Up All Night

I screwed up again…

The 3pm energy drain hit me and I did it.

I had that one last afternoon cup of coffee.

Now it’s 1:30am. And despite the fact that both of my little angels (we’ll call them that now that they’re passed out) in their own beds, in their own room, and Michael is at work.

I could be downing a bottle of wine and watching Call the Midwife reruns. Or finishing The Sandman graphic novel I started earlier. I could be getting a couple hours of blissfully uninterrupted sleep. But no…I’m doing the fucking dishes.

“Why in earth would a woman choose to do dishes at 1am?” you might be asking yourself. The smart ass in me would say “cause the maid doesn’t come until Thursday”. And the realist in me says “cause I AM the maid”.

I also just switched over the laundry and set the diaper covers out to dry.

And now I’m wide awake…

My home isn’t spotless. In fact I’m fairly certain there’s thin (or thick depending on where you’re sitting) layer of white dog hair coating every floor of the house. It’s quite soft on the feet. Not so kind to my black wardrobe pieces.

And I don’t expect it to be. Having two small children has made me set my expectation levels incredibly low. And yet still I am surprised by how unexpected everything goes in our life. Life with small humans requires a lot of planning and preparation, both of which I struggle with.

The simple fact is that things can’t run smoothly in the mornings unless the kitchen is clean. Even my bare bones morning schedulencan be easily derailed. Everything takes longer if you have to wash a pan just to make some eggs, or shuffle things around to get to the butter dish. And god forbid there’s no sippy cups clean for her majesty Cedella’s morning juice.

And diapers? Well…we kinda need those. All day, every day. And they have to be washed before the stench takes over the girls room. We’ve got them both sleeping in there now…can’t ruin it with dirty diaper pail stink.

Did I mention both girls are sleeping in their own beds? All. Night. Long.

Yea, I may have postponed doing the dishes until 1am. And I’ll probably be tired tomorrow because I’m up so late. But today, I got an adjustment, ran into good mama friends and their kiddos, thrift shopped, hung outside with my big girl, finished a book and enjoyed a home-cooked family dinner.

I gotta say. Today was a good day.

Though could someone please remind me to stop drinking coffee at 2pm from now on. Yep. Feeling old.

But most importantly…

The dishes are done, man. ::wink wink::

Am I the only one that finds herself doing housework at odd hours of the day and night?

Guess who just climbed into my bed as I finished typing this? And no, it’s not the one in the crib.


The Cedella Report: Month 7

It’s hard to even put into words how much my little monkey has grown and changed.  It really is true that watching your child grow from the little peanut in your womb into a real person with a unique and charming personality is miraculous.  So quickly, just 7 short months, she has gone from a fleshy new creature who spent her days sleeping and eating, to a full blown little girl full of sugar and spice.  It seems like she’s doing something new every single day, like her brain is developing so fast that I can hardly keep track of the change.  Though I’ve said it so many times before, I feel so blessed to have given birth to this child.  This smart, sweet, funny girl who amazes me, and will forever be my baby despite how big she grows.

So her new stats are pretty damn astonishing…
Weight: 18.2 lbs.  I know.  She’s a giant kid.  But she still doesn’t look big, crazy huh?  But about a pound and a half in a month?  She’s getting heavy.  Carrying her in her car seat is a full on upper body workout.
Height: 27 inches or so.  Couldn’t get her to lay still enough to make a good measurement.  But her pants are over an inch shorter than they were last month.  
Head:  Who knows.  Her 3-6 month sun hats all fit.  A bit tighter.  Her head is still petite and proportionate.  It makes her look like a little porcelain doll.  

She is army crawling at an alarmingly rate of speed.  I put her down on the rug in her bedroom the other day and went into the bathroom to brush my teeth.  We’re talking two minutes at best and by the time I looked up she was nearly in the bathroom with me!  Needless to say we bought baby gates finally.  This past week Cedella got to meet another of her Great Grandmas and showed off by army crawling from one side of the room to the other.  Great Grandma was really impressed by her first great grandaughter and the two of them hit it off so well.  

As you can tell by my latest Wordless Wednesday post Cedella loves to help Mama do the laundry.  And just like a little kitten she loves balls of yarn.  Particularly the wool dryer balls we use.  She climbed into a mesh laundry hamper after a couple the other day while I was folding the diapers.  Like our mothers always told us, you can buy all the fancy toys in the world but kids always like to play with the stuff laying around the house more.  

When it comes to toys, these days she prefers her little arabic drum and anything else that plays music to Sofie.  That’s right.  Ella and Sofie are having a falling out.  I’m thinking about putting the little giraffe aside for a month or so and seeing if she finds it interesting again later.  At least we got one last picture with her and Sofie for the baby book.

Not only is my little star laughing but she is constantly babbling to me.  All day long she coos and goos and mamas and bababas and giggles and makes her new little funny face.  I call it her stink face.  She scrunches up her nose and furrows her little brow and squints her eyes like she’s just smelled something terrible, then she breathes in through her scrunched nose and grunts.  It’s hilarious.  Once she caught on that I thought it was hysterical she does it just to make me laugh.  

Miss Ella is eating all kinds of things these days.  Applesauce and prunes are a fave, as are mangoes.  Actually the first time we gave her mashed up mangoes it was like a dormant tapeworm kicked in.  She couldn’t get enough.  I had to pry the spoon from her little piggy hands.  And she loves loves loves yogurt and pita bread, just like a good little Lebanese girl.  She enjoys carrot sticks, celery sticks and bread sticks, anything in stick form really.  But oatmeal and bananas seems to be the one thing she can always eat.  She’s still breast feeding like a champ and largely refusing to take a bottle, but all in all it’s one less thing to wean her from, so it is what it is.  

Night time is becoming a challenge again.  For a while it was quite easy.  Take her upstairs around 9.  Sing songs, read books and nurse while rocking in the chair.  Then lay her down in her crib.  She’d sleep until 3 or 4am.  One night she even slept until 8am.  Funny thing is that is the most consecutive sleep I’ve gotten in years, though Michael and I did find a way to avoid sleeping for a little while ::wink wink::  But lately, she gets up an hour after I put her down.  Then again at 3am to nurse.  Then again by 6 to nurse and is up for the day no later than 8am.  So she’s back to sleeping in the co-sleeper in our room and Michael and I are back to no intimacy.  I’m exhausted and frustrated.  I hope it’s just a phase and that she’s teething or something.  If this lasts much longer I might have to Ferberize this kid.  Just kidding.  Or maybe not?  The other night at around 11:30pm she figured out how to dive from the co-sleeper onto me in the bed.  That’s right dove onto me while I was sleeping and scared me half to death.  And you know what she did?  She clapped for the first time.  She clapped because she did something good.  And you know what I did?  I laughed despite the fact that my heart was still thumping away in my chest.  

So now clapping is her thing.  She claps during Elmo’s World.  She claps when someone laughs.  She claps when she’s done something good, like finished her applesauce.  She claps when you clap.  It’s adorable.  She’s also a kissing bandit.  We’ve been around all sorts of kids lately and she goes gaga over other babies.  Particularly boys.  She gives wet slobbery kisses to any kid that will let her.  Including herself in every single mirror in our house.  We say ‘kiss the baby’ and she leans into the mirror, closes her eyes, opens her mouth and makes out with the mirror, and it is the funniest thing ever.  Gotta get video of this soon…it’ll make great blackmail material for her teen years.

Kissing on her friends Dana and Nya

Also we visited Auntie Jilnar in Chicago again, this time with my oldest and dearest friend Erin and her son Caleb.  We went to the aquarium and went record shopping and rode the L and had a short but sweet trip.  

Bonding with Caleb over video games and sharks

Also we welcomed home Teta Hilda from Lebanon which was such a relief after the scary news that there were soldiers killed in their area a day after they visited the border.  Cedella and I missed Teta and gave her plenty of hugs and kisses when they saw each other again.  She’s still missing her Jiddo John, who will be in Lebanon for another month or so.  We think maybe she’ll be walking by the time he returns…

This weekend we are headed to a cabin on Lake Huron with Grandma Linda (my mom), Auntie Kylara and my Uncle Steve and Aunt Joanne.  We will be right on a sandy beach, close to the Au Sable River and with nothing to do all day but cook, eat and lounge.  This summer went by fast, huh?

  My little aristocrat sitting on her grasshopper throne

Wow!  You made it to the end.  Sorry this was so long but for us summer is about enjoying every moment not blogging every second.  


Wordless Wednesday: Helping with the Laundry