Review & Giveaway: green.made.simple

*UPDATE – Giveaway is closed for entries. And the winner is? Click HERE to find out…

To those who were wondering about the radio silence for a week or more well…we’re back! And not only are we back from our travels to the beautiful beaches of Lake Huron or ‘Up North’ as us Michiganders call it, but we’re back with a little something from one of you lovely readers!!

When I moved to Lansing nearly three years ago it was really hard. All my family and friends were in Detroit, and though it’s only an hour away I felt so incredibly alone being pregnant and then bringing Cedella into the world without my usual support system.

So when I stumbled bleary-eyed and nervous into my first Lansing Babywearers meeting I was just treading water in the Lake of Mommy Despair. Everyone was so nice and welcoming and they didn’t think my parenting or lifestyle choices were weird and they just made everything ok.

But Lansing Babywearers was only the gateway drug. We only meet once a month. And I needed more. So next came the La Leche League meetings at Delta-Waverly. Where all my Babywearing friends (and more lovely pro-boobie mamas) met up a couple more times a month.

It’s at one of the LLL meetings that I met my lovely friend Cindy and her beautiful daughter Vada. Her warm smile and the soft and constant clicking of knitting needles are instantly friendly and comforting. She is a master sewer and all-around crafty gal. It was just so easy to become friends with Cindy, especially when she’s willing to hold your baby as you stuff yet another brownie into your postpartum pie-hole 😉

So when she started her new Etsy shop green.made.simple many of us were drooling over the possibilities of what she would come up with for her store.

Though many more earth-friendly housewares are on the way to her shop (like Un-Paper Towels) her first big project were making several dozen wipes for family cloth/cloth wipes. She still has several sets of wipes available like these adorable little heart ones.

Or these fun little froggies.

But she doesn’t just make cool, green, functional housewares. She makes these beautiful teething necklaces too.

How cute are those polka dots? These necklaces are all made with cotton fabric over untreated wooden beads. Babies love to suck on and chew on these things.

And the best part? You don’t have to be a mom of a teething baby to wear one of these lovely items…no one needs to know it doubles as a baby soother!

Sadly I have no pictures to prove how much Izzie loves to chew on this thing (because she’s usually buried in the Ergo carrier while chewing on it or I’ve got my hands full with dinner, or the ipad or while talking on the phone) but trust me when I say, it’s getting a lot of use!

Here’s me and my thumb-sucking, hand-chewing, put-something-in-my-mouth-already 3 month old.

And this is the gorgeous turquoise necklace Cindy made just for me…

So, now that I’ve tempted you…don’t you want one for yourself?

One lucky reader is going to win one of these lovely necklaces. And it could be you.

Now for the nitty gritty details: 
Go to green.made.simple at and pick out which necklace you’d like to win. Next go to Facebook and like green.made.simple and Babies & Bacon (if you already have ‘liked’ us then by all means tell me so!). Then come back here and tell me you ‘like’ us and leave your necklace choice in the comment section. The giveaway starts today and runs until this Friday 6.29.2012 at midnight. A winner will be chosen using and notified via facebook and email that they’re the big winner!!
But if you just can’t wait and really need to have one of those necklaces right now, or want to buy one for a shower gift (cause it would be such a cool and unique present to give) or you need some more wipes for your stash, Cindy is giving Babies & Bacon readers 15% off of their orders using the code ‘bbgiveaway’ for the duration of the giveaway.
So what are you waiting for? Somebody’s going to win! And wouldn’t it be great if it was you? 😉
I was given a beautiful turquoise necklace to facilitate my review. But these opinions are mine and mine only darlings.


Catching Up

Wow. It seems like I’ve been gone from home for weeks, and absent from my blog for over a week now. Between focusing on relaxing and rebuilding my marriage on this vacation, blogging has been so far away from my thoughts. And then we got home, and back to our normal routine, right?

Wrong…back to chaos. My poor darling has been teething like crazy for over a week. And has 4…that’s right…4 molars coming in at once. So while I’m trying to unpack our suitcases and catch up on laundry (which I loathe even more than packing them in the first place), she’s clinging to me like crazy and is on a sleep-strike. Which makes the entire process take three times as long. Ugggghhhh.

Needless to say as I type this I am enjoying a well-deserved and perhaps over-sized glass of wine. It’s the little things…

So while I prepare the myriad of posts I have coming up, just thought I would let everyone know we are home and we’re relatively good. At least we’ll be much better once these damn teeth finish poking through.

And now you’re much deserved moments of cuteness…

When we arrived in Phoenix we discovered we had been given the wrong key and were stranded outside our condo waiting for two hours.

Monk was more than happy to entertain herself in the front courtyard.


Love those feet. Just love.


Dirty butt. This kid will never be clean again, I’m pretty sure of that.


Stinky silly face. She was so thrilled and happy to be playing outside for a change.


Monk the Daredevil wanted to climb on and walk on everything. Did I mention she will never be clean again?


Making an escape…




And leaving Big Bird behind. Poor Bird… More soon folks! Happy Earth Day to all of you!!

Merry Christmas Baby! Part Three

The part in which Santa dropped off a butt load of presents at Great Grandma’s house.  As in WAY more than he was instructed to because his little helper elf Grandma Linda is totally and completely trying to spoil her only grandchild the way she spoils all of her children.  Otherwise known as Christmas Afternoon.

We drove down to Detroit to visit with my big ole crazy family with Kira along for the ride, because she loves spending time with the other dogs at my Grandma’s.  The only problem?  In our haste to get out of the house and make sure all the food, bags, doggie things and gifts, were in the car, one important bag got missed.  The bag with Cedella’s Christmas outfit, extra diapers and pajamas.  You know, the only bag that we really NEEDED to remember.  Somehow my lovely husband set it by where our shoes are in the front hall, and despite my broken record reminder to put it in the car it got left behind.  She was in jammies for the car ride so she wouldn’t get her outfit messed up on the way.  Granted they were the cutie pink jammies from the previous post, but jammies none the less.

Thankfully Grandma Linda Santa brought Cedella some super cute clothes that we ripped the tags from and slid on her before most of the family arrived.  And we were just a little more economic with the diaper changes since I only had 3 Grobabies in the diaper bag.  Almost made me long for the convenience of disposables.  Almost…  But we survived.  Particularly since her painful teeth made her want no food or water, only magical boob juice.  Hence, not too many diapers to change.

Monk got a really neat keyboard from her Great Grandma
And Great Grandma & Great Grandpa were given a photo book of her entire life to date
Grandma Linda opening her personalized Cedella calendar
We opened an obscene amount of presents.  
Yes…those were all for Cedella, Michael & I 
for the love of sweet baby Jesus.
That’s Kira in the background in her Christmas dress 
which made it into the car, despite Cedella 
having nothing remotely Christmas-y to wear.
The open mouth creates lots of drool
Playing with Grandma and her new kitchen
Part of the fam relaxing
My sis Kylara and my young lady cousin
Kira made a warm nest out of wrapping paper and tissue
Michael & Kira ‘helping’ Pam in the kitchen
We ate an obscene amount of food. 
 This was just the dessert table.
The Grown Up Table
Look Mama…Brayden’s here
Must give him kisses…
Chillin Cousins
Feeding Uncle Rob
The Christmas Night Family
So Cedella was not nearly her normal smiley self.  But she still managed to rake in a serious haul, and charm everyone anyways.  It was so wonderful seeing my cousin Dawn & her family, whom we haven’t seen since last Christmas.  It was bitter sweet to see my cousin Sean sober, but without his family.  It is always lovely to spend time with my Aunts & Uncles and dozens of cousins.  The kids had a blast playing Wii in the basement, just like a generation ago we were playing Atari!  Both of the babies were so fun to watch opening things and playing.  My Grandma & Grandpa had a wonderful day full of love and surrounded by nearly all of their children, grandchildren and even several of their great grands.  My Mom got to spoil all of us…again, which is exactly what makes her happy.  Tracey worked her ass off again by making a few amazing dishes for the meal.  Kylara had too much fun with the Hoover kids who she really adores.  And Pam, well she did it again.  She takes such amazing care of my Grandparents every day of the week.  And she was there all day on Christmas to cater the entire event and take care of whatever anybody needed.  
We are so blessed for the crazy amazing generosity of all of our family and the gifts we received. 
We are so blessed to have this ginormous family.  We are so blessed that they are all reasonably healthy.  We are so blessed to have everything we need and everything we want.  What a beautiful day!