(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday: At Play

I’m trying so hard to write lately, but life and the impending arrival of Little Nugget seem to be getting in the way of my illustrious blogging career. I feel like such a slacker.

Hoping to respond to comments from last week after this post is finished. Hoping to catch up on all my fav blogs by the end of the week. But I’m not making any promises. Cause it’s in the 60’s here folks! 60’s. In March. In Michigan. Love it.

Oh well. Some day I will write and read regularly again…right?

In the meantime we are still getting out and enjoying these last few weeks, just me and my little lady.

So today Cedella and I had a play date with two of our favorite ladies, Anna & her Mama Leslie at Play.

(BTW if you haven’t checked it out yet you should read Leslie’s blog, Pretending to be a Grownup, because it’s sweet and charming just like her. And she has a lot of great recipes hanging out in her archives. And of course sweet pics of her adorable family. We <3 them.)

Play. is a new indoor play space in East Lansing. And if you’re in the area and haven’t checked it out yet…just do it. It’s fabulous. Big enough to be entertaining for a couple of hours and small enough that parents can sit down and hold a conversation while still keeping an eye on their kids. There’s also a lean towards wooden and Montessori toys which I love. There’s even a light table and a water table (though the last time we were there a very curious toddler decided to go wading in the water table and there was no water today).

There’s even free coffee (or tea). Love that little detail.

Cedella always goes straight to the trampoline. She’s kinda obsessed with bouncing and jumping right now.

The little Monkey in action. Look at all the air she got on that jump!

There are a couple of little playhouses, a fruit market and even an old-fashioned mail box. This one has the sweetest cutouts in the ceiling to let the light in. Anna & Monk fond matching little Toto doggies to play with. Which is good, cause it meant they didn’t have to share. They love each other, but sharing is still not their strongest suit.

Look at that sweet smile. It floors me every. single. time. Not to mention those adorable elbow dimples. They’re delicious.

Anna decided to cook us some lunch. Check her out with that carrot. She must get her culinary expertise from her Mama.

Cedella found another bouncy thing. This time one of the old-school rubber bouncing horse. How cool is that?

But despite finding lots of things to do on their own the BFF’s always come back together to play. Miss Bossy Pants (aka Cedella) demanding Anna join her in the infant tumbling area for a chat.

Then Anna demanded Monk join her for a peek through a little window. Love their little booties. And that Anna found a tutu and wore it for most of the time we were there.

(And yes, there was a slight wardrobe change because someone drank a sippy cup and a half full of apple juice and water in a record amount of time and Mama was busy enjoying the conversation and free coffee. Guess that’s what extra pants in the diaper bag are for.)

And then they planted themselves in the vegetable garden (the vegetables, little bunny rabbits and gardening tools had been scattered to the four corners of the place by then) and giggled hysterically while doing so. They are so silly.

Can’t say enough good things about Play. The only negative? It gets really messy and disorganized really damn fast. I’m glad I’m not the one that has to clean and reorganize it every night.

Side note…Cedella’s shirt came from our recent trip to Toronto. Thank you Zara Kids.

Cause it’s true. They Love Babies & Bacon. Right?!

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Happy WW!!

*Disclaimer: I’m in no way affiliated with Play. just wanted to share this really great place with everyone. 

(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday: Big Girl Chair

Every little girl needs a princess chair, right? 
Thanks to Princess Sofia for giving 
Cedella her first princess throne.
She sat there, munching on pretzels and
 watching Elmo’s world for an hour.
And Mama made dinner in peace…
Win, win.
And for those that are wonder what
 my little fashion plate is wearing:
Dress: Babies R Us (Thanks T T)
Onesie: Carters (Thanks Great Gram)
Leg Warmers: BabyLegs (of course)
Shoes: See Kai Run

Wordless Wednesday: Pretty in Purple