(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday: The Olympics

This year’s Summer Olympic Games have been truly an event in our household. There’s something so incredibly riveting about the games, and honestly if we’re at home the TV is on NBC (though this is honestly the first time in years that I’ve wished we had cable so we could watch more events live).

The drama of the competition. The inspiration of all the individual stories. The perseverance and tenacity of all of these athletes at the peak of their form trying to bring honor and glory to their country. What’s not to love?

To me the Olympic are such a brilliant way to learn about different countries and cultures. And this year’s Opening Ceremonies were a perfect example.
How incredibly English were they? Very.

In honor of the games we had some delicious diner food from a favorite local spot, appropriately named Olympic Broil.

Cedella stayed up for the entire program, even every second of the Parade of Nations. The P of N is my absolute favorite part of the Opening Ceremony. I love seeing all the different team uniforms and costumes. How incredible for some of these tiny nations to send a delegation to compete with the giants of the world?

I really wanted her to see the delegation from Lebanon since we were discussing that her Jiddo and Teta were going there. Sadly her patience was wearing thin and the Lebanese athletes were only on the screen for 5.2 seconds. Boo. Oh well, maybe she’ll appreciate it in another 4 years.

As a learning tool I think the Olympics ultimately serve as a way to understand competition, sportsmanship, teamwork and cooperation. While watching events like Gymnastics or Diving or Synchronized Swimming I talk with Ella about how hard these athletes work, what a team is, how beautiful and special each event is.

So far she loves Gymnasts and Diving. She keeps trying to do somersaults off of the furniture, hopefully that stops when the games are over. And when she sees the dives she smiles and says “Yay!” or “Good job!” every time someone splashes into the water. It’s adorable.

And someone is a big fan of the “fast man” Usain Bolt. Here’s my girl Bolting.

The other day we decided to make an Olympic Rings painting a la Toddler Approved’s 6 Simple Activities for Celebrating the Olympic Opening Ceremonies.

The invitation was simple. Paints in 5 Olympic colors (with brown because we didn’t have black) on a paper plate. Popsicle sticks. Toilet paper rolls. Paper.

She really enjoyed using the rolls at first.

But this child is tactile by nature.

She was born to finger paint.

Or whole body paint as the case may be.

The painting turned out great and will hang until the Games are over, like our very own Olympic flag.

My little Olympic Torch.

We are going to work on a few more projects this weekend and I may even get a bit more ambitious and plan a mini-Games for our friends coming to visit us Friday night, with medals and everything! What in the world did we do to be creative before Pinterest?

Why do the Olympics matter to your family? How did you celebrate the Olympics with your kids? Have any toddler activities to share?

Thanks for reading and have a happy W Wednesday!!



I Won an Award?!

I can hardly believe it but I am so incredibly honored to have won an ‘Honest Scrap’ award from my friend Eliza at Postcards from Parenthood which really means a lot to me.  Not only has Eliza been one of the few blogging Mamas to totally embrace me, but I take pride in the fact that honesty is my one and only policy when it comes to writing this blog.  Thanks Eliza!! 

Being the recipient of this award entitles me not only to pass this on to other bloggers I admire, but to share 10 things about me with you, my faithful readers.

1.  I was a teenage Girl Scout.  Seriously.  Until I was 17.  I’ll have to blog about it some time…
2.  I left my job in December.  4 months is by far the longest I’ve gone without working since I was 13 years old.  
3.  I’ve been a telephone operator, mail clerk, cashier, pizza delivery girl, department store sales girl, hair salon receptionist, production coordinator, film director, vintage clothing store manager, and a library clerk.
4.  Super proud of my all-natural labor with Cedella!  No drugs at all, not even a Tylenol.  From my water breaking to holding my baby took a grand total of 7 hours.
5.  Can still recite almost all of the words to ‘Sixteen Candles’ and ‘Pulp Fiction’.
6.  I collect the following vintage items:  cameras, lamps, souvenir scarves, postcards, biographies, things with JFK on them and baby clothes from the 70’s.
7.  I was married a year ago in the same room where my parents first met.  Then it was a library, now it’s a ballroom.
8.  I once pushed Chaka Khan through Detroit Metro Airport in a wheelchair.  No really, it wasn’t a dream…
9.  I wanted to be an astronaut when I grew up and went to Space Camp 3 times.  Then I discovered shopping and decided to be a fashion designer instead.  Way to switch gears, huh?
10.  If I don’t eat a piece of chocolate in a day I am not a happy camper.  But in case there’s no chocolate in the house ice cream will suffice.  

Now I pass the torch to some of my other blogging sisters…

Teresha at Marlie and Me for being so down to earth and being such a big support and great friend to me since I started blogging.
Metta at365 days: 30+Mommyhood for the honesty and love she pours into each and every blog post.
Diana at Hormonal Imbalances for keeping it very real with all the hard choices she’s having to make.
Mrs. F at As the Forest{e} Grows for talking about everything from sex to church with honesty and humor.
Care at The Exposed Mom for her beautiful photographs that are the epitome of honesty.

I know…it’s supposed to be 10 but these are the only bloggers I know aside from Eliza!