(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday: Splashin’ Around

While summer quickly dissipates before our eyes we are trying to squeeze every last fun little drop out of it. And since it’s been so ever lovin’ hot that means as much lake/pool/sprinkler time as humanly possible.

We are so lucky to have so many outdoor options in Lansing. Another reason this town is really growing on me :)

One of the best parks in town is Hawk Island. There are literally hundreds of things to do at this park. There’s a walking trail that’s mostly wooded and shady. A super cool castle playground for the bigger kids to run around on. Several pavilions for parties and family reunions (our Lebanese family has a party there every summer). There’s a little lake with a sandy beach and lifeguards that’s clean and warm. And the best attraction for summertime? The Splash Pad.

If you haven’t seen one of these things it’s brilliant. It’s like running through a sprinkler in your backyard times 2,000. There’s fountains and water guns and buckets of water that fill up and rain down. Water tunnels and squirting snakes. And every drop of deliciously chlorinated water is icy cold. Perfect for all those 90+ days we’ve been having.

And the kids? Well they obviously love it. Who am I kidding? I love it too.

We’ve already been a few times this summer and will try to go back a few more times, but a couple weeks ago, well, that was special.

You see that was the day the BFF’s were reunited. It was priceless.

Anna and Ella had been separated for nearly a month because we were on vacation and then they were on vacation. Cedella and I really missed Anna & Leslie!

I’ve never seen children interact like they do at such a young age. They truly love each other and are so sweet.

Giggling like school girls.

Lounging like teenagers at a sleepover. *And yes, that’s a braid in her hair. How cute is that? This is why I may never cut her hair.

They were even sweet enough to befriend the cute little boy that sat next to us.

Little Romeo told his mom before we left that Cedella couldn’t leave because “I love her”. Michael about died when I told him and wanted to know who this boy was. I had to remind him that he was only a two year old.

I really wished I had pictures of them devouring the snacks we brought. They killed a whole bag of pretzels. One day they WILL eat us out of house and home.

Even baby Izzie got in on the love and fun. Though she slept for most of it…

It was a lovely day. Glad to have Leslie and Anna back in town.

How are you keeping cool on these hot summer days? Where’s your favorite place to chill?

Happy WW!!!

(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday: Big Girl Chair

Every little girl needs a princess chair, right? 
Thanks to Princess Sofia for giving 
Cedella her first princess throne.
She sat there, munching on pretzels and
 watching Elmo’s world for an hour.
And Mama made dinner in peace…
Win, win.
And for those that are wonder what
 my little fashion plate is wearing:
Dress: Babies R Us (Thanks T T)
Onesie: Carters (Thanks Great Gram)
Leg Warmers: BabyLegs (of course)
Shoes: See Kai Run