Week in My Life: Monday

Hello there! Welcome to Babies & Bacon and the Week in My Life meme. I’m linking up every single day this week with Melissa at Adventuroo for a snapshot into my life and family.

I really enjoyed participating last year and reading through my posts yesterday made me all at once nostalgic, happy and proud. You can read about it HERE.

I’m excited to see how this week plays out…

Today is a special day for Babies & Bacon as I launched my new blog design courtesy of Erika Zane at EZ Creative. She has worked tirelessly on the design and though we had a brief moment of panic frustration anxiety as my blog went down earlier, it all worked out and here it is! What do you think?

So this morning started out as many mornings in our house do. Panicked.

Izzie has been sick for the past five days after suffering an extreme reaction to a vaccine. For three days straight she had a fever over 101 that Tylenol couldn’t even put a dent in. She hadn’t slept for more than 45 minute stretches for three days. An exhausted baby = an exhausted family.

So when we finally got a chance to sleep for hours on end this morning? We took it. Cause who wants to get out of bed when this is your view?

After rushing to get myself and both girls dressed and ready, pack the diaper bag and shove food and coffee into our pie holes we were finally on our way to our monthly Lansing Babywearers meeting.

At 10am.

The meeting starts at 10am.

And that folks, is why I will be 10 minutes late to my own funeral.

I love going to the Babywearers meeting. Essentially it’s like a really fun playgroup with women that don’t look at me funny if I whip out a boob to feed my baby or spend a chunk of change on a very large (albeit beautiful and handmade) scarf to wrap my baby in.

Isora has finally got back into her personality after being sick for so long and played with other babies.

Cedella had a chance to play with her little friend, who she has been talking about for weeks. I think we need to plan a playdate asap.

After the meeting we headed home for lunch and naps.

Lunch was hot dogs, avocado, pears and fried rice.

Though it may seem trivial and inconsequential I love these times. Me and my girls just sitting, laughing, eating, enjoying each others company. Watching the girls interact with each other. Watching Izzie try new things. Seeing Ella becoming a little person and choosing what she wants.

After lunch I got the girls upstairs for nap time. After about 26 seconds of Mama Milk, Isora was out like a light. Poor baby needed a good nap.

I read three LONG books to Cedella and she wasn’t remotely tired. Someone has been taking naps very sporadically lately. I’m just hoping this isn’t the end of her naps. Cause Mama needs those two hours in the afternoon without a toddler speaking. Cause seriously, this girl never. Stops. Talking.

Instead of napping I insisted on quiet time. We went downstairs and she read books, played and talked to her imaginary friends while I checked email, read blogs, Facebooked and tried (in vain) to figure out something for the theme installation of the new design on here.

By the time 2pm hit we rushed around, once again, to get to the chiropractor before going to meet Michael to head for our family pumpkin picking outing.

We have this tradition. Well, had.

We usually go to the cider mill on my birthday. But Uncle John’s where we usually go was kinda lame the last time, not to mention the donuts weren’t fresh, so I complained that I didn’t want to go there and so we didn’t.

But we also didn’t go anywhere else. And I really missed the tradition and family-time of it all…

So today was an unseasonably warm October day (70 in Michigan in late October? Crazy.) so we decided to go to the Peacock Road Tree Farm for some pumpkins. And it was fantastic.

Besides pumpkins there’s a fantastic Animal Park full of barnyard animals to look at.

Cedella was in complete awe to see bunnies and llamas and goats up close. Though she immediately said that the place was ‘stinky’ and put her finger under her nose. I had to bust out the line ‘everybody poops’.

Despite the smell she persevered and actually made friends with a couple of kids.

Isora even got in on the act as she tried to claw her way out of the wrap to get at the goats.

And got honked at by some geese. Man does she love playing around with her Daddy.

Picking pumpkins is like picking Christmas trees. Just when you think you found a perfect one there’s another one that looks slightly better. Though in this case, so late in the season, everything was pretty rotten.

Thankfully Izzie was sleeping, cause Ella was being very picky. First she wanted green. Then orange. Then orange and green. In the end she settled on the one we suggested. At least she followed my advice once today.

By the time we got back to the parking lot, with our four pumpkins Isora was awake and smiling. She’s just a little pumpkin herself.

So glad that we actually went through with this idea. Now we have a new fun place to get pumpkins AND Christmas trees :)

We headed home to make a nice fall dinner, Tuscan Kale and White Bean Soup. It was delicious!

And while last year Monk was so intent on being in the kitchen with me, this year, she was all about watching episodes of Dora on Netflix. Boo.

Bedtime was a blur since both girls were tired and we wanted to watch the last Presidential debate. Michael is in charge of getting Cedella down and I’m responsible for Isora.

Someone was more than a little sad that I was putting on her pajamas.

But put a nipple in her mouth and all is right with the world.

With both girls asleep it was time for the debate and some grown-up time.

I wouldn’t call it ‘quality time’ as I was on Twitter, Facebook and text throughout the debate, but the Mr and I definitely enjoyed ourselves.

I am once again incredibly thankful that when it comes to politics and raising our kids my husband and I are 100% in agreement. Otherwise things would be pretty damn difficult over here.

And that is how the Mansour family does a Monday in 2012.

How was your Monday? Do you like the new blog design? Can’t wait to see what all of you were up to today…

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(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday: Sisterly Love

When I posted Yay for Sisters! way back in May I was only beginning to see how my girls interacted. Mainly cause Izzie was just such a little squish and couldn’t really interact with her big sis. It was so sweet because Cedella would try like hell to kiss and hug her sister, and though she was often a bit aggressive, she always treated her sweetly and kindly.

But recently a whole new development has been occurring. Now that Isora is down on the floor rolling and playing and trying to scoot across the floor Cedella has suddenly decided that like the rest of us, the baby must follow her every whim. And she treats her little sister like she’s any other friend, no sharing, no niceties and lots of bossiness.

The really funny part about this relationship is that no matter the times Ella rips something out of her hands, Izzie responds with a smile. When Big Sis is in the midst an Oscar-worthy crying scene, the Baby is all grins (or thumbs as the case may be).

In fact Ella has taken to telling her sister “It’s not funny. Don’t smile” when she’s crying or throwing a fit. And every time she says it, we all laugh a bit harder.

Though toys are snatched away or tickles are a bit too rough or kicks are doled out there are still these tender little moments of play between the two of them.

Last week when I was shooting Izzie’s 5 month pictures I was changing my lens when I looked up to see this scene.

Cedella has a little pretend make-up kit that she was given from her big kid friend Sofia.  She’ll walk all over the house in her plastic hooker princess shoes, carrying her make-up bag in one hand and purse in the other. There was never any doubt this child is a girl through-and-through.

She decided that Izzie needed make-up if she was going to take pictures. And Isora just loved all the gentle attention from Cedella.

And then the other morning I left them on the bed while I went to the bathroom and came back to this. ::swoon::

There’s nothing that warms this book lover’s heart like her girls reading books together!

I know that there will be plenty of silly fights and real arguments and challenging conflicts between the two of them. But in these sweet moments I know that they’re building a friendship to last the rest of their lives. And I couldn’t be happier for them both :)

How are your little ones together? Do they fight like cats and dogs? Bicker like an old married couple? Protect and love one another? Any tips on keeping that relationship close without creating animosity?

Happy W Wednesday folks!!

Watching Her Sleep

It’s so damn hard to believe that after almost 2 years of being with Cedella nearly 24/7 I am still so completely in awe of her.

She went down for her nap by asking so sweetly for mama milk in mama’s bed. She just wanted to snuggle with me. And when she was asleep I just stayed there, lying next to her, watching her sleep, for about 10 minutes. Just staring. And crying.

That sleeping face just gets me every. single. time. Her perfect full lips pushed out every so slightly. Her beautiful long eyelashes sweeping across her cheeks. Her warm olive skin glowing. A few wispy strands of perfectly highlighted light brown hair drifting across her forehead. She just keeps getting prettier and prettier.

Tonight as she climbed up on my lap to read books, Monk snuggled up close to me, wiggling her little body as close as possible to mine. As I read ‘Duck on a Bike’ tears rolled down my cheeks and onto her shiny hair. Pregnancy hormones may have had something to do with this outburst.

But seriously. This child is growing so much every single day and so damn independent that these moments are fleeting. Few and far between. I can hardly get her to give me a hug when I pick her up after a sleepover at her grandparent’s house. And today? All snuggles and love and sweetness. It was almost too much.

And as she fell asleep on my shoulder, clinging to my arm, I cried again. (Seriously…with all the crying.)

I can’t even begin to imagine how I’m going to be able to love another child, as much as I love Cedella. How do you other parents do it? How do you love another child as much as the first? Is it even possible? (I’m not asking you Mom, cause obviously I’m still your favorite…)

I’m fairly confident that the moment I hold my second daughter I will fall in love all over again. And watching Little Nugget grow and hit all her milestones and our own unique relationship and bond will create another beautiful love.

But for now I am perfectly content to spend the next five months being a one girl Mama. And taking a ridiculous amount of pictures of this perfect child sleeping…