RIP Sweet Kira

*Please note: This was written on April 5th, the day after we lost our sweet furry best friend. But tonight, nearly 3 months later, I just cried for over 30 minutes with Cedella about how much we still miss Kira. Seemingly out of nowhere she asked me to sing Kira’s favorite song at bedtime. I asked her what Kira’s favorite song was, and she started crying, saying she missed her so much and didn’t want us to forget Kira’s favorite song. And with that we were both crying and talking about all the things we miss about Kira. At the end of the conversation she said she hoped that we would get another dog, even though it would never be Kira. And I sang “My Favorite Things” from the Sound of Music because apparently that was Kira’s favorite song. Our hearts are still quite broken. 

Last night, after a rather uneventful family movie night, while we were putting the girls to bed, our beloved dog Kira started having a seizure. Despite rushing her to the MSU small animal hospital they were unable to save her.

Last night I lost one of my best friends.

And I wasn’t even there. I didn’t know it would be the last time I saw her. I said I love you. I told her not to be scared and that everything would be ok. But I never said good bye. And now I will never see her again.

Kira came into my life just when I needed her to. She came to me at a time when I was freshly alone and heartbroken. I remember that day, 9 years ago like it was yesterday.

I had been obsessively casually stalking PetFinder for weeks, looking for a furry companion so that my life and apartment didn’t feel nearly so lonely.  Corrine, my coworker at the time and still a dear friend, had recently adopted Kira, but sadly Kira and her dog were not a good match. So Corrine walked Kira up to the WAB in Ferndale where I was having drinks with friends so that I could meet her.

Unassuming and sweet as she always was, Kira came right up to me, sat down next to me. She wasn’t one to lick or jump up on you, but she had a way of looking right at you and giving a little doggie smile. That doggie smile won my heart and sealed the deal. That was it. I fell instantly in love with her. I took her leash, water bowl and bed and that was that. She was mine.


A few months later, after a crash course in Pet Care 101 and bonding with the sweetest dog who would lick my face clean, but only when I cried, I met Michael.

I remember the first night he drove me home and I introduced him to Kira. He said he wasn’t much of a dog person. In fact he didn’t seem to care for her at all. But Kira didn’t mind. She enjoyed the challenge. There wasn’t a single person with an aversion to dogs that didn’t appreciate her. She had a way of making everyone love her.

And he did. He fell for us at the same time. Michael, through teary eyes, told me how he remembered falling in love with Kira. And what a good dog she was.


Poor Michael. He had to take her to the vet by himself. He had to give them the consent to put her to rest. But thankfully, he got to be with her. To say goodbye. To tell her what a good dog she was and how much she meant to us. He said in the end she was looking in his eye as he talked to her and licked the end of his nose as if to say goodbye.


She was a more than just a good dog, she was the best dog. She didn’t jump or lick. She didn’t chase squirrels or pull her lead on walks. She could be without and fence and come home when she was called. And even though she was known to go on a few walkabouts throughout her time with us, she was never gone for long, never lost for more than a few harrowing hours, she was just really good at making friends.

I’ll never forget the time we took her camping with Tim and Amie. We decided to go kayaking for a couple hours, and left Kira on her post and chain at the camp site. We came back and she was gone. No tracks, no trace, just gone. We all panicked, because we all loved her so very much. Turns out she escaped her collar and was chillin in the truck with the Park Ranger. When we finally came upon his truck she was sitting in the cab, grinning like a jackal. He said she was such a sweet dog that if no one claimed her he would have taken her home and kept her.


Thankfully she never got away from us on any of the other road trips we took her on. And she was fairly well traveled. She loved camping and going up to the cottage, though she was never ever interested in going in the lake. But she loved the car and meeting new people so road trips were her favorite. The last road trip we took with her was down to South Carolina a couple Thanksgivings ago and she was happy than a pig in shit for the entire car ride.


She was just the kind of creature, with the ability to make anyone, even those not crazy of dogs, love her.

And man did people love her. I can think of countless friends that will be heartbroken to hear that she’s gone. Everywhere she went, every house party and BBQ she was loved.

Despite her extreme and room clearing gas, she was so loved by Kate and Chris that she lived with them after our house flooded and we didn’t have a home for a few months. And she became absolute besties with Juniper. For obvious reasons…


On one occasion while visiting us in Hamtramck, Chris Thurber slept with Kira on her dog bed.

And Tim and Amie loved her so much that they adopted Jolisa because she reminded them so much of Kira.

So many others gave her so much love and attention, treats and pats on the head. She was very very loved.


I will miss the way she turned around in circles when she heard her treat bag rustle any morning. I will miss the way she nudged your arm or hand when she wanted her head rubbed. I will miss the way she would wake herself up with her god-awful farts. I will miss how she would lick my salty tears off my face when I cried. I will miss how fiercely and lovingly she cared for and protected the girls.

For the second we brought Ella home from the hospital Kira was glued to her side. She would follow us around the house and lay wherever Ella was, as close as she could possibly be. They were never far apart in her first few years. And over the past year as she slowed down and became more weary, she would often still sit under Ella’s feet or lay right by her bed. And Ella would always pet Kira as she passed her and give her hugs and love.

17248_275210797717_6793760_n 18060_317413752717_8008420_n 10005814_10152362819187718_5384538391702170497_o 10014894_10152362821627718_1641419564188098583_o

And though Isora never quite treated her as gently and sweetly as Cedella, Kira tolerated Izzie’s not-so-soft pets and tail pulls. Because Kira was a kind and loving soul that way.

562165_10150923121712718_63913530_n 1796062_10152362826462718_4288708091586093377_o

She was a deeply loved part of our family. And I can’t believe she is just gone. It is shocking and painful. We are SAD. But I know that when you lose someone you love with all your heart we often say we’ve lost a piece of our hearts. But I want to believe that we don’t lose a bit of our hearts, but rather our hearts grow a bit more as we absorb and archive a little piece of our loved one’s soul and memory.

Please hold your furry children tight tonight. An extra treat, an extra walk, and extra snuggle. They are so dear, so precious, so important, and they are gone too soon.

*Added April 6th – Just when I thought Isora couldn’t really understand or express feelings about losing Kira this conversation happened while I was putting her to bed.

Isora: I miss Kira Mommy. Do you miss her?
Me: Of course honey. I miss her so much already.
Isora: Me too. Don’t worry. I find her. She’s in the stars.

I don’t know how she knows that. I don’t know where the concept of Kira being in the stars was learned. I like to think that children know so much more than we give them credit for. And in this case I do believe she knows Kira has gone to another plane and that we will be with her again one day. Kids. They have the ability to simplify the most complex things, don’t they?

RIP sweet loving Kira. We all miss you so much already. By all of us.



It has been an incredible, stressful and occasionally heartbreaking few months here in Bacon Land. But now that the dust has largely settled I am happy to announce my return and recommitment to this humble forum with a whole new focus and energy.

So what have we been up since last we updated?

Isora turned 2.

Cedella has blossomed into a Teenager/Hot Lava Girl/Best Buddy/Heart Sister (all her own terms for herself. Thanks a lot Preschool. lol)

We lost our sweet furry daughter/sister/friend Kira. Our hearts are still a bit broken but we will always remember her soft cuddly love.

*NOTE – I wrote something about her but didn’t have the heart to publish it at the time. I will publish it this weekend. 

We’ve had countless playdates and adventures with our awesome Lansing friends and family.

Oh yea…we bought our first (and hopefully) last home.

What?! Want me to say that again?


We have been looking for a home to call our own since moving to Lansing nearly five years ago. I think we’ve looked at somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 homes in the past few years. Gone to at least four or five lenders. But for one reason or another it has never been the right time. But we made due with renting and living in two awesome homes over the past five years.

So when we started looking again in January it didn’t really seem real. And though I have been an obsessive and stalker, I guess it didn’t really sink in that we were serious this time. But then we were Pre-Approved. And then we were working with the lovely Emily Lott. And then we were making Forever Home Wish Lists. And then we were really Looking At Houses. And then we were Falling In Love with one house or another. And then we Struck Gold and found the house that was literally just sitting there waiting for us.

And then, for our 5th wedding anniversary we put in an offer.

And now…after two grueling weeks of car loads, countless trailer loads, purging, sorting, packing, wrapping, schlepping, sleeping on the floor, eating take-out for weeks cause we didn’t have our dishes moved yet, wearing the same few shirts and pants cause they were already covered in paint, lifting, dragging, sweating, cursing, painting, cleaning and unpacking…

We. Are. Home.

Here’s a few pics of the house in it’s BEFORE state (please note the snow on the ground in April in Michigan. SMH).

Our hideously yellow, Fixer-Upper, quad-level, midcentury modern house in the woods (which is also one block from the Capital Area District Libraries Okemos Branch and 5 minutes away from Target. Score.)

IMG_4871 IMG_4862 IMG_4852

And now for some really exciting news. My sister Tracey and I have pretty much always been HGTV obsessed. My Mom can attest to my adamant desire for red carpeting and an all black and white room as a teenager. I thought it was the height of interior design chic. I mean, come on, it WAS the 90’s folks.

But with this obsession (and our love of all things Design Blog and that we will both be home owners this year) we have decided to create a new blog called “2 Sisters 2 Houses” to detail all our efforts to transform our houses into our Homes. There will be plenty of DIY stuff, how-to tutorials, lots of cool design things were are currently lusting after and paint. Loads and loads of paint. And I can’t wait to start showing you all the work we’ve already done! Stay tuned…

Don’t fear though. Babies & Bacon and these two beauties aren’t going anywhere. We just took a quick break. Plenty of Cedella and Isora being cute (like this one taken on our first night in our new house while we all camped out on the floor)


and exploring their new big backyard to come…IMG_6282

If you need more Bacon in the meanwhile you can follow me on Instagram @mrseyebrowz where I post ridiculously cute pictures of the girls as often as possible. Love to you all and glad to be back!


The Isora Report: Month 5

Now that we’re caught up with what the Little Nugget has been doing the past few months, what has she been doing this month? Growing and changing right before our eyes. There have been so many new things she’s up to it’s almost impossible to remember it all. But the one thing I do know? Isora is the sweetest and happiest child I’ve ever known. I had no idea I could ever love another child this much.

Weight: 16 lbs.

Height: 24.5 inches

Clothing/Shoe Size: 6-9 months, nothing smaller fits. 9 month pajamas fit perfectly. Size 2 shoes for the fleeting moments she’ll wear them.

Milestones: Rolling over. So she’s been doing this for a month and half but now she’s a rolling master. She will roll herself from one side of the room to the other just to do it. She will roll off the bed or the couch in a hot second. In fact on both mine and Daddy’s watch she has rolled off and bumped her head on floor. In fact we didn’t know she was capable of rolling from her back to her tummy until she rolled off the bed the first time.

It’s adorable to watch her face light up when we all cheer her on as she rolls onto her tummy and up onto her elbows. Or when she giggles and coos after she’s wriggled and scooted her way to some incredibly dangerous and un-babyish item on the floor.

But with being up on her elbows brings the latest development from the past few days. Tummy time has now become up-on-hands-and-knees time. She’s been getting up onto her knees, bouncing and rocking back and forth. She is just so incredibly close to crawling it’s amazing and yet makes me drop a couple of tears in my beer.

How can she be almost crawling already? Is that possible? How can she be growing so fast? It feels like she was just born and now she’s doing so much on her own. Just wish it would slow down…

What’s also not slowing down is her efforts to communicate with us. She is yelling screaming talking all the time lately. She feels the need to fill all the quiet spaces with her in screeching. The other day I took her to work at the store with me.

*For the B&B newbies, my husband’s family owns a liquor store and I like to be handy and run the registers here and there. Cause working a liquor store for free is WAY better than watching Caillou any day.

So I had her in the stroller behind the counter and this guy comes in to buy a pack of cigarettes. I’m ringing him up, chatting about the students coming back, when all of a sudden “Rrrrraaaaaarrrr!!!” The man literally jumped a foot backwards and yelled “What the fuck was that?” I looked down at Izzie, who had a big ole grin on her face and started laughing. “That’s just my baby girl”. There’s a reason she’s taken over the nickname Babysaurus Rex.

If there’s anything our Babysaurus likes more than roaring it’s chewing on things. Fingers, knuckles, toys, blankets, her own clothes, the baby carrier, the car seat straps and well, anything else she can get her hands on. And right now, that includes her feet. She loves putting her toes in her pie hole and going to town.

And with all this chewing comes the drool. We are in official teething territory. And it’s kind of soggy over here.

Our Izzie has become a complete busy-body. She’s always got a toy she’s rolling after or sucking on. And anything Cedella is doing, Isora’s gotta be right in the thick of it. And it seems like the opposite is true too. The second Izzie gets something in her hands Ella’s gotta have it. I have a feeling this will be the way of things for many years to come.

We finally busted the exersaucer out of the garage again. She LOVES it. The noises of excitement that come out of her when she’s playing in there are hilarious. Even funnier? When Big Sister climbs into the little teeny seat to take a turn. It makes us all crack up.

By the end of last month she had started grabbing at our plates and was enjoying a cucumber her Jiddo gave her. Now? Michael had been pretty hesitant to have her eat anything at all. But she has seemed so incredibly ready.

So I started giving her chunks of banana that she can grab and put in her mouth by herself. Today she practically tackled me to get at my goat’s milk yogurt, I put a little on the end of my finger and she loved it. Tonight her Daddy got in the mix and gave her mashed potatoes off his finger. You should have heard the sucking noises she was making. Like she couldn’t get enough of it.

The only awful part (aside from the disgusting diapers to come)? She is starting to chomp on my nipples like she does on her bananas and teethers. I have to be way more diligent about making sure to take her off the breast before she’s just playing. Cause it’s getting painful.

But with all this food she’s enjoying guess that means we’re dragging out the high chair from the garage too. We should put a sign in our front yard that says. “Welcome to our Home. We are now being sponsored by Fisher-Price”. Some day all the plastic shit will be outta here. Right?

Favorites: TV – seems to be incredibly fascinating to her now though it has never even caught her attention before. Going to have to be much more strict with screen time this fall.

Her thumb – there’s nearly nothing her thumb can’t fix.

Her Sofie, her wooden rattle and floppy ear teething ring – the most soothing things for her sore baby gums and very easy for her to hold for long periods of time.

Kira – she is being to find her doggie incredibly interesting. All dogs really. She snatched a giant handful of hair off my grandparents golden Cassie. Poor dog.

Bananas, mashed potatoes and yogurt…oh my!

Least Favorites: The car. This girl HATES being in the car. Like screaming bloody murder for two + hours in the car the other day. And that was including pulling over to nurse and change her diaper 3 times. The drive to Detroit usually only takes and hour and change. It took two and a half the other day. Poor thing just doesn’t want anything at all to do with her car seat. Sure hope she grows out of this phase sooner than later.

What strikes most people about Isora right now is just how good she is. She rarely cries, cause she prefers smiling. In even the most noisy situations (ex. a house full of Arabic relatives) she sleeps like an angel on a cloud. And as long as someone is holding her when she needs to be held, she can see everything and she’s moving, all is right in her world. Strangers everywhere we go remark on her reddish hair and gorgeous blue eyes and her sweet smile. She really is a sweet sweet baby. If every baby was like her I’d change my last name to Duggar.

It’s impossible not to kiss and gnaw on those chubby cheeks and round chin btw. Impossible.