(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday: It’s Elmo! Really?

How could we possibly top all the fun we had at Build-a-Bear this weekend? By stepping it up a notch and pulling out the big guns.

That’s right Elmo and Sesame Street Live.

Whoa. That had to be the best parental decision we’ve in a while. At least from Monk’s perspective.

And did I mention BFF Anna was involved? Yea. Monk was pretty damn excited just to see Anna, add Elmo and the rest of the crew from the Street? Absolute overload.

I didn’t know a pair of 2 year olds could be so incredibly enraptured by a stage show. But if there’s Elmo involved, you bet your sweet ass they’re going to be enraptured. They love that furry red monster.

We got to spend the afternoon at the gorgeous Fox Theater in Detroit. The last time we were there, Cedella was three months old and we saw Alicia Keys (without her). Apparently we only go to concerts or the theater if it’s the Fox. Just sayin’. We’re cool Detroiters like that. Monk kept looking up at the ceiling and around the room and couldn’t get enough of the building. My little architect in the making 😉

Stunning, huh?

Did I mention our kick-ass seats? At half-off? Guess going to Sesame Street on Super Bowl Sunday has it’s advantages. We were close enough that the girls could see every character, larger than life.

The show was pretty much an special episode of Sesame Street with more singing and dancing. And a light show. And confetti.

There were super heroes involved. Including Monk’s second favorite guy, Super Grover.

I don’t think Cedella and Anna took their eyes off the stage. Except to look at each other, give hugs and kisses and laugh about how cool it all was.

They crack me up.

And now we’ve added some new songs to our stale repertoire. Like ‘Old McDonald had some Lunch’. Thanks Elmo. We needed some new material.

And made some really great new family memories.

After the show was over the girls went crazy. Maybe the excitement of the show? The popcorn they devoured? Or just the Elmo of it all? They danced around like they do. Anna swings Cedella around by the arms.

Cedella falls down. Anna picks her up. All the while laughing hysterically.

Who could tell them to get off the dirty nasty floor when they’re having this much fun?

Not me…

So would we got back to Sesame Street Live again? Hell yes. A good afternoon was had by all. Especially two sweet little girls in love with Elmo. And one big old Mama who loves taking her kid to the theater in the D.

Have you ever taken your kids to Sesame Street Live? Or Yo Gabba Gabba Live (the next one we want to hit up)? Was it the best thing ever?

Happy WW to each and every one!!


Merry Christmas Baby! Part Two

Part Two being the part in which I wake up super duper extra early while everyone in the house is still asleep to put the quiche in the oven, pretend like Santa ate some cookies, stuff the dollar store crap in the stockings, make the coffee and pour the Bailey’s and get the Breakfast Pizza ready to go in the oven.  Otherwise known as Christmas Morning!!

Our tree and packages
Workin’ out Santa’s ‘magical’ visit
My brother-in-law and sister-in-law joined us for gift opening, food and a little old-fashioned Skyping.  Is that a verb or a proper noun?  As aforementioned, not all of our family was in state this holiday season.  Michael’s mom, Grandma, aunts, uncles and cousins are all in South Carolina.  But due to the wonders of technology we were able to Skype for nearly two hours with Cedella’s Grandma Becky as we opened packages.  
 Merry Christmas Grandma!
 Opening her Elmo stocking
 Kira tearing up her stocking
 Sharing a Comet Ball with Mama
 With Uncle Andre
 Playing with Auntie Jilnar
Her new Linus piano from her Auntie & Uncle
Turns out this kid is already quite gifted.  She just sort of knew how to make it work.

 Sharing a phone call from Thailand from Uncle Erik.  So we send 
this picture of us, posing with a picture of him as a gift…
 Love love loving the spinach quiche
Nap time before the big long day ahead…


When Did THIS Happen?

It’s like we went to bed one night with a baby and woke up with a toddler.  I am at a loss.  I know she has to grow up but really Monk?  So fast?  She’s trying to talk and trying to walk and eating regular food.  To borrow a term from the ladies at Rants from Mommyland…WHUCK?  

I’m a little weepy over here!  It’s really exciting and amazing to watch her little supercomputer brain figure out all of these new things but damn!  Before we know it she’s going to be driving!  To top it all off I was listening to the Jewell Lullaby channel (thanks Teresha!) last night while rocking Cedella to sleep and this beautiful song by Frances England came on.  It’s called ‘You and Me‘.  Just listen to the clip (like Michael Scott I only need a taste to get teary eyed again).  It totally and completely encapsulated EXACTLY how I’m feeling right now.  Like listening to Tori Amos’ ‘Little Earthquakes’ in the middle of a breakup.  I’m rocking and sobbing and Cedella was sleeping like, well, like a little baby.  So now I’m the mother of a toddler AND I like children’s music?  Oh no…I can feel more gray hairs sprouting…

What’s a Mama to do?  Does coffee really stunt growth?  At least she’s nervous enough that she’s hasn’t taken any major spills yet.  But I have a feeling running is not too far away.  Damn.  ‘They’ are not kidding when they say they grow up so fast.