(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday: It’s Elmo! Really?

How could we possibly top all the fun we had at Build-a-Bear this weekend? By stepping it up a notch and pulling out the big guns.

That’s right Elmo and Sesame Street Live.

Whoa. That had to be the best parental decision we’ve in a while. At least from Monk’s perspective.

And did I mention BFF Anna was involved? Yea. Monk was pretty damn excited just to see Anna, add Elmo and the rest of the crew from the Street? Absolute overload.

I didn’t know a pair of 2 year olds could be so incredibly enraptured by a stage show. But if there’s Elmo involved, you bet your sweet ass they’re going to be enraptured. They love that furry red monster.

We got to spend the afternoon at the gorgeous Fox Theater in Detroit. The last time we were there, Cedella was three months old and we saw Alicia Keys (without her). Apparently we only go to concerts or the theater if it’s the Fox. Just sayin’. We’re cool Detroiters like that. Monk kept looking up at the ceiling and around the room and couldn’t get enough of the building. My little architect in the making 😉

Stunning, huh?

Did I mention our kick-ass seats? At half-off? Guess going to Sesame Street on Super Bowl Sunday has it’s advantages. We were close enough that the girls could see every character, larger than life.

The show was pretty much an special episode of Sesame Street with more singing and dancing. And a light show. And confetti.

There were super heroes involved. Including Monk’s second favorite guy, Super Grover.

I don’t think Cedella and Anna took their eyes off the stage. Except to look at each other, give hugs and kisses and laugh about how cool it all was.

They crack me up.

And now we’ve added some new songs to our stale repertoire. Like ‘Old McDonald had some Lunch’. Thanks Elmo. We needed some new material.

And made some really great new family memories.

After the show was over the girls went crazy. Maybe the excitement of the show? The popcorn they devoured? Or just the Elmo of it all? They danced around like they do. Anna swings Cedella around by the arms.

Cedella falls down. Anna picks her up. All the while laughing hysterically.

Who could tell them to get off the dirty nasty floor when they’re having this much fun?

Not me…

So would we got back to Sesame Street Live again? Hell yes. A good afternoon was had by all. Especially two sweet little girls in love with Elmo. And one big old Mama who loves taking her kid to the theater in the D.

Have you ever taken your kids to Sesame Street Live? Or Yo Gabba Gabba Live (the next one we want to hit up)? Was it the best thing ever?

Happy WW to each and every one!!


Monk’s Favorite Toy

What’s not to love about Elmo?
He’s cute, fuzzy, curious and loving.
And despite talking about himself in the
 third person, he’s infectious.
Cedella just started saying “Elma” All. The. Time.
She insisted on holding him during her bedtime 
stories and fell asleep gripping him tight.
Guess we found her Lovie. 
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Capturing the Everyday.
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Check it out!
Capture the Everyday from Adventuroo

Things I’m Lovin’ Thursday!

It’s November in Michigan and usually this time of year everyone is batting down the hatches for the inevitable snow that’s headed this way.  But this week has been Beautiful with a capital B.  It has given us the opportunity to enjoy so much more outside.  So to begin…

1.  I’m lovin’ this mild weather we’re having folks.  The foggy crisp mornings, are just perfect for sipping hot coffee.  The bright, sunny and warm afternoons are just perfect for walking or hiking.  If it could stay just like this every day of the year I would be a very happy camper.  It was so Beautiful on Tuesday that New Friend and I walked almost 10 miles from my house to the zoo and back!

The Lansing River Trail.  Thank the universe for a city with green space!

2.  Coffeemate Italian Sweet Cream Creamer.  So I’ve been loving this for a while, but it’s just perfect for these foggy early mornings.  It makes my coffee perfectly sweet and milky without sugar or milk.  Yum yum yummy.

Liquid Coffee Crack.  Seriously folks.

3.  Hokey Pokey Elmo.  Procured for Monk from her grandma for a mere 60 cents at a thrift store.  It is good for nearly 30 minutes of entertainment.  She goes absolutely nuts for it.  Glad that when she’s over it only 60 cents and a few packs of batteries will have been sacrificed.  Toy recycling rocks!!

The Best 60 cents ever spent.

4.  The time change.  Never thought I’d appreciate a good ‘fall back’.  In fact I was a bit bitter about it earlier in the week.  But today it felt great to be up so early, I almost felt well rested. And it gave me a great excuse to drink three cups of coffee with Italian Sweet Cream!

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Couldn’t leave you without one gratuitous cute baby pic…

How cute is the Pebbles ponytail on top of her head?  Lovin’ it!