(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday: She’s Here!!

There are so many words I can’t wait to share but for now just the most important ones.


She was born on St. Patrick’s Day, which happens to be my beloved Grandma Rose’s birthday, at 11:55am.

She was a 8 lbs. 9 oz. and 21 inches long.

We had a really amazing birth experience at The Greenhouse Birth Center. And when I say amazing, I mean laughing hysterically and smiling with my husband and doula and then pushing out a baby ten minutes later in a luxurious bath tub.


Seeing this face for the first time is one of the most powerful and beautiful moments of my life.

She is calm, deliciously chubby, funny and oh so snuggly.

Her big sister loves her very much and calls her Baby Sister. Or Zorie. This picture was taken when we came home with Zorie 6 hours after her birth, the first time Cedella met her. Instant Love.

Her Auntie Kylara calls her Squishy.

TeTe calls her Izzie.

I can’t decide whether I like Zorie or Izzie better. But she’ll always be my Nugget.

And now I know just how possible it is for one’s heart to instantly expand and almost burst with instant love. Because in this moment my heart just about exploded for this little miracle.

Hope that your week is as amazing as mine has been! Happy WW!!



  1. Erin says:

    So beautiful! Congrats!
    Erin recently posted..SPRUNG!

  2. Linda says:

    Wow! I don’t think any of us have anything that can complete with yours this week! Congratulations! What a beautiful family!
    Linda recently posted..Wordless Wednesday

  3. Molly says:

    Congratulations! She is utterly adorable. I remember when my 2nd child was born thinking, oh wow, you get it all over again… like with the 1st only more relaxed about it all.

    Molly recently posted..Day 79 – Colours Of The Night

  4. Awwwww! So PRECIOUS! Congratulations!!
    Stacy Uncorked recently posted..Knock-Off vs. Genuine Hunger Games

  5. momto8blog says:

    congrats and congrats!!!
    momto8blog recently posted..Wordless Wednesday

  6. emily says:

    What a doll!! Congrats!

  7. Emily says:

    What a beautiful family and a beautiful birth story! Congratulations!
    Emily recently posted..Slowing Down (The View Through a Child’s Camera)

  8. Tracey says:

    Izzie is gorgeous. I’m so glad I got to hug her and love her that very first day. Yay!
    Tracey recently posted..Welcome to the Department of Words

    • Alexia says:

      Can you believe it? I told you we’d be home by dinner!! thanks so much for spending the day with Monk and for being my nurse. I love you. And can’t wait to see you and your nieces together forever!

  9. Susan says:

    Congrats!!!! What a gorgeous baby. Hope you are doing well mom?
    Susan recently posted..Wedding dreams…

  10. Kate says:

    I love your photos (especially the 3 girls together pic!) Congrats!! We can’t wait to meet her, so let us know when you’ll be accepting visitors!

    Kate recently posted..Otter Peak

  11. She’s exquisite! I am busting with tears over here! I love the pictures, especially of the three of you ladies. C looks so in love with her little sis. Blessings!
    Teresha@ Marlie and Me recently posted..Win Natural House Trio of Cleaners + $5 iTunes gift card: Green Spring Clean Giveaway Hop March 21-30

    • Alexia says:

      Thanks T!! i think I need a frame for that picture already. It’s my favorite moment ever. Can’t wait to hear your big news…CC is coming soon…so excited for you and you all are in my prayers!

  12. YAY!!!! Oh, she is beautiful! And I love the name. How wonderful that she was born on your grandmother’s birthday too! Congratulations to you guys on your new family of 4!!

    p.s. I like Zorie. :)
    Jocelyn | ScooterMarie recently posted..Memories Captured – March edition

    • Alexia says:

      Thanks girl! Yay is right!! Can’t believe she’s finally here. My Grandma is thrilled and so are we. And Zorie seems to be winning around here 😉

  13. Dani says:

    A, you bring me to tears. I feel like I’ve been waiting for her too, she’s so sweet I could just eat her with a spoon! Kisses to Monk & Lil Nugget and congrats again, to you & Mike!

    Hugs girly!

    Love ya,


    • Alexia says:

      Thanks D! She’s divine. Would love for you to meet these girls one of these days. Lunch in the D this summer? Kisses and love right back at you!

  14. angie says:

    COngratulations. Such wonderful, wonderful news. Her birth sounds amazing and calm! Wishing you a wonderfully restful few months! She’s beautiful!
    angie recently posted..Wordful Wednesday – Daily Life

  15. Kim says:

    She is gorgeous. But you? You are beautiful. And powerful. Strong. Inspiring. I can see in the pics what a wonderful, amazing birth you had. That last pic is one for a frame. You’re GLOWING. So awesome.
    Kim recently posted..Brain Overload

    • Alexia says:

      Thanks so much Kim! I think you are my biggest cheerleader (next to my husband). Her birth made me feel so strong and capable and empowered. It was truly amazing. Thanks for thinking of us 😉

  16. Ky G says:

    Congratulations!!!!!!! She’s beautiful!

  17. Welcome to the world, Isora! Love all these pics. I feel like she really looks like Michael – am I imagining this? Congratulations to all of you and can’t wait to snuggle her!!
    Leslie Arends recently posted..Nap Time, I Thought We Were Cool

    • Alexia says:

      Thanks Leslie! So glad you got a chance to meet her and thanks so much for spending the day with Cedella. And I think you’re right…the more we look at her the more she looks like Michael. Too funny!

  18. ohh she is just devine. That first photo is just priceless! love the newborn expressions! congrats
    tahlia – the parenting files recently posted..summer lovin

  19. Lydia says:

    Gorgeous! Congrats! I heart squishy babies!
    Lydia recently posted..Wordful Wednesday, my first eva!!

  20. Wow! Laughing before birth? You are rock star. I think i was a BIT more emotional (and not in a good way) before my babies popped out.
    A huge congrats to you and the newly expanded family.
    Andie@multiplemama recently posted..Perfect Spring vacation

    • Alexia says:

      Yep…cracking up hysterically right before transition. I blame it on my birth team. They’re pretty funny. And they did a really good job of keeping me simultaneously focused and distracted. They rule. Thanks for the kind words!!

  21. Katie E says:

    Congratulations – she’s beautiful!
    Katie E recently posted..Happy Hunger Games!

  22. Emily Woodhouse says:

    OMG how beautiful! May god bless you
    Emily Woodhouse recently posted..Bad Credit Money Loan


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    (Nearly) Wordless Wednesday: She?s Here!!…

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