My 1 Yr Blog-aversary!!!

One year ago today I wrote this and my trip into this crazy world of Social Media began.

I can hardly believe it’s been a year since I started writing this blog. Without even realizing it I created a Best-Of B&B back in January called On Being a Parent. It has all my greatest hits and tips, along with some really funny stuff. Don’t feel shy and pass it on to all those new parents you know.

This blog is crazy photo-heavy. I know. Maybe even too many. But just like one of those little gel-encased dinosaurs that you soak in water and watch it grow, we have watched Cedella sprout up from a tiny little bread loaf of cuteness to this toddler full of sugar and spice.

Wordless Wednesday posts have been pretty constant on B&B so to commemorate one year of blogging here’s bunch of pictures of Cedella from birth to present. Watch her grow!

 Fresh outta the oven. Her first day home.
One Month Old 
I would really like to thank all 15 of you who read this on a regular basis for being so loyal. I may not have a 1000 hits a day (or ever) but I feel great to be able to express myself and my parenting journey with all of you. For those that comment regularly, or have sent me beautiful and encouraging emails about my writing, thank you even more. It means so much to me that someone actually gets what I’m doing, and the feedback makes me want to write so much more. 
For my Mommy Blogging friends, especially Teresha and Diana, we may have met over the internet, and we may not share coffee once a week, but you have both grown very close to my heart. You really have helped me immensely to grow and learn as a Mama and a blogger. I wish I lived closer to both of you so that we could be BFF’s and our daughters could grow up together. 
I leave you with this. Celebrating anniversaries makes me all weepy and nostalgic. Case in point: my favorite picture of Cedella and me. I took it myself last summer on a family trip to Lake Huron. No one was around, and it was gray and cloudy. We walked along the beach just smelling the water and listening to the waves. This is the most natural and peaceful photo I have as a mother. This is what it’s all about to me. These quiet peaceful and spiritual moments. I am truly blessed. (And crying like a toddler who’s just lost her sippy cup!)
How bout you? Do you have a favorite Babies & Bacon post or photo? Please tell me all about it in the lovely comments section, or on the FB page. Love you guys!