Books? What are Those?

It’s Thursday and that means linking up with Adventuroo’s Capture the Everyday! This week’s topic? What are you Reading?

It seems like I went from reading 20 books at a time to barely finishing whatever my book club was reading each month and that’s it. And that more often than not has been an audiobook while driving the hour and a half to and from Detroit every ten days or so.

But I have been more inspired to read lately. I miss it. I crave it. But why does it seem like everything I pick up kind of sucks?

There were many much anticipated YA novels (cause usually I really adore them). I Am Number Four, Across the Universe, Matched. They all left me less than impressed. I call it The Hunger Games Effect.

I compare everything, especially series, to The Hunger Games and continually feel disappointed. Seriously. If you haven’t read it you should. It’s our May book club selection.

So when I went down to my old library for book club last night I picked up several books. And not a single YA. Cause maybe I’m disappointed cause I just can’t even remotely relate to vampire teens, fairy tweens or space-traveling young adults. Here’s what I ended up with:

First up? A travel guide to Arizona & The Grand Canyon!! Cause we are leaving for our trip in six days!!! Nuff said.

The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood. Our April book club selection. Cult classic and one I’ve wanted to read for years. I’ve heard it’s disturbing and depressing. No spoilers please.

A Walk with Jane Austen. Cause just about anything having anything to do with Jane Austen makes me happy. The tagline is “A journey into adventure, love and faith” following the life and lore of Jane Austen through England. The author created the blog ‘Jane Austen Quote of the Day’.

And while we’re talking about bloggers…The Pioneer Woman wrote a book?! And it’s a love story?! Whuck?! This is my absolute dream. That my blog leads to a book deal and allows me to do all the things I love in life. Write, rant, takes pictures, brag about my kids and live life on my terms. I am really excited to read this, because she has such a unique voice and a clever way of telling stories.

And then there’s the bin of books for Miss Reading Rainbow in her library bin. And one baking cookbook called Baked for me, cause it has the funniest title ever. Just sayin’.

To be fair. The Glee DVD is for me too ::wink wink::

So…what are you reading? To take a look at other people’s selections or to link up your post click on the Adventuroo button below!

Happy Reading!


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  1. Lady J says:

    Woah! 20 books!! Impressive! I’m ashamed for my track record could possibly be 1 book in 3 days.

    I would love to check out ‘A walk with Jane Austen’, looks like a good read. Also, great choice on GLEE.. absolutely LOVE the show!!

    • Alexia says:

      20 books was when I was pregnant and my husband was out of town for work 3 or 4 days a week. All I did was read. It was blissful…

      Glee is my fav guilty pleasure. Love it too!

  2. You had me at Grand Canyon! I used to live 4 hours from it and hiked it many, many times. Camped at the bottom twice and crossed the entire canyon (22 miles) one time too. Email me if you need any tips and HAVE FUN. It’s my favorite place in the world.

    • Alexia says:

      Can’t wait to see the Grand Canyon. I’ve wanted to go for so long now. Hiking/camping at the bottom with the little one will have to wait a couple of years though. I’m not that brave yet ; )

  3. elflingsmama says:

    I just read The Hunger Games about a month ago! Really good books. In fact, I was just thinking about them this morning :)

    Have you read the Percy Jackson books? They’re YA and very entertaining if you enjoy Greek Mythology. Rick Riordan has started a second demigod series that incorporates the Roman mythology, too. And we have an Egyptian one on the Kindle that Jason read and said it was good but not “as good as Percy Jackson.” I haven’t read it yet.

    Especially if you enjoy historical fiction, check out the Wild Cards series. It’s a novel that’s really a collection of short stories by a collaboration of Sci-Fi/Fantasy authors like George R. R. Martin. The premise is a human-related alien comes to Earth in 1945 trying to stop a virus that’s designed to give humans super powers. Except more often than not the super powers are hideous mutations (Jokers), but the lucky ones get something useful (Aces). Each short story is a continuation of the main story arc, but told from the point of view of different characters affected by the Wild Card Virus. The coolest part, for me, was seeing how they weathered the McCarthy Era and the 60s. Apparently it’s a huge series, and is still an ongoing project, but I’ve only read the first book so far.

    • Alexia says:

      Hey Dawn! Do you know they’re making the Hunger Game moves right now? How cool is that?

      Loved the Percy Jackson books, but I haven’t tried his new series. Thanks for the recommendation!

      And the Wild Card series sounds really cool.

      Think I’ve got a great list of stuff for the spring now!

  4. kim says:

    uhm, did I miss something? This is a totally new layout/look/everything, right?? It loaded different, redirected me, all that jazz. LOVE. Like I love bacon, love it.
    Anyway, what am I reading? Knitting patterns b/c I have a niece or nephew who needs to be clothed in things I make (I don’t know why, s/he just HAS to be), The Outlander series (if you start that you will get sucked in and totally *ahem* your husband. Fair warning. Twilight. Yeah. I said it. But it looks like you have much more sophisticated taste than me :)

  5. kim says:

    Oh, and I’m updating my roll w/ your new addy. Did I mention I love it? So clean! Purdy!

    • Alexia says:

      Thanks Kim!! I’ve got to try the Outlander series next. Twilight I’ve read a couple of times (even though my husband makes fun of me) and all of the Sookie books (new one out at the end of the month!). So not more sophisticated, just ran out of good ole fang banger stuff ; )

    • Alexia says:

      Thanks for the add! Diana and you inspired me to move to WP and update my digs…

  6. Well, that settles it. Hunger Games is my next Kindle download! Hopefully in between mall walking, eating the early bird special, and chasing after Anna I’ll find some time to read it! Love the new layout – yay!!!

    • Alexia says:

      You have to read the Hunger Games so we can talk about it!! Be forewarned though, you can’t start reading it before your project is done. It’s addictive and you will get NOTHING else done for two days.

  7. LOVE your collection! Especially interested in the PW book … you’re right … it would be a dream come true, for sure. And the Glee DVD? Icing on the cake. :)
    suzanne @ pretty*swell recently posted..Giveaway- North American Bear Company

  8. I didn’t know there was a book on Jane Austen. I love her stuff so much. I’ll have to look that one up.

    And look at you – with your threaded comments and CommentLuv :)

    • Alexia says:

      Love anything Jane Austen, but all about her actual life and her influence on a down-on-her-luck blogger? They had me at hello…

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