The Isora Report: Month 2

My sweet little Nugget is already two months old. Ok, actually she’s almost three months old. How crazy is that? And now I feel super duper guilty for missing her first month so first of all I’ll show you the pictures we took last month…


Weight: 13.5 lb

Height: 24 in.

Head: 16 in.

Clothing Size: some 3 to 6 month clothes, mostly 6-9 month clothes, nearly out of the newborn diapers. In fact, now that Monk is out of them she is almost exclusively in our GroVia stash. Just check out the onesie in these pics. It’s a 3 month-er holding on for dear life. 😉

She seriously has the most chunky and delicious thighs. This often leads us to need at least a size 6 month pair of pants or leggings. Things that Cedella worn at the end of her first summer Isora is already fitting. And some things she’s already out of.

Her chin and neck rolls just don’t quit and are especially good places to kiss. I should know. I would chew on them if it didn’t make me some kind of weirdo zombie (seriously…what’s up with all the people eaters out there recently? I am NOT ready for a zombie-pocalypse)

Milestones: Smiling. This is pretty much constant. If she’s awake, she probably has a slight smirk on her chubby little face. She started smiling at around one month, just like her sister. Just about anytime she hears my voice she smiles. When Cedella comes near her, she smiles. When she’s sitting in her bouncy chair and sees the little lion guy, she smiles. When she hears her Jiddo’s voice, she smiles. Her Grandma Linda’s face makes her smile. Her Daddy? Definitely makes her smile. She is a very smiley baby.

But as far as other milestones goes she is doing really well holding up her head, though her big brain and cheeks prevent her from holding it up for very long. I’ve noticed when I’m wearing her that she is starting to hold up her head and parascope around, checking things out. She’s a curious little thing.

Recently she began putting weight on her legs (straightening out her legs). She likes standing up and looking around her. It must be so cool to have a new perspective after laying down for so much of your short life.

But perhaps the biggest milestone? SHE’S SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!! WHAT?! Did you hear me? That’s right. This girl is sleeping from 9pm to 5:30am just about every night.  And I’ve often had to wake her up to nurse and then she goes right back to sleep. And even at 5:30 she will eat and then go right back to sleep for another couple hours. It’s amazing.

I didn’t really even think it was possible for a exclusively breast-fed baby to sleep so long. But she does. It worried me enough that I talked about it with Zorie’s pediatrician who told me to just let her sleep and pump instead (which admittedly I haven’t done, cause who wants to get out of bed in the middle of the night to pump? Not this Mama). She nurses a LOT during the day. Enough so that she must tank herself up for a big sleep at night.

And now that Cedella is fully potty trained and only rarely having accidents, BOTH girls are sleeping through a majority of the night. I don’t feel like a completely exhausted basket-case every morning. It’s lovely.

Personality: Zorie is funny and easy going. She smiles a crooked little smile at the smallest things. She has man-sized gas and smiles every time she lets one rip (that’s my girl!). If she is fed and has a dry diaper she will just sit in her chair and coo and talk away.

But this is also a girl who LOVES to be held and worn. I’ve been really enjoying how much easier it is to put her in a sling or Ergo for grocery store and shopping. How much calmer and happier she is than Cedella as a baby. I realized today that I have yet to put her in the car seat/stroller combo. Cedella was in that combo a lot. Wearing her on me is just so much nicer for us both. And my baby wearing stash is growing by the second (since we’re fully stocked with diapers I needed a new fluffy obsession, right?)

The sad thing is that because of Cedella’s recent hard times Zorie’s had to CIO on a few occasions. I know she won’t remember it but it kills me that I can’t get to her the second she cries like I did with her big sister, though maybe she will have a higher level of patience than Cedella has. The most important thing to me going forward is to make sure that I treat them both equally, that they both have to wait for one another, to take turns and to share my attention. It’s tricky. But Isora doesn’t seem to be holding it against me. But she does give me the Mean Feet a lot…

Health: Good news? She is gaining weight like a champ and growing like a weed. The bad news? She has gotten two of Cedella’s colds. It sucks because I can’t give her anything for relief but breast milk, which in actuality is the best medicine a baby could get. But when her nose gets so stuffy that she has a hard time breathing, it makes nursing challenging. The lovelies at my La Leche group told me to put milk up her nose to heal the enflamed tissue. Which sounds good in theory but I couldn’t figure out how to get it in there aside from just dribbling it in.

Though thankfully after the last cold cleared up so did her random spitting up out of her nose. Yep. Every time she spit up it would come out of her nose. It was freaky. But again both the Ped and the LLL ladies confirmed that it’s no big deal. And now, just out of the blue, it stopped. So crazy how quickly they grow out of things.

And just like her sister she has a sensitivity to cow’s milk. Boo. It sucks for me cause I can’t have any of the delicious stuff I love. Like milk, sour cream, cheese, yogurt or ice cream…how I miss ice cream. But the good news? Almond milk is delicious, goat cheese doesn’t make her react and not eating so much cheese may be helping my post-partum weight loss. But why oh why does Nutella have milk in it?! Double boo. But this face?

Totally worth no cheese for a few months.

Relationship with Cedella: A few weeks ago Cedella picked up her baby sister and carried her to me while I was in the bathroom. No really. Scared the shit out of me. And the funniest part? Isora didn’t cry or make a peep. She just stared up at her big sister with a silly grin on her face like Cedella was a coolest thing she had ever seen.

Monk loves to hug and kiss her baby sister. And smother her with affection. And lay on top of her when Zorie is in her bouncy chair or swing. It’s a really hard balance. We want to encourage the affection, but we don’t want Zorie getting hurt because Cedella is too rough with her. Cedella learned really quickly to be gentle with the dog. Maybe once Zorie can fight back she’ll get it?

What’s super sweet though is that when Isora cries Cedella goes into full-on little mama mode. She shushes the baby like a professional nanny. And she sings ‘Frere Jacques’ to get her sister to calm down. She’ll hold her little baby hand and tell her “It’s ok Izzie. Don’t worry.” It’s really sweet to see how much she wants to take care of her baby sister.

Nickname Status: For now it’s still up in the air. I call her Zorie. Cedella calls her Izzie. Michael calls her Isora. Everyone else is kind of split on what they call her. It’s funny. Guess we’ll just figure out when she starts talking.

Isn’t she just so beautiful? God I love this girl. These past few months have sped by. But in the quiet little times when it’s just me and her staring into each other’s eyes? Time stops. And life is just…brilliant.



  1. Chucky says:

    She is so cute, and too big for her age of 2 months old. Thanks that you’ve shared this with us.
    Chucky recently posted..Good Low Carb Diets

  2. LOVE all of this! What a sweetheart. She reminds me of Sedona. The 2nd one is just easier… especially if you had a challenging first-born, like I did.

    This post almost makes me want to try for #3… cut it out! 😉
    Kelli @ Momma Needs a Beer recently posted..Easy Cheesy Egg Cups

  3. nobody's nobody says:

    really enjoyed the pictures. Miss you all

  4. Brooke says:

    She’s just beautiful. What a happy family you have! 😀
    Brooke recently posted..When other moms become your mirror

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