We’re Having a Baby: Week 37

Damn. Isn’t it funny how easy it is to forget how damn difficult the last month of pregnancy is?

I think that’s why ‘Momma Brain’ exists. Though we usually lose important things like names and appointments and important details, it also allows us to forget the last uncomfortable few weeks.

I have tried several times to post about our impending arrival but wouldn’t you know it…I kept forgetting.

So how is everything going? Not too bad at all. Aside from the heartburn-from-hell and insomnia. Seriously. I doesn’t matter what I eat or when. I could be eating white rice and grilled chicken and I would have tear-inducing heartburn. Damn lazy esophageal sphincter. Can’t wait for the night that I lay down and acid doesn’t fill my throat. Or when I can actually sleep without having to go to the bathroom five times.

But back pain? Almost totally gone. And completely bearable. Thanks to Dr. Jodi & Dr. Jody at Infinity Chiropractic. What a HUGE difference chiropractic care makes. I’ve been getting adjusted three times a week for a month now and though I feel like I spend a LOT of time there, it’s worth it.

Turns out that on top of my extreme sciatic back pain, my upper back was a hot mess. So my care will definitely continue once Little Nugget is born.  We even got Michael in to work on his back and Cedella had her first adjustment today!! I know…maybe it doesn’t sound too exciting, but it is to me. Everyone needs to visit their neighborhood chiropractic center and see what a difference it makes in the way their body feels…it’s amazing.

And my newest symptom? Braxton-Hicks or ‘toning’ contractions. Oh yea. That’s right. The practice contractions have begun. As evidenced in this picture taken last week when all I could do was rock in my chair and take deep breaths through the tightening.

After visiting the midwives last week I was told that Nugget is posterior.  Now let me explain. Posterior is not breech. Breech is when the baby’s head is up instead of down. Posterior babies are on the right side of the body. More often than not posterior babies as they prepare to enter the birth canal turn onto their backs, with their spine against their mother’s, causing ‘back labor’. These babies are also referred to as ‘sunny side up’ cause they can be born with their faces up and staring at whomever is catching them.

There’s quite a few remedies we are trying, including working with Dr. Jodi on making some room in my left side. There is a particular series of positions I can use once we go into labor if she has shifted over yet. And there’s a homeopatheic remedy too.

But the reality is what I discussed with Dr. Jodi today. If she is so resistant to moving to the left, there must be a reason. And at the end of the day despite best laid plans and being prepared as possible, I have to trust my body and my baby know what is best for them and go with the flow.

Birth is pretty damn unpredictable and instead of feeling anxious about what is going to happen I choose to accept that what will happen will happen and we will do what we have to do. If I have back labor, I will survive, and survive without an epidural. It’s not about me…it’s about Little Nugget making it into this world as healthy as possible.

That may be the biggest hurdle in pregnancy. Letting go. Letting go of your anxieties. Letting go of your expectations. Letting go of your body image and modesty. Letting go of how you want everything to be. Letting go of what YOU want for the good of your baby.

I think this needs an entire post on it’s own. I’ll work on that. But let’s be honest, I might not get it done until AFTER the birth.

Cause Nugget is coming soon. First clue labor is impending? I am in full-on nesting mode. Saturday I got a huge burst of energy and insisted that Michael start cleaning out the third bedroom that is currently serving as a messy ass storage room instead of the guest room/office that it is supposed to be. And then I sorted through and cleaned out a few storage bins and reorganized the coat closet.

We’ve got a lot more to do but the biggest things are ready. We found the co-sleeper, I have a whole set of newborn diapers ready to go, the girls room is just about done and we have a brand-new glider for all those round-the-clock feedings. We still don’t have bottles…but…oh well.

Second clue she’s coming? She has moved down. It may not be noticeable in these pictures but just last night when I was watching the Oscars with my sister Nugget was up pretty high. Like feet-in-my-rib-cage high. Like can’t-really-take-a-deep-breath high. Then I woke up this morning and could take deep breaths. She has dropped quite a bit. Yay!

I can’t wait to meet her. I want to see her and hold her and kiss her little forehead and count her little fingers and toes. I want to see Michael holding his second daughter. I want to see Cedella meet her little sister for the first time. I want to smell that sweet little newborn baby smell. I want to see what she looks like so we know which of the two names we’re battling over will be the right one.

Soon…I know. But the waiting really is the hardest part.

Come on Baby Girl…come on out already. We are all dying to meet you 😉

The 37 week bump, It’s HUGE!!








  1. robyn says:

    wow these pics are awesome and YOU are soo beautiful!!! I however chose an epideral I cannot stand pain lol altho it didnt help with either i still had issues it did prove to be esscential( however you spell that) i am glad i had them…2sZWESssw f bella rose budry thats i love you from her lol…..

  2. I hated the last month or two of pregnancy. Oh, who am I kidding, I wasn’t a fan of pregnancy generally speaking! But, I’m so excited for you. The 2nd time around was so much easier overall — at least once she arrived! Your patience is stronger, you forgot how easy a baby actually is compared to your oldest who’s running here there & everywhere! Absorb it all, and I know you will. Best of luck to you!! Can’t wait to hear the big news & see pictures!!!
    Kelli @ Momma Needs a Beer recently posted..Unsubscribe + Delete = Liberation.

  3. Andrea Aiuto says:

    this is a beautiful blog alexia. I will keep you in my positive thoughts for a safe and healthy delivery. I am not planning on ever having a child and even reading this doesn’t change my mind( nor having my amazing niece and nephew), but i love reading about how overjoyed you are for you baby and your family. you are very blessed and I am so happy all is well and it’s almost time!!! I have a chiropractic center I go to because my back and neck are a mess. But may I ask why you are having Cedella go to one at such a young age w/ no issues?
    Andrea Aiuto recently posted..WAKE UP!!!!

  4. Hooray Little Nugget! I can’t wait to “meet” her too! :)
    Jocelyn | ScooterMarie recently posted..Tucson recap

  5. Your bloggy friends can’t wait to meet Nugget either! Chocolate chip will be right behind and then we can share birth stories, swap pics, and cry on each others virtual shoulders about the sleep deprivation. hang in there mama, she’ll be here soon!

    p.s. you look gorgeous even when you are pouting!
    Teresha@ Marlie and Me recently posted..What I’m Watching on #Netflix

  6. BABIES!!!! Well, just one but it seems like they are just everywhere. :)

    I am so excited. I can’t wait to see your newest little girl and you look amazing. AMAZING. So cute and glowing.
    Diana @Hormonal Imbalances recently posted..#Blissdom Vlog

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