The Isora Report: Month 5

Now that we’re caught up with what the Little Nugget has been doing the past few months, what has she been doing this month? Growing and changing right before our eyes. There have been so many new things she’s up to it’s almost impossible to remember it all. But the one thing I do know? Isora is the sweetest and happiest child I’ve ever known. I had no idea I could ever love another child this much.

Weight: 16 lbs.

Height: 24.5 inches

Clothing/Shoe Size: 6-9 months, nothing smaller fits. 9 month pajamas fit perfectly. Size 2 shoes for the fleeting moments she’ll wear them.

Milestones: Rolling over. So she’s been doing this for a month and half but now she’s a rolling master. She will roll herself from one side of the room to the other just to do it. She will roll off the bed or the couch in a hot second. In fact on both mine and Daddy’s watch she has rolled off and bumped her head on floor. In fact we didn’t know she was capable of rolling from her back to her tummy until she rolled off the bed the first time.

It’s adorable to watch her face light up when we all cheer her on as she rolls onto her tummy and up onto her elbows. Or when she giggles and coos after she’s wriggled and scooted her way to some incredibly dangerous and un-babyish item on the floor.

But with being up on her elbows brings the latest development from the past few days. Tummy time has now become up-on-hands-and-knees time. She’s been getting up onto her knees, bouncing and rocking back and forth. She is just so incredibly close to crawling it’s amazing and yet makes me drop a couple of tears in my beer.

How can she be almost crawling already? Is that possible? How can she be growing so fast? It feels like she was just born and now she’s doing so much on her own. Just wish it would slow down…

What’s also not slowing down is her efforts to communicate with us. She is yelling screaming talking all the time lately. She feels the need to fill all the quiet spaces with her in screeching. The other day I took her to work at the store with me.

*For the B&B newbies, my husband’s family owns a liquor store and I like to be handy and run the registers here and there. Cause working a liquor store for free is WAY better than watching Caillou any day.

So I had her in the stroller behind the counter and this guy comes in to buy a pack of cigarettes. I’m ringing him up, chatting about the students coming back, when all of a sudden “Rrrrraaaaaarrrr!!!” The man literally jumped a foot backwards and yelled “What the fuck was that?” I looked down at Izzie, who had a big ole grin on her face and started laughing. “That’s just my baby girl”. There’s a reason she’s taken over the nickname Babysaurus Rex.

If there’s anything our Babysaurus likes more than roaring it’s chewing on things. Fingers, knuckles, toys, blankets, her own clothes, the baby carrier, the car seat straps and well, anything else she can get her hands on. And right now, that includes her feet. She loves putting her toes in her pie hole and going to town.

And with all this chewing comes the drool. We are in official teething territory. And it’s kind of soggy over here.

Our Izzie has become a complete busy-body. She’s always got a toy she’s rolling after or sucking on. And anything Cedella is doing, Isora’s gotta be right in the thick of it. And it seems like the opposite is true too. The second Izzie gets something in her hands Ella’s gotta have it. I have a feeling this will be the way of things for many years to come.

We finally busted the exersaucer out of the garage again. She LOVES it. The noises of excitement that come out of her when she’s playing in there are hilarious. Even funnier? When Big Sister climbs into the little teeny seat to take a turn. It makes us all crack up.

By the end of last month she had started grabbing at our plates and was enjoying a cucumber her Jiddo gave her. Now? Michael had been pretty hesitant to have her eat anything at all. But she has seemed so incredibly ready.

So I started giving her chunks of banana that she can grab and put in her mouth by herself. Today she practically tackled me to get at my goat’s milk yogurt, I put a little on the end of my finger and she loved it. Tonight her Daddy got in the mix and gave her mashed potatoes off his finger. You should have heard the sucking noises she was making. Like she couldn’t get enough of it.

The only awful part (aside from the disgusting diapers to come)? She is starting to chomp on my nipples like she does on her bananas and teethers. I have to be way more diligent about making sure to take her off the breast before she’s just playing. Cause it’s getting painful.

But with all this food she’s enjoying guess that means we’re dragging out the high chair from the garage too. We should put a sign in our front yard that says. “Welcome to our Home. We are now being sponsored by Fisher-Price”. Some day all the plastic shit will be outta here. Right?

Favorites: TV – seems to be incredibly fascinating to her now though it has never even caught her attention before. Going to have to be much more strict with screen time this fall.

Her thumb – there’s nearly nothing her thumb can’t fix.

Her Sofie, her wooden rattle and floppy ear teething ring – the most soothing things for her sore baby gums and very easy for her to hold for long periods of time.

Kira – she is being to find her doggie incredibly interesting. All dogs really. She snatched a giant handful of hair off my grandparents golden Cassie. Poor dog.

Bananas, mashed potatoes and yogurt…oh my!

Least Favorites: The car. This girl HATES being in the car. Like screaming bloody murder for two + hours in the car the other day. And that was including pulling over to nurse and change her diaper 3 times. The drive to Detroit usually only takes and hour and change. It took two and a half the other day. Poor thing just doesn’t want anything at all to do with her car seat. Sure hope she grows out of this phase sooner than later.

What strikes most people about Isora right now is just how good she is. She rarely cries, cause she prefers smiling. In even the most noisy situations (ex. a house full of Arabic relatives) she sleeps like an angel on a cloud. And as long as someone is holding her when she needs to be held, she can see everything and she’s moving, all is right in her world. Strangers everywhere we go remark on her reddish hair and gorgeous blue eyes and her sweet smile. She really is a sweet sweet baby. If every baby was like her I’d change my last name to Duggar.

It’s impossible not to kiss and gnaw on those chubby cheeks and round chin btw. Impossible.





The Cedella Report: Month 10

Another month with Monk has passed and she continues to impress and amaze us.  While it may seem so great having such a genius smart baby (just kidding, well, sort of) sometimes challenging is the best description.  At 10 months this child is blowing through milestones left and right and showing us her fabulous personality more and more each day.  Dare I say she’s loving, sassy and outgoing like her mother and stubborn, independent and funny like her father.  And beautiful as any child I’ve ever seen…

Thumbs up Mama!

But pictures?  Well, my little fashion model poser is gone.  She will NOT sit still for pictures and only occasionally bothers to smile for the camera.  I need a big ole beautiful Canon Rebel T1i so that I can take action shots and more beautiful photos of our little mover.  Do you hear that Santa?   I NEED one ::wink wink::

Okay…she was laughing in this one but its super blurry…

Did I mention that she’s walking?  Last month she was trying, but now she is Walking with a capital W.  All the grandmas told me Cedella would be any early walker.  And sure enough, just before she hit 10 months she took off like a drunken sailor during Fleet Week.  Stumbling from one piece of furniture to another.  Holding on to one of my fingers just in case she may fall down.  Stomping across the living room floor like Frankenstein.  The funniest thing is that she walks by herself nearly perfectly when no one is looking.  She is just hilarious to watch.  She does this whole trying to get her balance thing, where she wobbles back and forth until BAM she lands right on her booty.  Thank the universe for her fluffy behind (a great combination of genetics and cloth diapers)!

Is there anything cuter than a fluffy baby booty in jeans?  Nope.

And we’ve got a talker on our hands too.  My mother always tells me how she told her mother over and over again “I can’t wait for Ali to talk”.  As she tells it, once I started talking I have never shut up!  Ok, so that may be true, but is diarrhea of the mouth genetic?  Monk’s vocabulary currently consists of: Mama, Dada, ball, taa (Arabic for ‘come’), duck and her current obsession…dog.  Everything is dog.  She says dog ALL DAY LONG.  She calls anything with 4 legs a dog.  Tigers, bunnies, sheep, cats…all dogs.

In the midst of saying “dog”

Her favorite dog?  Kira of course!  Kira has taken on celebrity status in her eyes.  She calls out ‘dog, dog, dog’ until Kira comes into the room.  When we’re going through our bedtime routine she refuses to close her eyes until Kira lies down on the rug at our feet.  She wants to be around Kira constantly.  Luckily our furry baby abides.  She just sits next to Cedella on the rug and takes all the ear pulling, sloppy kisses and belly slapping that Cedella dishes out.  They really do enjoy one another.  However Kira is becoming a bit of a handful by constantly being under our feet, under the high chair and anywhere the baby is (particularly when it’s not a good time).  We’re trying to figure out a good way to deal with the dog without yelling (our current strategy) but I’m at a loss.  Two small creatures under my feet at all times is one too many.  What happens when we have another baby?  Oy vey…

Thick as thieves.

Cedella’s other favorite friend?  My New Friend’s daughter.  They LOVE each other soooooo much.  We all had dinner at their house last week and we had such a great time.  The adults got a chance to talk and have a couple drinks and the girls impressed us by playing so well together.  I don’t know if 10 month olds are normally so social, but these two crawled and tumbled all over each other and babbled back and forth and played with toys.  They’re remarkable…and affectionate!  Yay for Mini BFFs!!

We are still mostly struggling with getting Cedella to sleep at night.  9 times out of 10 she ends up in bed with us, helping herself to Mama’s Diner all night long.  I’m reading ‘The No-Cry Sleep Solution’ and ‘The Sleep Lady’s Good Night Sleep Tight’ books.  So far, all I’ve learned is to let her lay in her crib until she falls asleep.  MUCH easier said than done.  The thing is, she is a really good napper, taking at least an hour in the morning and at least an hour and a half in the afternoon.  She gets tired around 8pm, which allows us enough time for family dinner and bonding with Dada.  She does great with her nighttime routine and goes easily to sleep…on the boob.  How do you get them to sleep without the boob or the bottle?  I’m at a loss.  Then there’s staying asleep, or rather, putting herself back to sleep.  Other than nursing, how does one get the kid back to sleep?  We’re trying to use a Lovey, lullabies and rocking, we’ll see if any of that works.  Any suggestions (other than crying-it-out)?  This sleepy Mama needs all the help she can get…

I’m not tired Mama.

Other than that we are just really looking forward to the holidays and a slew of ‘firsts’.  Yay for first Thanksgiving and turkey!  Yay for first Christmas tree and first Santa visit!  Yay for first snow and first cocoa and first Christmas morning!  Yay for shopping and holiday cards and giving gifts!  Yay for introducing Cedella to our old traditions and creating new ones!  Can you tell I LOVE LOVE LOVE the holidays?  My favorite time of the year (minus the freezing temps and overcrowded stores).  But the most important first is just right around the corner…First Birthday!  Can you believe it?  I know I can’t…seems like just yesterday was the day she was born.  Life really is miraculous and stunning.  We are so incredibly blessed to have this 10 month old miracle in our midst.

Why so excited?  Elmo’s on.
Bye bye till next time…