Wordless Wednesday: Monk’s First Haircut

It’s hard to remember every single time Cedella achieved a milestone now that she’s 3 years old. Hell, it’s hard to remember Isora’s milestones and she’s only 1. But I have a feeling I will always remember this milestone for how awesome and uneventful it actually was.

You have probably seen in the last few pictures of Cedella her hair, down past her waist, wild and tangled and free. She was a baby born with a head-full of hair and though she lost the entire back of her newborn hair, it quickly filled in and grew. And grew. And grew some more.

What started out as fine and wispy and maybe even a bit of a curl on the end had become this thick jungle of golden brown sunlight streaked ropes of hair.


Sadly there was a daily battle to weed-whack the jungle and keep it tame. For weeks I told her that if she wanted to have long hair she needed to allow me to brush it everyday before we left the house. And for weeks she battled me every morning to get her hair brushed.

Finally, in desperate need for a bit of weed whacking myself, I made an appointment for both of us to visit my friend Laveda’s house for a couple of haircuts.

She played with Laveda’s son while I got my hair trimmed, just the perfect little lady. And she didn’t even push or shove her sister while I was occupied.

And then it was her turn.


When I asked her earlier in the day how she wanted her hair to be cut she said she wanted it “to her shoulders”. And when Laveda asked she said the same thing. I tried, in vain, to push her towards a bob with cute little bangs, but she just wasn’t having that. She insisted on “to her shoulders”. And that’s what she got.


Not one hesitation, not one tear, and though she was a bit wiggly, apparently she was better than most kids at sitting still for a haircut.



And when it was done…Wow. Très jolie!


She was very happy with how it turned out.

But for me, well, I was a thrilled with how beautiful her hair looks and devastated by how grown-up she looks.

I mean, seriously, slow down kid. She looks like a grade-school kid!


Special thanks to my friend Laveda for chopping all our hairs and making us a beautiful duo again!

And thanks to all for the outpouring of love, commiseration and support on my post yesterday. With your thoughts and prayers and hard work on our end we are going to be okay. Much love to you all…

Happy WW everyone!!


Wordless Wednesday: One Year of The Biz

Things have been so challenging around our house lately that it’s only now, one entire month later, that I’m finishing up on Isora’s One Year Old birthday traditions. I hope to have her birthday letter all polished off tomorrow but really wanted to pull together a photo look at her year of firsts.

With Cedella I really went to town doing a bit of a photo shoot for every single month and (almost) always a monthly update of all her stats and milestones.

Yea. Isora doesn’t have any of those fancy updates, but I will tell you a little bit about her…

At now 13 months old, Isora is one of the funniest and sweetest children I have ever known. She is so quick to smile, to laugh and to make others laugh. You can’t help yourself when she makes a silly face at you or flashes one of her sweet dimpled smiles. She’s contagiously happy.

Now it may be true that she has a big sister to race after and to learn from, but she is crushing every single milestone possible. The girl walked at 9 1/2 months, like her sister, and is now doing all sorts of talking and eats like there’s no tomorrow. She’s so determined and fearless that she just went down the big kid twisty slide at the park without hesitation and giggled the whole time.

She has a pretty incredible vocabulary so far. Her words now include: Daddy, Mommy, Ella, Izzie, Anna, Mia, Bia, Kira, Gramma, Teta, Jido, Elmo, Ernie, dog, monkey, milk, eat, all done, water, Diego, more, please, thank you, up, down, wrap and ‘here you go’. Yep, ‘here you go’, real fast. It sounds like ‘herego’ but she says it as she passes something to someone. So. Smart.

I can hardly believe that she has only been a part of our family for one year. It feels like I’ve never lived without her. I love to see her sleeping face. She looks so much like her dad when she sleeps. But nothing warms me like her smile. It takes my breath away.

I remember wondering how I could ever love another child as much as I love Cedella. Isora made it easy. From the exact second I saw her she was my love. It was so easy. She is so easy to love.

Mere moments after she was born and those blushed cheeks were already two of my favorite body parts in all the world.

Zorie New 4

Not sure what I love more, her multiple chins or her smooshy cheeks.

Zorie 1 Month 1

Though she had been smiling before this I could never catch it on camera. But those smirks were in full effect by month 2.

Isora 2 Month 12

It was hot out. So why not put the sticker directly on the baby, huh? Count those delicious rolls. Love.

Zorie 3 month Chubby

At 4 months old Isora took her first dip in Lake Huron. She might have been less than impressed. But adorable none the less.

Zorie Standing Face 1

Now she’s starting to come into her signature grin. When she smiles her whole face smiles and her eyes sparkle.

5 Months 8

My sweet little pumpkin at 6 months old in the pumpkin patch. Poor baldy. She really did lose her hair for a while there. Doesn’t matter. I’d pick this little pumpkin from the patch. Notice the socks, which means, thankfully, she wasn’t walking yet.

Izzie Pumpkin

Enjoying a warm Thanksgiving Day at Aunt Gayle’s in South Carolina at 7 months old marking her first official road trip and first time meeting her Great Grandma Cecelia.

Izzie Thanks Pumpkin

Izzie Biz’s first Christmas morning. She looks a bit dazed and confused. In fairness, it was a lot of stuff to open. She liked her books the most.


A Linus in the making? Or Alicia Keys perhaps? She babbles and sings as she plays, making me just so proud.


Teeth!! On Valentine’s Day (about 11 months) you can finally see she has four teeth. And that’s a silly smile, not a grimace. She was laughing…


The smiley happy Birthday Girl. Hair filling in, little teeth showing, smiling as usual and thighs overflowing the Babylegs. All. Good. Things.


This year has been challenging and incredible and lovely. Well, aside from the past month or so. But every single moment with Isora is worth it.

She is the very definition of sunshine when skies are gray. May she always keep this gift of light that she graces people with, both loved ones and strangers alike.

Thanks for going on this little flashback journey with me. Hope we brought you some sunshine today! Happy Wordless/Wordful Wednesday to each and every one of you!






(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday: Easter Bunnies

Things have been batshit cuckoo stressed strained around our home since Isora’s birthday party. There’s not a short answer for what’s going on other than to say, everything. I’ll write about everything that has happened soon, when I have a bit more perspective.

But for now let me talk a bit about these two incredible girls that make getting up and out of bed every morning an incredible and exhausting adventure. And while this Easter was pretty subdued and not too celebratory due to circumstances at home, they may not have received Easter baskets but we did get the girls all dressed up in fancy dresses and had a delicious dinner at Jido & Teta’s house.

Our little Izzie loves to run around the house and get into things. She may as well be a cat for how curious she is.

The girls and their Uncle Bassam. They just climbed right up in his lap for hugs and I caught this little photo opp.

Trying to talk to her Uncle Andre.

And cuddling up next to Jido on the floor. Every time he lays down she walks over and lays down right next to him. And he cracks up every single time. It’s pretty adorable.

She may be too young to figure out how to play the Easter Egg cracking game but once she got a hold of an egg she wouldn’t let it go.

Teta preparing the enormous Easter feast.

The beautiful table.

After dinner and cake the Monk went bananas. Running and jumping and generally acting like a monkey.

But then for one brief shining moment she was my sweet little angel with that gorgeous real smile.

Then I tried to take a picture of the two of my sunshines together…and instead of just sitting next to each other, Ella tackled her sister. Which Izzie didn’t seem to mind.

And then I almost got them sitting so nicely next to one another. Almost.

But we did get one almost normal family picture. Even if behind these smiles there’s some pain and hardship I’ll take it for Cedella’s crazy eyes. This is us, imperfect and goofy and sometimes a little bit sad. But we are all here, we are all together and our little almost normal family is the most important thing in the world. I love these three more than anything in the world even if they do cause me stress, heartache and gray hairs.

But this…little slice of happiness is the cake, the icing, the whipped cream and the cherry. All. The. Sweetness.

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Happy Wordless/Wordful Wednesday to one and all!! Have a great Wednesday!