Wordful Wednesday: Monk Celebrates on Sesame Street

So this past Saturday was my little Monkey’s 2nd birthday. And yea I wrote her an epic letter, did you read it yet?

It was the perfect kind of day for a party. The only problem? I haven’t exactly been in party-planning mode. I was so not into planning that I didn’t even get the invitations out until the week before. Oops.

Having a kid with a birthday around Christmas is hard. Though it was a few weeks ago it still feels like we were only just getting back to normal from it when suddenly it was time for a party. I really need to get on top of her birthday sooner next year. Somebody remind me to order invitations BEFORE New Year’s? Thanks.

Needless to say we decided to keep things low-key and simple and small. Family and Cedella’s two little girlfriends only. And I wasn’t going to go super duper crazy with decorations and crafting a whole bunch of stuff. Despite my really amazing Party Loveliness board on Pinterest.

But I couldn’t NOT make a cake.

And decided to make some goodie boxes for the couple of kids that were coming. And have the god awful hot glue gun burn to prove it.

It was lovely day. Especially with a good helping of snow and ice on the ground. But Cedella was in a great mood…especially once my Mom and Sisters arrived to help this sister out and decorate the house.

Monk showed off her Elmo to Grandma.

And I baked an Elmo cake. And with the help of my Mom we actually made the Funfetti cake look just like Monk’s favorite little fur ball. It was amazing. Seriously…we ARE the Cake Bosses.

The mantle got all decked out. Cause it’s a good focal point. And toddler hands can’t reach it. I filled all the frames with black and white prints of Monk from the day she was born up to now. Added some yellow tulips (that weren’t very cooperative). Put up the goodie boxes. And my Mom and TeTe strung the banner I got from The Paper Blossom Shop on Etsy (it came along with the invites and a whole ton of other stuff I didn’t use).

Then we put the kick-ass Elmo cake and the cupcakes I made (delicately frosted and decorated with C’s and 2’s by the ladies) and the gifts on the table. Throw in a ton of balloons, including a ginormous number 2 and it was all very festive.

The menu was simple. Pizza and breadsticks. Veggies and dip. Teta’s Fruit Salad and Bean Salad (black beans, black-eyed peas, corn, jalapenos and deliciousness). Elmo cake and cupcakes.

The cake was a big hit, even with Monk, who loved blowing out the candles with me

but loved licking the frosting off the cake even more.

Monk looked so grown up in her Jelly the Pug dress and striped Babylegs. Two years goin’ on 16. Seriously, should I start her on coffee and stunt her growth now?

Despite the small gathering she once again scored an enormous amount of gifts. She got a super cool Trunki from Grandma. It’s a suitcase that kids can ride on like a horse. She LOVES this thing.

She got some cool pots and cooking tools for her little kitchen from my family too.

And guess who just started their collection of fine art? Yep. Cedella is now a proud owner of a Kate Cosgrove original. Well, actually two. Cause I just had to buy the Owl on a Vespa piece for the girl’s bedroom. You should check out her work, it’s super fun, highly collectible and supports the arts!

Jiddo and Teta gave her a set of alphabet blocks, pajamas and a super cool Mickey Mouse etch-a-sketch. Think she liked it?

Me and Michael gave her about five small things instead of one big thing. Including a new pair of See Kai Run boots. Cause my girl loves some shoes.

And a super cute Owl (named Owlie) for her bedrooom from Etsy. She loves this pillow. She snuggles it and kisses it and tries to give it ‘Ella Milk’. It’s adorable.

But the piece de resistance? A mini pink drum kit from our cousins Mary, Glen and Salem (Cedella’s little buddy). She was instantly impressed and has played them every day since her birthday. (And bonus, they gave her the Tinkerbell movies which she is now obsessed with…our cousins rock!)

All in all we had a really nice, laid back and fun party. Ella had a blast playing play-doh with Salem.

Getting birthday kisses from Teta.

And playing her drums.

We thank all our family that came out in the nasty ass weather to celebrate Monk’s 2nd birthday with us. She was showered with generous gifts and tons of love. We are very lucky to have such great people in her life.

Happy WW y’all!!







  1. Andrea Aiuto says:

    Great blog! Wow she got a lot of fun gifts. I really like that Trunki, never heard of it before. Pretty cool. Adah’s 2nd bday is coming up and I gotta buy her some more things for her kitchen set also, she loves it! That drum set is pretty whild. Adah has a guitar.And the owls- must I begin? Laura has always loved them and now Adah so I get both of them owl things. I bought Adah a beautiful handmade Owl pillow when I was in NC. It looks similar to the one Monk got, I must share the photo with Laura!!! I am telling you they really need to meet and hang out when they come here(posibbly for Easter break) They will be successful painters,cooks, or musicians one day!!!! I love the blog and all the photos, you look great too! I saw your elmo cake- you did a great job. Happy 2nd birthday Cedella!
    Andrea Aiuto recently posted..Sanctuary, here I come!

    • Alexia says:

      Thanks girlie! Melissa and Doug makes some really fun food stuff. There’s an ice cream scoop set and a sandwich making set. So cute! Would love to try to get together and meet Laura & Adah when they’re here (and of course Tony & Sullivan too).

      P.S. LOVE owls. It’s our new favorite thing!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Oh my gosh! What an adorable party you threw! Se looks like she enjoyed every minute of it. But more importantly: how’d the cake taste? *drooling*
    Jennifer recently posted..Cradle Robber – AF

  3. Daneilia says:

    Happy belated birthday to your daughter. She is seriously cute!!! The decorations look great as well as the fab cake you made. I really love the little Sesame Street Asian Take Out Boxes lol.

    New follower here from NAMAmmaSTE :)

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