(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday: First Battle Scar

So we’ve officially experienced a parenting rite of passage. Cedella’s first trip to the ER. And we thought we were all done with milestones for her…

It’s easy to take for granted how lucky we have been to have two incredibly healthy children. No fever spikes. No ear infections. No roto-virus or RSV. No NICU stays at birth. Not even any really bad flus. Just plain healthy kids.

And never any accidents. Not that required more than a Band-Aid.

Until Saturday.

It was just a pretty normal Saturday morning. Everyone stayed in pajamas until around 11 when we decided to get everyone ready to go to Jiddo and Teta’s for a visit and hopefully hit up the farmer’s market on the way home.

As a family we all wandered upstairs to get ready, and apparently we were in a rush. The thing is, I don’t really like rushing to get ready. It throws me off and I inevitably forget to brush my teeth or wear deodorant or something and then I feel yucky for the rest of the day.

My husband would call me “slow”. If he had to pick his biggest pet peeve it would probably be that I’m “slow”.

Maybe it’s my Southern ancesetry. I’ve been told that moving fast in Mississippi is frowned upon.

So, I’m “slow”. It needs air quotes because in my defense, I have THREE people to prepare for any trip out of the house. And you know me and my girls need to be dressed and accessorized and not looking crazy when we go out in public (at home is a whole different story). It takes time.

In an effort to speed up the process I often lay out clothes so that Michael can dress the girls. However little girl clothes often get the best of Dads. Cause those little tiny buttons and bows and tags. They can be damn confusing.

Despite being totally dissatisfied at the briefness of my shower, apparently I had taken too long cause Michael was on edge. I noticed that the Izzie wasn’t dressed yet and Ella’s dress was on backwards. And when I mentioned the backwards dress, well, things got a bit tense.

Per her usual uncooperative nature, Ella wanted nothing to do with putting her dress on the right way.

Michael grabbed her arm pretty forcefully to hold her still. Then she whipped around, Michael lost his grip and she flew right into one of the dresser knobs.

From my vantage point I could see that she was going to fly into the dresser but there was no way to predict that she was going to bash her forehead directly into the sharp edge of the knob.

There was a sickening thwack as her momentum was stopped by the wood and metal. The sight was even worse. My baby crunched head first into a giant piece of furniture.

We both flew into motion. Michael grabbing her first, me setting the baby down on the bed and rushing over to them. I immediately grabbed her into my arms and checked her head. And then I went right into argument mode about how if we weren’t rushing and flustered it wouldn’t have happened.

Blood was pouring out and it was hard to see how bad the cut was. We wiped off the blood and applied a bit of pressure and then looked again. An angry red hole with white at the bottom looked back at us.

We both looked at each other, all arguments ceased. “She needs stitches”. “Yep”.

We made it to the ER in a very short amount of time.

I’ve driven the route who knows how many times to the grocery or Target or the coffee shop or a babywearers meeting. This time, it wasn’t to buy useless shit or commiserate with other mamas. It was to fix my baby girl’s broken face. It was pretty surreal.

I grabbed Cedella and carried her into the waiting room. Michael quickly followed. Without Isora. FAIL.

Thankfully the rest of the ER process was pretty quick and painless. For all of us.

The Doc was a sweet and quiet lady that determined Ella needed two stitches since the cut was so deep and elliptical. She also grilled me on making sure that Ella was always wearing a hat outside and sunscreen. I pointed to my arm, and said something about how she takes after me, and I’m already pretty brown.

She said the sunscreen and hat would prevent scarring. As if scarring was worse than the injury itself. God forbid a little girl has a battle wound on her pretty face, right?

Cedella was a trooper in the truest sense of the word. She didn’t cry once since the initial injury. When the nurses and doctor talked to her, she talked back. When she had to go to the bathroom, she let us know. Her behavior was impeccable.

After 20 minutes with the topical numbing solution, the very nice doctor came back and prepared to stitch her up. And all she wanted was her Daddy.

Thank the universe!! Cause the doctor had a ginormous needle she was sticking into my big baby’s head at the same exact time that my little baby decided she was hungry and started hollering. And I don’t do needles. I probably would have cried or retched or both. That’s what Tough Guy Dad is for.

Michael held her head still while a nice male nurse held her legs. But she didn’t move an inch. And she didn’t make a peep. She just relaxed and took it. She was so incredibly brave. The staff was so impressed they gave her a ton of Finding Nemo stickers and sang her praises.

The whole process took an hour and a half. Which I’m thinking is a good thing for an ER on a Saturday. Thank you Sparrow St. Lawrence!!

The craziest thing was as much as Michael and I were both steaming, both so incredibly angry at one another, we didn’t argue and neither of us lost composure. We stayed calm and cheerful for her and kept our arguing for later. (Guess all that couples’ therapy is paying off!)

And Monk? Well she hasn’t complained of any headaches or acted any differently. She’s milking all the extra attention and is currently hoarding a collection of Kai-Lan Band-Aids.

The lesson learned here was that we know that even when accidents happen or tension is running deep when the four of us work as a team, we can even make the ER look like an afternoon at the farmer’s market.

Have I mentioned before how much I love this girl?










  1. Awwww, I’m glad that she’s okay. But oh my goodness, that must’ve been scary!
    Kristi {at} Live and Love Out Loud recently posted..Hula Dancers {Wordless/Wordful Wednesday}

  2. Teresha says:

    Poor C! She looks pretty chipper for having gone that traumatic experience.I bet it’s because mama kissed that boo boo all day. Every night I say a little prayer that we didn’t wind up in the ER that day. I know it’s coming because I have a leap first, look later wild child. Don’t get me started on getting three people ready to go out…and explaining to the daddy why baby girl can’t leave the house with bed head is pointless. I hate being rushed so I just get started 2 hours before and save myself from getting frustrated with a certain someone

  3. That’s a milestone that you hope you never have to cross, but probably will! With 4 kids (3 of them needing assistance) and me, I’ve abandoned attempts at accessorized cuteness when leaving home. In fact, I think carefully about whether we have to go at all. LOL Definitely understand!
    Kathleen Basi recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: A Trip To Mackinac Island

  4. Aw, Cedella is such a champ! Anna overheard me telling Mike about it all and was very concerned about her “boo boo”! I know Anna’s turn is coming soon, but it’s good to know how un-traumatized Cedella was and how cute she still looks with a head wound! Good thing our girls have hard heads, right?
    Leslie Arends recently posted..Summertime in Northern Michigan

  5. emily says:

    You’ve been lucky. That thwack is tough to here and you never know what the result is going to be. I’m always afraid when my little one is running around to fast and he falls that he’s going to end up with a bloody/broken nose or knocking some teeth out.

  6. Gina says:

    Oh my goodness- what an event. I know that any cut to the head will bleed quite a bit- which can really up the scary factor for a parent. Never fun to see your child have to go through that.

    (I totally hear you on the getting ready thing. My hubs thinks I am slow- but it’s only because I am getting 4 people ready & he’s just doing himself) :)
    Gina recently posted..Smokin’

  7. Dawn says:

    I am simply amazed at how calm Cedella was! Justin also doesn’t do needles and when he was 6 he split his chin while riding his bike. He screamed bloody murder and it took 2 of us to hold him down when the doctor tried to numb him. Once he was numb, though, he was so funny and totally calm. I, on the other hand, fell apart once I knew he was taken care of and no longer hurting. When the adrenaline leaves me, I get so nauseous I have to sit with my head down and everything. Once I could move again, Justin walked ME out of the hospital, telling me it was going to be OK 😉 Kids are SO amazingly resilient.
    Dawn recently posted..Great Playdate

  8. stacy says:

    Aack, you know I can see this entire scenario playing out in full in my house as well. I can imagine the emotions that were running through both of you at the time and I am so glad yo rallied together and got things taken care of. and that things are all better now – the last shot of her with that big old bandaid is beyond precious, what a beautiful girl. This is my first time visiting your blog but i can tell I will like what I find here. Thanks for finding me!
    stacy recently posted..Life in an Instant: Summer Passing

  9. dumb mom says:

    Poor baby! But if it’s the worst injury she has for a long time then consider yourself lucky, right?! She still looks as adorable as ever!
    dumb mom recently posted..Dumb Mom’s Guide: Growing Entrepreneurial Kids.

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