How We Do Spring

If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones then you know the words of House Stark: Winter is Coming. Well this year in Michigan Winter came. And kept coming. And felt like it was never going to leave. Feet upon feet of snow fell. Everything was covered in a thick crust of salty ice. The Cold had a tendency to creep right into your bones and take root, never really leaving, no amount of blankets or layers or pair of socks could break its hold.

And through this mind-numbing, bone-chilling, soul-sucking Winter, we were house hunting.

It’s almost ridiculous to think about now. Michael and I (and occasionally the girls too), trudging about on a Wednesday or Saturday afternoon. Walking precariously over unsalted walks in search of our Forever Home. Thinking about it now, we’re a bit crazy, aren’t we?

Slowly. Very slowly, the days began to lengthen. The sun began to melt the glaciers of ice on every curb and street corner. And suddenly it was 50 degrees and it felt like the Sun was a brand new thing. Something we had forgotten, that we had been missing for too long.

As soon as that first thaw took hold we broke out of our frozen ice palace and headed out to do all the things we couldn’t during the Winter That Almost Never Ended. It didn’t bother us if there was snow on the ground as long as we could wear cool hats, warm coats and the sun was shining.

Here’s some of the things we did to say goodbye to Winter and welcome to Spring..

1. Just got out and walked. Usually to visit Dad at Spartan Spirits.


2. Even if it was still cold we joked around on Sandy the Pony at Meijer. Sometimes 2 or 3 rides at a time if there wasn’t anyone waiting.


3. Birthday Parties (like this one for our friend Claire)!! Especially if there were crafts involved. A few hours at a birthday party made us forget that it wasn’t summer yet.


4. Bike Riding on the Deck. At the old house we didn’t have a yard and with a pretty busy sidewalk and street out front, so we rode around on the deck a lot. Don’t forget your helmets folks! Can’t be too safe!


5. We went to the Potter Park Zoo with our friend Kierce. And you know what? Apparently the lions were sick of Winter too and were super vocal in their complaints about it.


6. We hung out at the library music and story time with our friends Nia, Mia and Imani.


7. When in doubt and super bored. Go visit Dad at Spartan Spirits, build a beer case Castle and play!


8. We got out to walk and play on the swings as soon as possible. Someone can never get enough of the swings!


9. We visited the farm when all the baby lambs were born and got to feed them.

IMG_5951 IMG_5953

10. One day the magnolia tree next door was blossoming and the next day the snow was falling. Didn’t matter. We played outside anyways.


11. And when the weather cleared again, we blew bubbles and played for hours on TeTe’s stoop in Hamtramck.


12. For weeks Izzie carried her Doc McStuffins bag around with her to give mobile checkups to all those in need.


13. Take in a baseball game! Just don’t forget your blankets, it’s Michigan after all. My MIL Becky invited us to a Lansing Lugnuts baseball game. So BIL André and his lovely girlfriend Merissa came into town and joined us for a night out. So. Fun.


14. Take the kids to see Sesame Street Live. Cause Elmo and Big Bird can pretty much make every day look like a sunny day and sweep all the clouds away. It was Izzie’s first show. She wasn’t nearly as enraptured as Ella and Anna though.


15. Field Trips!! In the midst of all the packing, closing, cleaning and schlepping boxes to our new house Preschool helped keep Cedella busy and engaged. I couldn’t pass up a chance to go to the MSU Horse Farm. She absolutely loved it there. Even if the stalls were a bit stinky for her taste.


Despite all the excitement we managed to sort, purge, bag, box, donate, transport, sell or move all of our worldly possessions to our new home.

And somewhere along the way Winter stayed gone. Now it’s nothing but blue skies, hot days and mosquitoes. But we’ll talk about those little buggers another day.

How’s your spring been going? Any big plans for summer? Family vacations around the corner? Tell me all about them in the comments!!


(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday: It’s Elmo! Really?

How could we possibly top all the fun we had at Build-a-Bear this weekend? By stepping it up a notch and pulling out the big guns.

That’s right Elmo and Sesame Street Live.

Whoa. That had to be the best parental decision we’ve in a while. At least from Monk’s perspective.

And did I mention BFF Anna was involved? Yea. Monk was pretty damn excited just to see Anna, add Elmo and the rest of the crew from the Street? Absolute overload.

I didn’t know a pair of 2 year olds could be so incredibly enraptured by a stage show. But if there’s Elmo involved, you bet your sweet ass they’re going to be enraptured. They love that furry red monster.

We got to spend the afternoon at the gorgeous Fox Theater in Detroit. The last time we were there, Cedella was three months old and we saw Alicia Keys (without her). Apparently we only go to concerts or the theater if it’s the Fox. Just sayin’. We’re cool Detroiters like that. Monk kept looking up at the ceiling and around the room and couldn’t get enough of the building. My little architect in the making 😉

Stunning, huh?

Did I mention our kick-ass seats? At half-off? Guess going to Sesame Street on Super Bowl Sunday has it’s advantages. We were close enough that the girls could see every character, larger than life.

The show was pretty much an special episode of Sesame Street with more singing and dancing. And a light show. And confetti.

There were super heroes involved. Including Monk’s second favorite guy, Super Grover.

I don’t think Cedella and Anna took their eyes off the stage. Except to look at each other, give hugs and kisses and laugh about how cool it all was.

They crack me up.

And now we’ve added some new songs to our stale repertoire. Like ‘Old McDonald had some Lunch’. Thanks Elmo. We needed some new material.

And made some really great new family memories.

After the show was over the girls went crazy. Maybe the excitement of the show? The popcorn they devoured? Or just the Elmo of it all? They danced around like they do. Anna swings Cedella around by the arms.

Cedella falls down. Anna picks her up. All the while laughing hysterically.

Who could tell them to get off the dirty nasty floor when they’re having this much fun?

Not me…

So would we got back to Sesame Street Live again? Hell yes. A good afternoon was had by all. Especially two sweet little girls in love with Elmo. And one big old Mama who loves taking her kid to the theater in the D.

Have you ever taken your kids to Sesame Street Live? Or Yo Gabba Gabba Live (the next one we want to hit up)? Was it the best thing ever?

Happy WW to each and every one!!


Monk’s Favorite Toy

What’s not to love about Elmo?
He’s cute, fuzzy, curious and loving.
And despite talking about himself in the
 third person, he’s infectious.
Cedella just started saying “Elma” All. The. Time.
She insisted on holding him during her bedtime 
stories and fell asleep gripping him tight.
Guess we found her Lovie. 
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