good, bad, messy or clean, the WHOLE thing. It’s seems like a lot of work but it also seems like a really cool way to remember what life was like. Just thinking about it I will have a whole new reality in one year. There will be two little people I need to care for, bathe, feed and teach. So it seems fitting to capture this life we live now, in it’s entirety, as much as possible.

That being said our Monday was very unique. It started out by Michael letting me sleep in until 10!! Whoa! So I missed the whole morning routine. I’ll try and capture that another day this week.

By the time I came downstairs breakfast was over, The Street was on and Daddy had to hurry up and leave for work.

A Goodbye Kiss. Kinda chopped our heads off…

So what are two girls to do with the rest of their morning? We made brunch. French toast (from an awesome loaf of challah bread Michael’s employee brought him) and veggie sausage. It was delicious. And we discovered that Monk loves sausage. She also said the funniest thing while we were eating. She was really enjoying her french toast and then she looked up at me and said ‘Mama is cute’. Everything is cute to her these days. But the way she said it was so sweet and pure. And then she said ‘Daddy is cute’ and finally  ‘Ella is SO cute’. I love this child. And yes, she is SO cute.

Monk loves to help Mommy cook and always pulls up her red chair when I’m in the kitchen.

I take her kisses whenever I can get them.

Then my FIL called to ask if he could come pick up Monk and spend the day with her. Monk LOVES her Jiddo (arabic for Grandpa) and talked about him all weekend long. So I agreed, thinking I could get some things done around the house that desperately needed attention. We planned for him to come around 2 when she’d be up from her nap. The only problem? Somebody didn’t want to take a nap.

Around noon I tried in vain to read books and sing her songs. Nope. I tried asking if she wanted some ‘Mama Milk’ (what we call nursing). Nope. She wanted to play. So I put her in her crib with a couple of her favorite stuffed animals and closed the door. After ten minutes of ‘Where’s Mommy?’ she passed out.

Jiddo came and picked her up. She was a little hesitant when she first saw him, pulling all that “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy” stuff. But eventually she warmed up, got in his car and headed off for the day. Leaving this lady at home, alone, for the first time in…I can’t even remember when.

So what did I do with this big afternoon wide open to myself, with no kid and plenty of projects to accomplish. Hell, there’s a dog fur rug on our laminate floor in the living room and dining room. But did I pick up the broom? Well yes, I got the majority of the tumbleweeds off the floor. But then I decided to lay in bed for a while and rest. Then I picked up my book and before you know it I was 100 pages gone into the land of Game of Thrones and feeling guilty for neglecting this old house.

But my husband came home and we spent some much needed alone time together. MUCH needed. Poor guy has been neglected. Then we took a nap. Well he took a nap, and I read more.

Then we got ready and went out on our ::gasp:: second date night in two weeks! We went to our favorite sports bar The Nuthouse for food and beers (or Coke in my case) and settled in to watch our Detroit Lions take on the Chicago Bears.

What a good time!! PBR in a can was $1. Our steak quesadillas were amazing and the Coke and water flowed freely. We got to catch the tail end of the Tigers game (pure tragedy) and it was really cool to be in a crowd of people all cheering and booing for the same teams. Then the Monday Night Football game started and it was Amazing.

How can you go wrong with a $1 beer?

My Dad took me to my first Lions game when I was just 6 weeks old. Going with him to a game was always a special occasion. My love for the men in Honolulu blue and silver runs deep. And nothing filled me with more pride then to watch them win, on Monday night, for the whole nation to see and having a 5-0 undefeated record for the first time since the 50’s is so incredible. I know that somewhere in the afterlife he is beaming with pride. I like to think he was sitting at the empty chair at our table, watching with us. At the half Michael called over to his dad’s house to check on Monk and see if we should come and pick her up. They said she was an absolute angel and went right to sleep at 8:30. And if we didn’t mind she could spend the night. For the time at their house.

Michael came back to the table and asked me what I thought. Honestly my first thought was ‘nope. Let’s go get her’. And it’s not out of fear or distrust for them, rather distrust on how she would react if she woke up in the middle of the night and Mommy and Daddy weren’t there. But we talked about it and realized that after living there she was really comfortable with their house, and really comfortable with Teta and Jiddo. I just didn’t want to keep my MIL up since she works incredibly early in the morning, but Monk and Jiddo would sleep in one of the guest rooms. And it was settled. We were officially kid free for the night!!

We really enjoyed the second half as the Lions continued to crush the Bears (despite a ridiculous amounts of penalties and false starts). We laughed and drank and Michael ran into a couple of people he knew. The entire crowd was loud and cheering at every sack, every first down, every play. It was so fun. And then when we won, it was WAY past my bed time.

As I pulled into our driveway I felt like part of me was missing. Like I forgot something at the bar. Of course what I was missing was my sweet little girl. We walked inside and I headed right upstairs for bed. Instinctively I went into Monk’s room to check on her. Of course she wasn’t there. I tucked Anna doll and Ernie under the blanket and went to bed.

The prospect of sleeping ALL NIGHT was an exciting one. And yet wouldn’t you know it. The second I lied down Little Nugget began her nightly synchronized swimming routine in my womb. It was one hell of a show. She kicked all night long. And I never did get the good sleep I was so desiring.

That was Monday. I really wish I would have taken more pictures, but oh well, there’s always Tuesday, right? What does Tuesday hold? Guess you’ll have to check back tomorrow 😉

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  1. Andrea says:

    Wow! Two date nights in such a short window of time? I’m jealous. :) Sounds like a fun day w/family and you’re lucky to have your lil one have some time with her Jiddo (thanks for teaching me something new there!), too!
    Andrea recently posted..Friends You Love: Meet one of mine! #FYL

    • Alexia says:

      Thanks for reading Andrea! I know it’s a total fluke and our next date will be in another six months, but is so nice to spend so much time one on one with my husband!

  2. Michael says:


  3. NainaDG says:

    What great photos! The one of you and daughter and the on of you and your husband kissing are darling!

  4. Kelli MW says:

    First of all, GO LIONS!!!! I write as a LONG-SUFFERING fan myself. The Nuthouse rocks; the hubs & I hit it up before the U2 concert earlier this year. And how awesome to get a surprise kid-free evening… win win WIN! Great documentation. Loved it all.
    Kelli MW recently posted..Life Happens: Monday

    • Alexia says:

      The Lions are the team to beat now! How crazy is that? You didn’t by any chance hit up a store called Spartan Spirits before the U2 concert, did you? That’s my husband’s store, they had a LOT of concert goers that night 😉 Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Krista says:

    I stopped reading after hearing that you got to sleep in until 10. haha! kidding. I read the whole way and then got jealous again at your date night.
    Sounds like a wonderful day you had right there.

    • Alexia says:

      Hahaha! Right? Especially aftering reading your post about your work day I’m sure sleeping till 10 sounds amazing. Thanks for reading the rest though 😉

  6. Oooh date night sounds divine! We need another one of those!

    Love LOVE LOVE the shot of you guys kissing by the stove. Even with your heads cut off– artsy, right?!
    Melissa {adventuroo} recently posted..Week in My Life: Tuesday

  7. Alissa says:

    I love love love the kiss photo. I think it’s kinda more awesome that part of the top of the photo is cut off. At first I thought you were holding the pan too. I was impressed with the multi-tasking. Grin.

    Love the pic of the kiss with your helper too. My little guy loves pulling up a chair too.

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