Books? What are Those?

It’s Thursday and that means linking up with Adventuroo’s Capture the Everyday! This week’s topic? What are you Reading?

It seems like I went from reading 20 books at a time to barely finishing whatever my book club was reading each month and that’s it. And that more often than not has been an audiobook while driving the hour and a half to and from Detroit every ten days or so.

But I have been more inspired to read lately. I miss it. I crave it. But why does it seem like everything I pick up kind of sucks?

There were many much anticipated YA novels (cause usually I really adore them). I Am Number Four, Across the Universe, Matched. They all left me less than impressed. I call it The Hunger Games Effect.

I compare everything, especially series, to The Hunger Games and continually feel disappointed. Seriously. If you haven’t read it you should. It’s our May book club selection.

So when I went down to my old library for book club last night I picked up several books. And not a single YA. Cause maybe I’m disappointed cause I just can’t even remotely relate to vampire teens, fairy tweens or space-traveling young adults. Here’s what I ended up with:

First up? A travel guide to Arizona & The Grand Canyon!! Cause we are leaving for our trip in six days!!! Nuff said.

The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood. Our April book club selection. Cult classic and one I’ve wanted to read for years. I’ve heard it’s disturbing and depressing. No spoilers please.

A Walk with Jane Austen. Cause just about anything having anything to do with Jane Austen makes me happy. The tagline is “A journey into adventure, love and faith” following the life and lore of Jane Austen through England. The author created the blog ‘Jane Austen Quote of the Day’.

And while we’re talking about bloggers…The Pioneer Woman wrote a book?! And it’s a love story?! Whuck?! This is my absolute dream. That my blog leads to a book deal and allows me to do all the things I love in life. Write, rant, takes pictures, brag about my kids and live life on my terms. I am really excited to read this, because she has such a unique voice and a clever way of telling stories.

And then there’s the bin of books for Miss Reading Rainbow in her library bin. And one baking cookbook called Baked for me, cause it has the funniest title ever. Just sayin’.

To be fair. The Glee DVD is for me too ::wink wink::

So…what are you reading? To take a look at other people’s selections or to link up your post click on the Adventuroo button below!

Happy Reading!


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Cedella’s Nursery Tour

My sister Tracey came to visit us and have a sleepover last night.  We decided to make cookies and work on a couple of craft projects to finally complete Cedella’s nursery.  The nursery project has been almost 6 months in the making.  Tracey is my hyper-creative sis, younger by 2 years, whose current occupation is Screenwriter.  The film she wrote and produced “Annabelle & Bear” has a screening scheduled for Sat April 17th at The Music Hall in downtown Detroit.  You can check out the trailer at and you can buy tickets for the event at Ticketmaster.  Michael and I will be there on a real date (meaning without 14 year olds in tow).

When you’re pregnant and throwing a shower everyone wants to know what the ‘theme’ of the nursery.  Well I watch entirely too much HGTV to really have a theme.  We just wanted good design and a room that would be cool to hang out in.  I’m really not into all the frilly girly pink princess stuff (though you know I love my baby in some hair bows).   So Tracey and I started collecting things, beginning with the vintage dresser that was in my Mom’s room when she was a teen and getting the crib from Target to match (our shower gift from Mom).

Next I found the awesome Danish modern rocking chair on Craigslist and Mom had an old ottoman of mine recovered in cream vinyl to match for my birthday (another great gift).

We scrounged up the white cube shelf from  Mom’s garage, and had a hell of a time putting it back together!  The diaper tower is a couple of cheap shelves from Target stacked on top of one another, that holds diapers, wipes, bibs and stuff neatly and close at hand.

The most debated pieces in the room though are probably the hamper and the side table.  Both from Target, it has been argued by my darling husband that they don’t ‘go’ with the room.  He hates that table.  Tracey and I love the way it softens all the straight lines in the room and adds an organic touch to that corner.

The rest of the accessories were pulled from our travels and thanks to the world wide web, vendors from all over the world.  Since we want Cedella to have a global outlook and we have pulled things from many different countries.  There is the rainbow colored Mexican papel picado with Frida Kahlo panels.  This one is from an eBay seller in London.  Hanging out on top of the book shelf is a hat that our friend brought us from Thailand and a Lebanese drum from another friend.  All of the little tschotskes came from some journey or another.

There are two prints hanging up I brought back from my first trip to Paris that I bought along the Seine.  We hung a beautiful Japanese kimono onesie on the way that Tracey bought for Cedella, just because it was so beautiful.  Hanging above the crib is a handmade paper crane mobile from France that Tracey bought from Etsy.  I found a great seller on Etsy that made the vinyl ‘Cedella’ for the wall.  Its all pulled together by really cute polka-dotted storage bins from Target and a cool rug from Ikea.

But the piece de resistance?  Our two craft projects we worked on and finished this afternoon: the cool Starburst mirror and the C hair bow holder.  The mirror is a really cheap version of a mid-century design that we’ve both always loved.  We thought it would be amazing over the midcentury dresser but the version at Ikea was sold out and vintage ones on eBay are $70 and up.  So I found DIY instructions on, bought the supplies at Michael’s and made this look for under $15!  Love the way it turned out!  I’ve been checking out a couple of hair bow holders on Etsy to organize my growing obsession with baby hair bows, but they all cost $20 and up.  Well this one I free-formed with a MDF letter C, some craft paint, some ribbon and a glue gun.  Total cost?  About $8!

The room turned out so cool and fun and totally budget-friendly!  Tracey and I have had so much fun designing it and picking out all the details that we really need a new project to work on!  While we’re waiting for the next room to conquer we’ve decided to take up baking.  Cedella got in on the magic too.  Using a recipe in Martha Stewart’s Cookies we made Carrot Cake Cookies with Cream Cheese Icing.  Mmmmmmmmm…they were damn good.  Michael said they’re his new favorite dessert.  Gonna have to make these again really soon!

The littlest baker ever getting in on the cookie action!
The yummiest Carrot Cake Cookie ever!  
Whew!  That was a long post.  I just have one more thing to say.  Thanks to Eliza my long lost bestie over at Postcards from Parenthood.  She inspired me to get a bit more organized in Cedella’s drawers and getting her dressed and super fashionable in the AM has never been easier.  Check out her post here:
‘Organized Chaos’  and the inspiration that followed:

Though I still haven’t made it to the closet!