Wordless Wednesday: One Year of The Biz

Things have been so challenging around our house lately that it’s only now, one entire month later, that I’m finishing up on Isora’s One Year Old birthday traditions. I hope to have her birthday letter all polished off tomorrow but really wanted to pull together a photo look at her year of firsts.

With Cedella I really went to town doing a bit of a photo shoot for every single month and (almost) always a monthly update of all her stats and milestones.

Yea. Isora doesn’t have any of those fancy updates, but I will tell you a little bit about her…

At now 13 months old, Isora is one of the funniest and sweetest children I have ever known. She is so quick to smile, to laugh and to make others laugh. You can’t help yourself when she makes a silly face at you or flashes one of her sweet dimpled smiles. She’s contagiously happy.

Now it may be true that she has a big sister to race after and to learn from, but she is crushing every single milestone possible. The girl walked at 9 1/2 months, like her sister, and is now doing all sorts of talking and eats like there’s no tomorrow. She’s so determined and fearless that she just went down the big kid twisty slide at the park without hesitation and giggled the whole time.

She has a pretty incredible vocabulary so far. Her words now include: Daddy, Mommy, Ella, Izzie, Anna, Mia, Bia, Kira, Gramma, Teta, Jido, Elmo, Ernie, dog, monkey, milk, eat, all done, water, Diego, more, please, thank you, up, down, wrap and ‘here you go’. Yep, ‘here you go’, real fast. It sounds like ‘herego’ but she says it as she passes something to someone. So. Smart.

I can hardly believe that she has only been a part of our family for one year. It feels like I’ve never lived without her. I love to see her sleeping face. She looks so much like her dad when she sleeps. But nothing warms me like her smile. It takes my breath away.

I remember wondering how I could ever love another child as much as I love Cedella. Isora made it easy. From the exact second I saw her she was my love. It was so easy. She is so easy to love.

Mere moments after she was born and those blushed cheeks were already two of my favorite body parts in all the world.

Zorie New 4

Not sure what I love more, her multiple chins or her smooshy cheeks.

Zorie 1 Month 1

Though she had been smiling before this I could never catch it on camera. But those smirks were in full effect by month 2.

Isora 2 Month 12

It was hot out. So why not put the sticker directly on the baby, huh? Count those delicious rolls. Love.

Zorie 3 month Chubby

At 4 months old Isora took her first dip in Lake Huron. She might have been less than impressed. But adorable none the less.

Zorie Standing Face 1

Now she’s starting to come into her signature grin. When she smiles her whole face smiles and her eyes sparkle.

5 Months 8

My sweet little pumpkin at 6 months old in the pumpkin patch. Poor baldy. She really did lose her hair for a while there. Doesn’t matter. I’d pick this little pumpkin from the patch. Notice the socks, which means, thankfully, she wasn’t walking yet.

Izzie Pumpkin

Enjoying a warm Thanksgiving Day at Aunt Gayle’s in South Carolina at 7 months old marking her first official road trip and first time meeting her Great Grandma Cecelia.

Izzie Thanks Pumpkin

Izzie Biz’s first Christmas morning. She looks a bit dazed and confused. In fairness, it was a lot of stuff to open. She liked her books the most.


A Linus in the making? Or Alicia Keys perhaps? She babbles and sings as she plays, making me just so proud.


Teeth!! On Valentine’s Day (about 11 months) you can finally see she has four teeth. And that’s a silly smile, not a grimace. She was laughing…


The smiley happy Birthday Girl. Hair filling in, little teeth showing, smiling as usual and thighs overflowing the Babylegs. All. Good. Things.


This year has been challenging and incredible and lovely. Well, aside from the past month or so. But every single moment with Isora is worth it.

She is the very definition of sunshine when skies are gray. May she always keep this gift of light that she graces people with, both loved ones and strangers alike.

Thanks for going on this little flashback journey with me. Hope we brought you some sunshine today! Happy Wordless/Wordful Wednesday to each and every one of you!






(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday: She’s Here!!

There are so many words I can’t wait to share but for now just the most important ones.


She was born on St. Patrick’s Day, which happens to be my beloved Grandma Rose’s birthday, at 11:55am.

She was a 8 lbs. 9 oz. and 21 inches long.

We had a really amazing birth experience at The Greenhouse Birth Center. And when I say amazing, I mean laughing hysterically and smiling with my husband and doula and then pushing out a baby ten minutes later in a luxurious bath tub.


Seeing this face for the first time is one of the most powerful and beautiful moments of my life.

She is calm, deliciously chubby, funny and oh so snuggly.

Her big sister loves her very much and calls her Baby Sister. Or Zorie. This picture was taken when we came home with Zorie 6 hours after her birth, the first time Cedella met her. Instant Love.

Her Auntie Kylara calls her Squishy.

TeTe calls her Izzie.

I can’t decide whether I like Zorie or Izzie better. But she’ll always be my Nugget.

And now I know just how possible it is for one’s heart to instantly expand and almost burst with instant love. Because in this moment my heart just about exploded for this little miracle.

Hope that your week is as amazing as mine has been! Happy WW!!


My 1 Yr Blog-aversary!!!

One year ago today I wrote this and my trip into this crazy world of Social Media began.

I can hardly believe it’s been a year since I started writing this blog. Without even realizing it I created a Best-Of B&B back in January called On Being a Parent. It has all my greatest hits and tips, along with some really funny stuff. Don’t feel shy and pass it on to all those new parents you know.

This blog is crazy photo-heavy. I know. Maybe even too many. But just like one of those little gel-encased dinosaurs that you soak in water and watch it grow, we have watched Cedella sprout up from a tiny little bread loaf of cuteness to this toddler full of sugar and spice.

Wordless Wednesday posts have been pretty constant on B&B so to commemorate one year of blogging here’s bunch of pictures of Cedella from birth to present. Watch her grow!

 Fresh outta the oven. Her first day home.
One Month Old 
I would really like to thank all 15 of you who read this on a regular basis for being so loyal. I may not have a 1000 hits a day (or ever) but I feel great to be able to express myself and my parenting journey with all of you. For those that comment regularly, or have sent me beautiful and encouraging emails about my writing, thank you even more. It means so much to me that someone actually gets what I’m doing, and the feedback makes me want to write so much more. 
For my Mommy Blogging friends, especially Teresha and Diana, we may have met over the internet, and we may not share coffee once a week, but you have both grown very close to my heart. You really have helped me immensely to grow and learn as a Mama and a blogger. I wish I lived closer to both of you so that we could be BFF’s and our daughters could grow up together. 
I leave you with this. Celebrating anniversaries makes me all weepy and nostalgic. Case in point: my favorite picture of Cedella and me. I took it myself last summer on a family trip to Lake Huron. No one was around, and it was gray and cloudy. We walked along the beach just smelling the water and listening to the waves. This is the most natural and peaceful photo I have as a mother. This is what it’s all about to me. These quiet peaceful and spiritual moments. I am truly blessed. (And crying like a toddler who’s just lost her sippy cup!)
How bout you? Do you have a favorite Babies & Bacon post or photo? Please tell me all about it in the lovely comments section, or on the FB page. Love you guys!