Adventures in Cloth Diapering – The Obsession Begins

We’re a month into our journey into cloth diapering and I have to say…I’ve developed a bit on an obsession.  It must be easy to do because there are entire virtual communities strictly dedicated to the buying, selling and trading of cloth diapers.  They’re like baseball cards to eco-conscious mamas everywhere.  It’s hard not to go full force once you get started.   I feel like I’m missing accessories and side items that will make everything easier.  Despite the fact that it’s really not that much different from disposables. One of these days I’m supposed to stop spending money on it and make it more cost effective.  Then I also need to keep them nice enough for any future children I hope to have.  In the grand scheme of things I’m supposed to be enjoying the less ‘stuff’ of it all, but have found myself very attracted to buying more and more, and better and better.  I need CD (short for Cloth Diapering) rehab…

So our stash (what the diaper obsessed refer to their stockpile of diapers/covers and accouterments) is something I’ve been working on for this month.  Tweaking the amount of what we have to suit our little Tootie (an accurate nickname if I’ve ever heard one).  So here’s what we have:

18 Indian prefold unbleached diapers.  These are the old school cloth ones that you fold in thirds and fasten with a fascinating little piece of engineering called a Snappi.  These are the ones we use the most.  Once you get the hang of them they’re pretty easy to use.

5 Snappis.  Just ordered more cause there never seems to be one where we need it.

4 Thirsties covers & 3 Prowrap covers.  These cover the prefold diapers and keep all the wetness and mess inside.  Haven’t had a blow out on her clothes in almost a month!  They’re fabulous.

3 Gro Baby shells.  These things are genius.  If I would have tried these and only these, I would have bought 10 or 12 and called it a day.  But they’re expensive.  The liner snaps in and out and the cover fits from newborn to toddler.  Super easy to use and travel with.  Love love love these.

3 Thirsties All-In-Ones (and 3 more in the next size up).  A very great evening/bedtime diaper.  You stuff the inside with a super absorbent cotton/hemp insert and lay another insert in the diaper, velcro it on and you’re done.  Keeps baby dry and asleep almost all night.

1 Bum Genius All-In-One.  It’s alright.  It’s already almost too small though.  And they’re expensive to keep buying up a size.  Like the Thirsties better.

Pack of GDiaper disposable diaper inserts.  These are like mini disposable diapers, but just the inside part that you lay into a cover, they hold a lot, they’re totally biodegradable and you can flush them in the toilet.  Genius!  These are great for shopping, car trips and grandma’s house. 

3 Bumkin diapers.  These are the cutest things that go on Cedella’s booty.  One is Dr. Seuss ‘Red Fish Blue Fish’, one has puppies and one has zoo animals.  Fortunately I got them on super sale.  Unfortunately they leak like crazy.  These take great pictures, but are for hanging out at home only.

That’s it.  With all this stuff I do a load of diapers every other or every third day.  All it takes is one cold water rinse and then a normal cycle on hot with an extra rinse on the back end (no pun intended) and then toss all but the covers in a hot dryer for about an hour.  In the grand scheme of all the other laundry I do, it’s not that bad.  Just decided to sun them out the other day, and not only were any lingering poop stains totally gone, but they smelled like outside, love that smell!

That’s my stash so far.  We haven’t gotten to far into entertaining the idea of cloth wipes, though I’m trying.  It’s just that Michael is a big fan of the wipes, so much so, he used 3 or 4 per diaper.  It sounds pretty expensive to invest in enough wipes for 3 or 4 on each diaper.  Michael has been a real trooper with my obsession.  He doesn’t complain when there’s a new package on the porch a couple times a week from Jillian’s Drawers or Diaper Swappers.  When I asked for his comment for this post he just said “it’s really not that much different from disposables and her booty seems to appreciate it”.  Leave it to a man to sum it up so succinctly.  

The next hurdle of course will be once she starts eating solid foods and the real shit starts, then we’ll really know if these bad boys can hold up.  Hopefully that won’t be for another few months, but the way Cedella was eyeing my pad thai last night and grabbing for my fork, who knows, it may be sooner than later…