Week in My Life: Friday

After all the whirlwind of the past couple days Friday seemed positively calm.

Me, Michael and Izzie slept in late. Kira even got in on the action. Kira really loves her baby sisters. And they love her too.

Once we were up and ready we went to pick up Cedella around 10am. When we got to my in-laws house Ella and Jiddo were having so much fun she didn’t want to leave. So while Jiddo went to an appointment me and the girls stayed at their house and played for a while.

When my father-in-law returned he made us fried eggs (even a little tiny baby egg for Ella) with labneh and zaatar and pita bread and fruit. Simple and delicious.

After breakfast the girls played more with their Jiddo. It’s so incredible to see him with his granddaughters. John is a smart and shrewd businessman who doesn’t often show emotion. But when he is around his grandkids it’s like a light switch turns on inside of him and he just glows with love and pride.

It’s funny because around a new baby he doesn’t really know what to do. But the second Isora started developing a bit more personality and mobility, well, he’s just in heaven.

When him and Izzie were playing something struck me. I remember taking a picture just like that with him and Ella. It’s uncanny, no?

After an hour or so it was finally time to clean up and go on about our day. Though Ella suggested that she stay with Jiddo for the rest of the day she quickly changed her tune when she found out she could ride Sandy at Meijer.

It was a pretty uneventful grocery trip. Aside from Ella making a sample of chocolate milk last for nearly 7 minutes. It was a dixie cup. Like two sips. She made it last like a fine wine. Weird child. So for her special treat (she is allowed one per grocery trip) she chose chocolate milk.

And then we got the nicest bakery lady ever. We always go to the bakery for the fresh bread but have to have it sliced (cause it’s worth the wait to not have to cut bread every morning). They have a sign that says ‘Free Cookie for kids under 10’ or something like that. Well usually you have to ask for it and I don’t really feel like giving her a cookie every time we’re there. But this lady? She sliced our bread in a nano-second AND gave us 2 cookies. She rules. Don’t we look like we’re enjoying our grocery shopping?

Also there’s a Barbie cake that Ella loves to talk about. It’s a Barbie doll sitting on top of a massive bell-shaped skirt. This time she said:

C: Mom when I big I’m gonna eat that Barbie.

Me: Well, you can only eat the skirt, the rest is made of plastic.

C: You mean I can’t eat her hands?

Me: No. You can’t.

C: Ugh. That’s not cool.

Crazy child.

What is it about the grocery store that makes every shopper go to the checkout lanes at the exact same time? After what felt like forever we finally paid and got to the best part of our trip. Riding Sandy.

We visited Sandy in last year’s WIML post. But she was too scared to ride him. And now? She rides him every single week. Sandy is the best and most awesome reward for good behavior in the store. On very very rare occasions Ella is a jerk in the store. Usually it has to do with her being either tired or hungry. But if I mention that she can’t ride Sandy unless she behaves? She straightens right up.

You know honestly, I like taking my kids to the grocery store. Maybe it’s a bit more work, but not much. And I get bored at the grocery store by myself. I like having two little folks to narrate our trip to. And it makes for a great learning tool for them.

By the time we left the parking lot of the grocery store the girls were both asleep. Which would have been fine, if i didn’t have to stop at the credit union again.

It turns out that I did end up having to sign an affidavit of fraud. Which wasn’t too bad, except for the two sleeping kids part.

I didn’t know how long it would take so I didn’t want to leave them in the car. So I strapped Ella into the Ergo and carried the baby in her car seat. Mom of the Year right here folks.

After learning that we would be out nearly $400 until the fraud was investigated and lugging my two hefty children in and out of the bank, Mommy needed some Timmy’s. Tim Horton’s for those not familiar is a Canadian-based coffee shop with awesome donuts. A medium double double (two cream two sugars) just about always hits the spot for me. Though they were out of pumpkin spice donuts. Boo.

By the time we made it home and I brought in the groceries Isora was awake. So I let her be my little helper while I put away the food.

But she was starving and I was exhausted so we put away the food and went to nurse and play in the living room.

It’s nice to have one-on-one time with Izzie. She is just so pleased with herself when she does something new or discovers something for the first time. And that smile seriously kills me.

So while she played and I stalked my guest post on Hormonal Imbalances. Cause yea, THIS happened on Friday too. And while I was disappointed that it didn’t get more comment love, and least I can be proud of what I wrote. (And thankful for Tracey and Teresha for always having my back).

When she woke up from her nap Ella was pretty damn funny. Her and Izzie were petting and being silly with Kira.

We had been talking about rhyming words all day, it must have been on Sesame Street or Super Why that morning. She was coming up with all sorts of words that rhymed and doing a good job. And then all of a sudden she comes out with “Rich Bitch”. HA! She said it a couple of times too before I realized what she was saying. I laughed my ass off at that one. And then told her it wasn’t appropriate. Funny but inappropriate. I love this kid.

After such a long week and a long freezing day I had a taste for soup but Michael wasn’t going to be home until late from work. Since it’s way too hard to cook dinner without someone entertaining the girls we opted for Panera carry-out on his way home from work. Mmmmmm. Can you say bread bowl? Delicious.

It was nice to have Michael with me to tackle bedtime. He got Cedella in jammies and read her three books while I changed and nursed Izzie.

And at that point I was just sleepy, crawled into bed with the iPad, watched an episode of Supernatural and fell asleep.

How was your Friday? Thanks for sharing in my day…

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(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday: Social Butterflies

We have been busy, busy, busy in the past week. Trying to get a lot of special time with Cedella alone before Nugget comes. We’ve gone to every mom’s group and play date and party we can possibly go to in the past few weeks, trying to squeeze in all the fun.

I’ve been a super lazy Mama when it comes to cooking fresh good food the past couple of weeks. I just have no desire to make healthy food. And standing up and cooking an entire meal when I’d rather be lounging or playing with Monk is leading to some pretty questionable food choices. Like fish sticks or Crazy Bread for dinner. Oh well. We eat a lot of fruit still. Cause that’s easy to make 😉

Case in point? Fat Tuesday. Also known as Mardi Gras. Or where I’m from it’s called Paczki Day…pronounced poonch-key. It’s a delicious Polish donut filled with cream or fruit that is so damn amazing people celebrate from sun up to sun down pounding back these incredibly fatty treats. I was spoiled by the most authentic paczkis when I lived in Hamtramck, a little immigrant city within the city of Detroit. But this year, being far from the D, everyone told me I had to try Roma Bakery, and damn am I glad that I did.

Cedella and I each ate two in a matter of ten minutes. This kid’s got a thing for donuts. Can’t blame her though. They were super duper delicious.

So aside from the fatty crazy food I’ve been spoiling her with I’ve been hooking her up with fun nights out. Like the fundraiser for the Greenhouse Birth Center at the local indoor bouncing place Jumpin’ Jax. It’s all those fun castles and moon walks from birthday parties in one place. Genius, right? She LOVES it there.

And she acts like such a fearless kiddo,

climbing up the highest slide

and bouncing around and throwing balls with all the older kids.

But she still got silly in the toddler area with a little boy she’s known since she was in utero (his mom & dad were in child birth class with us).

Then to top off the week we went to my cousin’s baby shower. And in case you’re just meeting the Monkey…she really likes to go to parties. And wear a fancy dress and be the center of attention.

She looked so adorable in her little owl dress and owl bow.

And enjoyed the cake more than is even legal. When did this kid get such a sweet tooth? Hmmmm…might have to ask her Grandma about that one…

Isn’t she just beautiful? I think she wins the prettiest toddler ever award. I can. She’s my kid. I’m biased. *Oh and if you ask her what happened to her face she’ll tell you a big boy at the bounce house pushed her. But she’s a little story teller. She fell down. At her BFF Anna’s house. Very uneventfully. Guess she likes the idea that she got into a brawl with some kid better. Our little actress in the making.

Look how nice she smiles when she’s with her auntie Kylara.

And this is how she takes a nice picture with her Mama.

Thanks kid. It was a great time. And just for shits and giggles here’s me and Katie (the mama-to-be, due one month after me). My tummy looks MASSIVE in comparison. Look how petite and sweet her bump is, isn’t she gorgeous?

So with as much of a bustling social life as we’ve had lately this poor girl is going to go into shock when we’re in the house for a couple weeks straight once the baby is born. I have a feeling we’re going to be watching a LOT of Tinkerbell. Any other suggestions for good kid’s movies or shows (we are Gabba Gabba and Elmo’d out over here) that will keep her occupied and entertained while I’m recovering?

I just can’t help but think to myself that so many of these moments with just the two of us are going to be the last time before everything changes. Of course I will try to squeeze in Monk & Mama solo time when I can, but it won’t be with the same freedom. Right now it’s just the two of us most of the day, every day. And aside from some power struggles and temper tantrums (hers and mine) we are delightfully happy to be with each other all day.

Obviously Little Nugget will change things. My focus and attention will be divided. But I want Cedella to always know how important and special and unique she is to me. I just hope all these little extra things will help her to understand that despite the changes she is and will always be my first little girl.

And once again, I’m wondering how in the world our hearts are big enough to love more than one child. Oh Motherhood. Just when I think I’m catching on and figuring it out Motherhood throws me another curve ball. It’s quite a ride, isn’t it?

Happy WW to all!!



Missing My Dad

Today my Dad would have turned 58, but unfortunately he was only 50 when his big ole heart gave out on him and he left this Earth.  I’ve missed him every day since he passed but the past couple of years have been particularly difficult.

Here I am, celebrating all the big milestones in a young person’s life.  I got my BA degree, turned 30, got married and had a baby all within two years.  And all without my Dad being there to cheer me on and hold my hand.  Thank the universe for my Mom, sisters, brother, Michael and BFFs for helping me through these challenges and milestones.  Don’t get me wrong there are moments, many in fact, where I feel his presence.  My wedding day in particular – walking down the aisle and saying my vows in the same room where my parents met some 30+ years before – let’s just say he was all around me that day…

This is how I was able to walk down the aisle with my Dad.

My friend Jen (an awesome Mama) wrote on her Facebook page a while back that her heart will always be broken cause her kids will never know how amazing their grandfather was.  I couldn’t agree more.  The fact that Michael, Cedella and any future Little Critters won’t know my Dad is devastating.  It’s hard going to visit Michael’s Dad (my wonderful father-in-law) and seeing his eyes light up and his heart overflow with love for her.  I wish my Dad could have had that.  If only I could see my Dad kissing her little cheeks and swell with joy.

My Dad wasn’t perfect by any means.  He spent most of my adolescence on drugs.  Despite all the terrible things he put himself and our entire family through, death has a funny way of putting things into perspective.  Yeah, he made a lot of mistakes, but he’s still my father, his blood runs through my veins and he deserves forgiveness and love like the rest of us.  It’s not that I have forgotten the missed birthdays or stolen cars, but by the time he died, all had long since been forgiven.

A couple of years before he passed Dad was in the midst of a do-over of sorts.  He was off drugs, he was trying to get his life together and he was trying to be the best father he could be to our baby sister, Kylara, while trying to repair the damaged relationships with my mother, sister, brother and me.  Watching him bathe, feed and change her, braid her hair or get her dressed, it was like a flashback.  A flashback to our time as a nuclear family.  Of special Daddy/Daughter trips to the Detroit Institute of Arts or the Detroit Science Center.  Of Disney World road trips.  Of camping.  Of the Belle Isle Super Slide.  Of family room dance parties.  Of a time where our family was still whole and innocent.

Kylara was only 6 when he died.  Fortunately she got some of the best years of his life.  Though he was no longer a civil engineer, he was still a genius.  Though he didn’t have a pot to piss in, he had the love of his children and family.  He doted on her and played with her all day long.  He never talked down to her and he listened to her.  For all that he overcame, staying clean and turning his life around.  For telling me every single time we spoke – even the very last time I saw him – how proud he was of me.  I know in my heart what a wonderful grandfather he would have been.

Though I know how proud my father is of the wife, mother and human I have become, I just wish I could hear him say it one more time.  I wish I could hear him tell Cedella how much he loves her.  I wish I could watch him and Michael bond over their mutual love of keyboards (and me).  Most of all I wish I could sing him ‘Happy Birthday’ over a giant caramel cake and listen to his infectious laughter at his own jokes about how old he is.  Happy Birthday Dad…you will always be missed and never forgotten.

Me and Dad just hanging out.