F&%* You Stitch Fix

*In my rage I mistakenly called this company by the wrong name. I have corrected my text but just want to be clear in efforts to be fair. 

In December I heard about this new company called Stitch Fix. A friend of mine reviewed the site on her blog and was thrilled with their service. Here’s their blurb about the service they offer:

“Stitch Fix is a personal styling service that delivers a truly personalized Fixof accessibly priced items directly to doors across the United States. Stitch Fix hand picks pieces for each client, to ultimately help them look and feel their best.”

Being that I trust her judgment and loved the idea of being assisted with feeling my best in clothes, I immediately filled out a ‘Fix’ request form.

I know what you may be thinking…”You’ve got great style, why would you need help picking out clothes?” So, maybe I’m tooting my own horn a bit by assuming you all think I have great style. Truth be told I’ve always been a clothes and fashion girl. I’m not a yoga-pants-out-of-the-house girl. I like to dress. I love clothes. But lately I am just struggling to find things that work on my body and are current while still being age appropriate.

So I was all excited to try this service, thinking that some hip 20-somethings in San Fran would surely be able to style me into an instant Cool Mom. And then I waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Other friends and fellow bloggers had already received their invites and their boxes. Where was mine?

Finally I got up the nerve to contact their FB admin to see just what the hold up was.

And this is the response I got…

HI Alexia,
I just spoke with customer service in regards to your profile and the wait list. Unfortunately, we have a very limited amount of XL inventory currently and we do not feel confident that we can pack you a great Fix. I understand that this is really disappointing but it is temporary. We are still a tiny company and while we are in Beta, we do all of the shipping, styling, and buying out of our San Francisco offices and we don’t have as much influence as we need in order to get our brands to carry a broad range of sizes.
We are currently in the process of changing this issue as quickly as possible. Our goal is to make women feel delighted and amazing with their style and experience. I would really like you to be a part of this and as soon as our vendors start shipping us all sizings, we would love to be your stylish best friend.
Thanks so much for your understanding and I apologize for the inconvenience.

To put it delicately I was incredibly hurt. As I read this tears welled up in my eyes and shame blazed red across my cheeks. I immediately felt like some huge over-weight unworthy person. All the feelings I’ve been having about being the largest I’ve ever been came rushing to the surface. It was crushing. 

But as the afternoon wore on I began to get mad. Really REALLY mad. So mad in fact that the first draft of this blog post is in the garbage because every other word was started with an F and ended with a UCKING.

Now I am still angry, but I have more clarity and understand that Style Fix and I will never be ‘stylish best friends’ cause Style Fix is an asshole.

Here’s my letter to this absurd company that I will be posting on their FB page asap.

Dear Stitch Fix,
After receiving your letter in regards to why you are not currently able to ‘pack me a great Fix’ I have to say, I was more than a little bit hurt. And now, I am downright angry. 
You claim to have limited inventory in XL sizes because you vendors aren’t shipping you larger sizes and you don’t have very much influence with your brands and that you are currently in the process of changing this issue? 
Well thanks but no thanks.
Even if I was to drop two dresses sizes overnight, I won’t be using your service now, next month or ever. 
You claim to want to help women feel their best and in one cold and off-hand email you made me feel worse than I ever have about myself, my body and my size. Shame on you.
Not that anyone in your company asked, but my wardrobe is full of items in sizes from M to XL, depending on the brand, but I felt XL best suited my hips for bottoms and dresses. And, like many mothers, I am used to dressing to camouflage the parts of my body I find the least attractive, so I often buy a size larger though it may not truly fit.
It is reasons such as these that I sought out your service intially. It was my hope that one of your ‘expert’ stylists could help me get my fashion groove back. But I see that wasn’t meant to be.
Because despite being in ‘beta’ mode or not having ‘influence’ with your brands as an American company catering towards American women you really should have been thinking a lot harder about how to dress the more than 50% of women who are over a size 14 in our country. Why would any company, beta or not, begin without catering to such a large percentage of their target market?
My body may not be model skinny or ideal but my body is strong enough to have held up loved ones in grief. My body has packed a million moving boxes. My body has swam two oceans and many seas. My body has filled a beautiful white dress as I said the words “I do”. And my body has grown and delivered two healthy children without surgery or drugs. My body is quite amazing really. 
Essentially you told me that my body has a few more inches than your brands are willing to cover or that your company is completely unprepared to help? Well fuck you Style Fix. Get a handle on the real world and real women because without that handle you are doomed to fail as a viable option for American women. 
Good luck. You’re going to need it. 
Alexia Mansour 

From now on I will be back to loving my perfectly imperfect body and continuing to work on being an active and healthy person in all aspects of life. And I will continue to rock my awesome style with the help of great stores like Loehmann’s and Target and little boutiques like Conversation Pieces, because not only do they have great selections of styles, but they get real women’s bodies. Who needs a stylist anyways? (Well…Lindsey Lohan does but I digress…)

Where are your favorite places to shop? Any online stores or brands I really MUST check out?

Thanks for reading my rant.