(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday: The Little Mermaid

This child has loved to swim since she was in the womb, but the first time she went in a pool, she was hooked. Thankfully the weather in Arizona was warm enough for plenty of pool action. Cause we won’t be swimming outside in Michigan anytime soon ::long sigh:: We signed up this week for swim classes, so that will have to do for now.

Gotta love a ruffle butt on a swimsuit. Thank you Carters.

Favorite game at the pool? Dragging her turtle float around the pool behind her.

The ‘I Don’t Want to Go Yet Mama’ Face. Damn. She’s got it down already. We’re screwed.

(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday: Bathing Beauty

Greetings from the Grand Canyon State!! We’ve been in Arizona for a week now, and despite unseasonably cool temps here in the valley and over a foot of snow in the Grand Canyon, we managed to squeeze in one afternoon at the pool.

We discovered Cedella’s love of water last summer and were a bit worried she wouldn’t love it as much this season. But she took to it again straight away.

It was so incredibly relaxing to swish around in the water and then just lounge around by the pool letting the sun warm through your winter weary bones. And Cedella, our little Bathing Beauty, really enjoyed pushing the beach ball back into the pool for a little boy to catch and throw back to her. This went on for almost an hour.

Here she is caught in a quiet moment…