1. Hester says:

    Aporceiatipn for this information is over 9000-thank you!

  2. http://www./ says:

    Oh, I couldn’t agree more Stephanie about love for life….life-loving is the ultimate beauty tip in my experience! Just read over the weekend a review of a biography of the travel writer Patrick Leigh Fermor. It spoke at length of his fascination with people, and how this was part of his charm, and how he “shone with joy.” This is ultimately what makes a person attractive or not — some light within….Thanks for dropping in Stephanie, and do hope to catch up in person again one of these days! Been following with great interest and respect your journey….beautiful, just beautiful.

  3. o jejku 4 artykuły są super. Nie wiem który wybrać. Wszystkie mądre i pomocne. Trudna decyzja. Naprawdę nie wiem. Chyba nie będę glosować. 6 grudnia 2012 o 20:34

  4. …datti una letta a William Shakespeare amico mio e mi riferisco al suo "classico" Sogno di una Notte di Mezza Estate, dove un infigardo Puck ( o tal Robin Goodfellow ) gioca con la mutevolezza della vita e tutto quello che potrebbe accadere, bhè…accadra!

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