Wordless Wednesday: One Year of The Biz

Things have been so challenging around our house lately that it’s only now, one entire month later, that I’m finishing up on Isora’s One Year Old birthday traditions. I hope to have her birthday letter all polished off tomorrow but really wanted to pull together a photo look at her year of firsts.

With Cedella I really went to town doing a bit of a photo shoot for every single month and (almost) always a monthly update of all her stats and milestones.

Yea. Isora doesn’t have any of those fancy updates, but I will tell you a little bit about her…

At now 13 months old, Isora is one of the funniest and sweetest children I have ever known. She is so quick to smile, to laugh and to make others laugh. You can’t help yourself when she makes a silly face at you or flashes one of her sweet dimpled smiles. She’s contagiously happy.

Now it may be true that she has a big sister to race after and to learn from, but she is crushing every single milestone possible. The girl walked at 9 1/2 months, like her sister, and is now doing all sorts of talking and eats like there’s no tomorrow. She’s so determined and fearless that she just went down the big kid twisty slide at the park without hesitation and giggled the whole time.

She has a pretty incredible vocabulary so far. Her words now include: Daddy, Mommy, Ella, Izzie, Anna, Mia, Bia, Kira, Gramma, Teta, Jido, Elmo, Ernie, dog, monkey, milk, eat, all done, water, Diego, more, please, thank you, up, down, wrap and ‘here you go’. Yep, ‘here you go’, real fast. It sounds like ‘herego’ but she says it as she passes something to someone. So. Smart.

I can hardly believe that she has only been a part of our family for one year. It feels like I’ve never lived without her. I love to see her sleeping face. She looks so much like her dad when she sleeps. But nothing warms me like her smile. It takes my breath away.

I remember wondering how I could ever love another child as much as I love Cedella. Isora made it easy. From the exact second I saw her she was my love. It was so easy. She is so easy to love.

Mere moments after she was born and those blushed cheeks were already two of my favorite body parts in all the world.

Zorie New 4

Not sure what I love more, her multiple chins or her smooshy cheeks.

Zorie 1 Month 1

Though she had been smiling before this I could never catch it on camera. But those smirks were in full effect by month 2.

Isora 2 Month 12

It was hot out. So why not put the sticker directly on the baby, huh? Count those delicious rolls. Love.

Zorie 3 month Chubby

At 4 months old Isora took her first dip in Lake Huron. She might have been less than impressed. But adorable none the less.

Zorie Standing Face 1

Now she’s starting to come into her signature grin. When she smiles her whole face smiles and her eyes sparkle.

5 Months 8

My sweet little pumpkin at 6 months old in the pumpkin patch. Poor baldy. She really did lose her hair for a while there. Doesn’t matter. I’d pick this little pumpkin from the patch. Notice the socks, which means, thankfully, she wasn’t walking yet.

Izzie Pumpkin

Enjoying a warm Thanksgiving Day at Aunt Gayle’s in South Carolina at 7 months old marking her first official road trip and first time meeting her Great Grandma Cecelia.

Izzie Thanks Pumpkin

Izzie Biz’s first Christmas morning. She looks a bit dazed and confused. In fairness, it was a lot of stuff to open. She liked her books the most.


A Linus in the making? Or Alicia Keys perhaps? She babbles and sings as she plays, making me just so proud.


Teeth!! On Valentine’s Day (about 11 months) you can finally see she has four teeth. And that’s a silly smile, not a grimace. She was laughing…


The smiley happy Birthday Girl. Hair filling in, little teeth showing, smiling as usual and thighs overflowing the Babylegs. All. Good. Things.


This year has been challenging and incredible and lovely. Well, aside from the past month or so. But every single moment with Isora is worth it.

She is the very definition of sunshine when skies are gray. May she always keep this gift of light that she graces people with, both loved ones and strangers alike.

Thanks for going on this little flashback journey with me. Hope we brought you some sunshine today! Happy Wordless/Wordful Wednesday to each and every one of you!






(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday: 2012 Wrap Up

2012 was quite a year. A crazy, busy, exciting, brilliant, exasperating, joyful and crazy year. We started the year with one independent child and ended the year with an independent diva and a smiley new toddler. And we took an awful lot of pictures along the way.

Wordless/Wordful/Nearly Wordless Wednesday are a staple around these parts. Some weeks these are the only posts I do. Cause I know the pictures of my sweet babies, that’s why you’re here, right?

The hard part? Picking the pictures for this post. I have a bit of an editing problem. Especially because I love every single picture of my girls. Every. Single. One.

So this is one (or maybe two or three) picture(s) for each month of last year from one of my W Wednesday posts. Enjoy!!

JANUARY Bang the Drum. Cedella got a set of drums for her 2nd birthday. This picture captures her personality so completely. Adventurous, silly, joyous and so incredibly noisy. Just the other day my Mom asked “Does she ever shut up?”. And the answer is…nope.

FEBRUARY Social Butterflies. The month of February we were super busy. Showers and playdates. Paczkis and Valentines. I was only a couple weeks away from giving birth and was big as a mobile home. But a pregnant tired Mommy doesn’t really mean much to a busy little Monkey. Here she is, acting a fool, at my cousin’s wife’s baby shower. And bonus…me and Katie. Her daughter is only a month younger than Isora. No, really, I was HUGE.

MARCH In These Quiet Moments was written two days before Isora was born. I will never forget the sweetness of this moment with my Monk. And the before we knew it… She’s Here. Isora Rose was born on an 80 degree St. Patrick’s Day. It was glorious. Wanna read her birth story? HERE you go.

APRIL The New Girl was just sleepy and squishy enough to let me take some really pretty newborn photos. Who needs a photographer when you’ve got Pinterest for inspiration and photography tutorials? I can’t even handle how wrinkly and roll-y she is in these pictures. And the light. Swooning.

MAY We celebrated 50 years of marriage of my amazing Grandparents with a really lovely party. And we struggled with the onslaught of sibling rivalry and Cedella’s inevitable sense of displacement in My Beautiful Monster (I ridiculously love this picture of her).

JUNE For the love of the beach we spent ten days at the cottage on Lake Huron. And it was relaxing, rejuvenating and so much fun. For seven days it was just me, my girls, my sisters and my mom. All us girls. Thrifting and eating and sunbathing and playing board games. Can’t wait to go again this year.

JULY Saw our first trip to the ER and Cedella’s First Battle Scar. It was gut-wrenching and horrible but in the end a rite of passage and a truly eye-opening experience. We learned how incredibly brave and resilient our dear Ella is.

AUGUST The Olympics enraptured us for several weeks in August. Getting to share the triumphs and joys of the Fabulous 5 with my daughter was super cool. And now she’s in gymnastics class where Jordyn Wieber got her start. But it was Usain Bolt that really got us jumping out of our seats.

SEPTEMBER Where the Wild Things Are captured an awesome family trip to the zoo. Cedella became obsessed with maps (thanks Dora) and me and Izzie put on babywearing demos throughout the Detroit zoo. And we celebrated TeTe’s birthday at a super delicious restaurant. Lots of family fun…

OCTOBER This was the second year I participated in the Week in My Life challenge. And boy did we have a busy week. We started out on Monday at the pumpkin patch and by the end of the week we were trick-or-treating (with some baby smiles in between). It was a busy busy month and I barely made it to post every day (never did get Saturday and Sunday published).

NOVEMBER I didn’t publish a single WW post in November. In fact I only published one post in the entire month. Guess we were busy. But I did post our pics from Silver Balls in December even though it happened in November. Though if I was on top of things I would have had a whole post about our Thanksgiving road trip to South Carolina. But no, all I have is us at Silver Balls and the girls through the years (which I LOVE looking at)

DECEMBER We began Teaching Democracy when we protested right-to-work laws at our state Capitol and even got to meet our Mayor. And tis the season for Here Comes Santa Claus as Izzie had her first encounter with the big guy.

Wow. It was quite a year. Looking back on it, it was a really really good one. Hope you enjoyed going through these pics as much as I did.

If you haven’t checked it out yet please take a look at my Life List post from yesterday and check out all the great posts through the linky.

Happy Wordful Wednesday everyone!!


Week in My Life: Tuesday

Welcome back to the Week in My Life meme!!

Here I am, thinking about what I did today and feeling exhausted only to realize that not only did I not leave the house for most of the day, but I didn’t even have to cook dinner. Feels like today was busy. Maybe I tried to do too much today…

This morning started out very similar to yesterday morning with me and my Izzie Biz sleeping in.

I can’t be alone on the not-getting-out-of-bed-until-the-baby-wakes-up camp, am I? Sure I’d be able to shower every morning, quiet and alone. If I was so inclined I may even be able to squeeze in a workout or some yoga. Or I could clean the kitchen.

But I don’t, cause I’d rather be lazy and wait for this face when she finally wakes up.

Yep, this kid is perpetually smiling.

By the time I was up, Sesame Street was on and Michael was rushing out of the door for work. Cedella says “Somebody didn’t get a hug and kiss” if he leaves without the proper amount of affection shown. And now we all say it.

After he left for work I settled in with breakfast to watch The Street with my girls. Breakfast? Toast with homemade Pumpkin Butter and creamy coffee. It was delicious.

Ella has been obsessed with the remote for my camera since I busted it out Sunday. She took about 20 photos of us watching TV together. Not the most flattering picture, but hey, keeping it real this week, right? (*This one is for Kelli @ Momma Needs a Beer who posted a lovely post-shower/pre-make-up shot)

As soon as Daniel Tiger was over Izzie was fast asleep and it was time for Ella to go to ‘school’.

Our school is held in our playroom and pajamas are perfectly acceptable school wear. Today’s lesson coincided with the theme on Sesame Street and Daniel Tiger…Friends. First we made a list of all of Cedella’s friends.

It was adorable because at first she said her only friends were Anna and Tulu. Anna is legitimately her BFF. She loves her some Anna.

But Tulu? Yea, he’s imaginary. Sometimes he’s a squirrel, an ant or a pink rabbit. Ella insists that she Tulu is her only other friend. I guess. Don’t want to discourage her imagination but Tulu is a real troublemaker.

I think after Anna her first response of a real person was our cousin Talia. Talia is in her 20’s and very much NOT a little kid. But their love of each other is so incredible and sweet. It may have something to do with the fact that Talia is also Cedella’s personal manicurist. Seriously. She won’t let me touch her nails to polish them.

She also said her Teta and her TeTe and her Grandma were her friends. Her Mommy? Nope. Not a friend just a Mom.

Next we picked three books to read about friendship. And she actually sat through all of Corduroy for the first time ever. It was my favorite as a kid so it warms my heart to share it with her.

She loves to read. And I am just so absolutely proud of that fact.

Then I set up everything we needed to make some simple beaded bracelets for Cedella’s closest buddies. Except that all the was interested in doing was cutting the yarn into teeny tiny pieces.

So I made a couple of bracelets in hopes that she would take interest in the project. And…she didn’t. So I made a few bracelets and she cut some yarn into pieces.

When Izzie got up from her nap she was soaked (gotta remember to put a thicker diaper on at nap time!) so I stripped her down and put her on the playroom floor while I grabbed another diaper and some clean clothes. OOPS! I came back to this…

That had been a full cup of coffee. Stupidly left in the middle of the floor because in my haste to get her clothes off I completely forgot all about my coffee. :(

Then I got the diapers in the wash. And found some money. Must have been a tip for the Laundry Fairy.

Next up? Lunch. Pretty typical except for one thing. Ella decided that she wanted ketchup on her peanut butter & jelly sandwich. GROSS. She even dipped her apples in the ketchup. And she ate every single bite of her lunch. She’s so weird sometimes.

After lunch Izzie gave me some crazy cute baby smiles and kisses. And then passed out. She’s amazing that way.

And miracle upon miracle my big girl went down without a fight and both girls slept for 2+ hours.

While they napped I had more than a few things to accomplish. Namely this hot mess of a kitchen. Here’s the kitchen after lunch and cleaning out the fridge:

I guess this is the drawback for cooking most meals at home. Thankfully after about 40 minutes I was done with nearly everything. Having a clean kitchen to cook in is priceless!

After the kitchen and receiving some much needed good news from a friend on the phone, it was time to work on our Halloween costumes.

Izzie’s is just about done, it just needs some fiberfill and velcro.

Mine? Is getting there. I was able to pin together all four ‘strips’ and it will probably take me longer to thread my machine than finish this costume!

Can’t wait to show you all the finished product on Friday 😉

After the girls woke up we got ready to go to Jiddo and Teta’s house for dinner. I say “got ready” loosely because it was like herding cats. Cedella wanted to do her own thing and didn’t want to get ready. So made her watch her sister while I got ready.

Getting us ready should be an Olympic sport. I have not one but three outfits (sometimes four if my dear husband is feeling uninspired) to pick out. Diapers to pack, pajamas to find, shoes to put on, hair to brush and diaper bags to be packed. All in what always turns out to be an incredibly narrow span of time.

That leaves little to no time for actually get ready myself. I really need to wash my hair sometime soon.

But we made it, without incident, and arrived at my in-laws house for dinner and visiting. And right off the bat Izzie Bizzie Boo Boo got Teta to climb down to her level and play peek-a-boo.

I am so incredibly sad to say that I forgot to take pictures of dinner. It was delicious. Grilled Salmon and Perch. Arugula salad with tomato and onion. Grilled asparagus. Fresh hummus and pita bread. It was to die for.

But there’s a great reason I didn’t get a picture. My charming 2 year old was acting like a sullen teenager and refused to sit at the table to eat her dinner because she didn’t want dinner, she wanted fruit snacks. Then a power struggle ensued. Finally Jiddo gave her a plum to eat (mind you this is AFTER we’re all done eating) and suddenly she was eating a little bit of fish and some hummus sandwiches. And after pears and grapes, she finally got her fruit snacks.

After dinner we all watched Dancing with the Stars, talked and played. The girls got some extra Jiddo & Teta snuggle time.

Then we came home. And rushed the girls to bed (since it was around 9:30) and here I am. Watching Parenthood, then the news, then Jimmy Kimmel and….oh boy. I have to go to bed!

But first: Some funny snippets of Cedella Talk from today:

Cedella: I’m a grown-up now Mommy.

Me: Oh yea? What makes you a grown-up?

Cedella: I can cut things now. (Showing off her scissors)


Cedella: You can listen to the news first but then I get to listen to the Muppets for the rest of the day. Is that a good idea?


Cedella: Let’s talk about the prince and Cinderella Mommy

Me: Ok. tell me about them.

Cedella: Well the Prince fell down in the smoke and Cinderella rescued him and lost her shoe and then they got married.

Me: Wow. That’s quite a story. Cinderella rescued the Prince?

Cedella: Yea cause he tripped over his feet. And now they are happy after all.

Me: Like me and Daddy?

Cedella: No. You’re not married.

Me: Yes we are. Remember the picture I showed you?

Cedella: That wasn’t you, it was the Prince and Cinderella.

Me: Ummm, ok. But they’re happy?

Cedella: Yep, they’re happy after all.


I couldn’t make up how random and silly these conversations can get. More tomorrow… I promise.


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