(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday: The Little Mermaid

This child has loved to swim since she was in the womb, but the first time she went in a pool, she was hooked. Thankfully the weather in Arizona was warm enough for plenty of pool action. Cause we won’t be swimming outside in Michigan anytime soon ::long sigh:: We signed up this week for swim classes, so that will have to do for now.

Gotta love a ruffle butt on a swimsuit. Thank you Carters.

Favorite game at the pool? Dragging her turtle float around the pool behind her.

The ‘I Don’t Want to Go Yet Mama’ Face. Damn. She’s got it down already. We’re screwed.

(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday: Boring Dinner

Guess it’s time for a more exciting dinner menu around here, huh?

Catching Up

Wow. It seems like I’ve been gone from home for weeks, and absent from my blog for over a week now. Between focusing on relaxing and rebuilding my marriage on this vacation, blogging has been so far away from my thoughts. And then we got home, and back to our normal routine, right?

Wrong…back to chaos. My poor darling has been teething like crazy for over a week. And has 4…that’s right…4 molars coming in at once. So while I’m trying to unpack our suitcases and catch up on laundry (which I loathe even more than packing them in the first place), she’s clinging to me like crazy and is on a sleep-strike. Which makes the entire process take three times as long. Ugggghhhh.

Needless to say as I type this I am enjoying a well-deserved and perhaps over-sized glass of wine. It’s the little things…

So while I prepare the myriad of posts I have coming up, just thought I would let everyone know we are home and we’re relatively good. At least we’ll be much better once these damn teeth finish poking through.

And now you’re much deserved moments of cuteness…

When we arrived in Phoenix we discovered we had been given the wrong key and were stranded outside our condo waiting for two hours.

Monk was more than happy to entertain herself in the front courtyard.


Love those feet. Just love.


Dirty butt. This kid will never be clean again, I’m pretty sure of that.


Stinky silly face. She was so thrilled and happy to be playing outside for a change.


Monk the Daredevil wanted to climb on and walk on everything. Did I mention she will never be clean again?


Making an escape…




And leaving Big Bird behind. Poor Bird… More soon folks! Happy Earth Day to all of you!!