Wordless Wednesday: Monk’s First Haircut

It’s hard to remember every single time Cedella achieved a milestone now that she’s 3 years old. Hell, it’s hard to remember Isora’s milestones and she’s only 1. But I have a feeling I will always remember this milestone for how awesome and uneventful it actually was.

You have probably seen in the last few pictures of Cedella her hair, down past her waist, wild and tangled and free. She was a baby born with a head-full of hair and though she lost the entire back of her newborn hair, it quickly filled in and grew. And grew. And grew some more.

What started out as fine and wispy and maybe even a bit of a curl on the end had become this thick jungle of golden brown sunlight streaked ropes of hair.


Sadly there was a daily battle to weed-whack the jungle and keep it tame. For weeks I told her that if she wanted to have long hair she needed to allow me to brush it everyday before we left the house. And for weeks she battled me every morning to get her hair brushed.

Finally, in desperate need for a bit of weed whacking myself, I made an appointment for both of us to visit my friend Laveda’s house for a couple of haircuts.

She played with Laveda’s son while I got my hair trimmed, just the perfect little lady. And she didn’t even push or shove her sister while I was occupied.

And then it was her turn.


When I asked her earlier in the day how she wanted her hair to be cut she said she wanted it “to her shoulders”. And when Laveda asked she said the same thing. I tried, in vain, to push her towards a bob with cute little bangs, but she just wasn’t having that. She insisted on “to her shoulders”. And that’s what she got.


Not one hesitation, not one tear, and though she was a bit wiggly, apparently she was better than most kids at sitting still for a haircut.



And when it was done…Wow. Très jolie!


She was very happy with how it turned out.

But for me, well, I was a thrilled with how beautiful her hair looks and devastated by how grown-up she looks.

I mean, seriously, slow down kid. She looks like a grade-school kid!


Special thanks to my friend Laveda for chopping all our hairs and making us a beautiful duo again!

And thanks to all for the outpouring of love, commiseration and support on my post yesterday. With your thoughts and prayers and hard work on our end we are going to be okay. Much love to you all…

Happy WW everyone!!