The Isora Report: Month 5

Now that we’re caught up with what the Little Nugget has been doing the past few months, what has she been doing this month? Growing and changing right before our eyes. There have been so many new things she’s up to it’s almost impossible to remember it all. But the one thing I do know? Isora is the sweetest and happiest child I’ve ever known. I had no idea I could ever love another child this much.

Weight: 16 lbs.

Height: 24.5 inches

Clothing/Shoe Size: 6-9 months, nothing smaller fits. 9 month pajamas fit perfectly. Size 2 shoes for the fleeting moments she’ll wear them.

Milestones: Rolling over. So she’s been doing this for a month and half but now she’s a rolling master. She will roll herself from one side of the room to the other just to do it. She will roll off the bed or the couch in a hot second. In fact on both mine and Daddy’s watch she has rolled off and bumped her head on floor. In fact we didn’t know she was capable of rolling from her back to her tummy until she rolled off the bed the first time.

It’s adorable to watch her face light up when we all cheer her on as she rolls onto her tummy and up onto her elbows. Or when she giggles and coos after she’s wriggled and scooted her way to some incredibly dangerous and un-babyish item on the floor.

But with being up on her elbows brings the latest development from the past few days. Tummy time has now become up-on-hands-and-knees time. She’s been getting up onto her knees, bouncing and rocking back and forth. She is just so incredibly close to crawling it’s amazing and yet makes me drop a couple of tears in my beer.

How can she be almost crawling already? Is that possible? How can she be growing so fast? It feels like she was just born and now she’s doing so much on her own. Just wish it would slow down…

What’s also not slowing down is her efforts to communicate with us. She is yelling screaming talking all the time lately. She feels the need to fill all the quiet spaces with her in screeching. The other day I took her to work at the store with me.

*For the B&B newbies, my husband’s family owns a liquor store and I like to be handy and run the registers here and there. Cause working a liquor store for free is WAY better than watching Caillou any day.

So I had her in the stroller behind the counter and this guy comes in to buy a pack of cigarettes. I’m ringing him up, chatting about the students coming back, when all of a sudden “Rrrrraaaaaarrrr!!!” The man literally jumped a foot backwards and yelled “What the fuck was that?” I looked down at Izzie, who had a big ole grin on her face and started laughing. “That’s just my baby girl”. There’s a reason she’s taken over the nickname Babysaurus Rex.

If there’s anything our Babysaurus likes more than roaring it’s chewing on things. Fingers, knuckles, toys, blankets, her own clothes, the baby carrier, the car seat straps and well, anything else she can get her hands on. And right now, that includes her feet. She loves putting her toes in her pie hole and going to town.

And with all this chewing comes the drool. We are in official teething territory. And it’s kind of soggy over here.

Our Izzie has become a complete busy-body. She’s always got a toy she’s rolling after or sucking on. And anything Cedella is doing, Isora’s gotta be right in the thick of it. And it seems like the opposite is true too. The second Izzie gets something in her hands Ella’s gotta have it. I have a feeling this will be the way of things for many years to come.

We finally busted the exersaucer out of the garage again. She LOVES it. The noises of excitement that come out of her when she’s playing in there are hilarious. Even funnier? When Big Sister climbs into the little teeny seat to take a turn. It makes us all crack up.

By the end of last month she had started grabbing at our plates and was enjoying a cucumber her Jiddo gave her. Now? Michael had been pretty hesitant to have her eat anything at all. But she has seemed so incredibly ready.

So I started giving her chunks of banana that she can grab and put in her mouth by herself. Today she practically tackled me to get at my goat’s milk yogurt, I put a little on the end of my finger and she loved it. Tonight her Daddy got in the mix and gave her mashed potatoes off his finger. You should have heard the sucking noises she was making. Like she couldn’t get enough of it.

The only awful part (aside from the disgusting diapers to come)? She is starting to chomp on my nipples like she does on her bananas and teethers. I have to be way more diligent about making sure to take her off the breast before she’s just playing. Cause it’s getting painful.

But with all this food she’s enjoying guess that means we’re dragging out the high chair from the garage too. We should put a sign in our front yard that says. “Welcome to our Home. We are now being sponsored by Fisher-Price”. Some day all the plastic shit will be outta here. Right?

Favorites: TV – seems to be incredibly fascinating to her now though it has never even caught her attention before. Going to have to be much more strict with screen time this fall.

Her thumb – there’s nearly nothing her thumb can’t fix.

Her Sofie, her wooden rattle and floppy ear teething ring – the most soothing things for her sore baby gums and very easy for her to hold for long periods of time.

Kira – she is being to find her doggie incredibly interesting. All dogs really. She snatched a giant handful of hair off my grandparents golden Cassie. Poor dog.

Bananas, mashed potatoes and yogurt…oh my!

Least Favorites: The car. This girl HATES being in the car. Like screaming bloody murder for two + hours in the car the other day. And that was including pulling over to nurse and change her diaper 3 times. The drive to Detroit usually only takes and hour and change. It took two and a half the other day. Poor thing just doesn’t want anything at all to do with her car seat. Sure hope she grows out of this phase sooner than later.

What strikes most people about Isora right now is just how good she is. She rarely cries, cause she prefers smiling. In even the most noisy situations (ex. a house full of Arabic relatives) she sleeps like an angel on a cloud. And as long as someone is holding her when she needs to be held, she can see everything and she’s moving, all is right in her world. Strangers everywhere we go remark on her reddish hair and gorgeous blue eyes and her sweet smile. She really is a sweet sweet baby. If every baby was like her I’d change my last name to Duggar.

It’s impossible not to kiss and gnaw on those chubby cheeks and round chin btw. Impossible.





The Isora Report: Month 3 & 4

Between our ultra busy soaking-every-last-drop-of-summer schedule and the lightening speed at which Miss Isora is growing and I haven’t been very good about updates. So here’s a very picture heavy drop of her 3rd & 4th month updates. Month 5 is coming up tomorrow.


Weight: 14.5 lbs.!! Wow!!

Height: 23.5 inches

Clothes/Shoe Size: 3-6 month clothes. Newborn and 0-3 onesies are way too small. Shoes? Nope…it’s summer. Really it’s even too hot for clothes. Hence the sticker on the tummy this month.

Milestones: This month she started her newest most endearing habit. Our little Boogie is officially a thumb-sucker. During our family trip to Oscoda she started sucking her thumb to soothe herself back to sleep and has been ever since. It’s absolutely adorable and no, I don’t plan on making her stop any time soon.

Because of her convenient little thumb sucking we officially moved Izzie to her crib in the girls shared bedroom. Once she’s asleep she’s asleep all night, well, as long as her big sister doesn’t wake her up. I love to go in there when they’re both sleeping and just listen to their sweet sleepy harmonies.

Month 3 also marked her very first laugh. It came when we were giving the girls a bath one night. Somehow we managed to get both girls into Isora’s baby tub and Cedella started splashing the baby. At first it was cute, and then just cause it’s her, Ella started taking it even further and splashing even harder. At first we thought she was crying, turns out she was laughing. Just giggling. With Cedlla giggling even louder and harder over her. She just adores any and every sweet torture that her sister puts her through. Poor thing.

Isora’s first time at the beach was this month too. Despite the chilly cold temperature of Lake Huron in June she seemed to really enjoy getting her feet in the squishy sand and feeling the cool breeze on her face. She never got a chance to put a fistful of sand in her mouth though. Better luck next year I guess :)

Favorites: “Alouette” Grandma Linda started singing her that song and she adores it, sometimes singing this to her is the only way to stop her from crying. Her Mini Sofie giraffe teether and anything she can put in her mouth. Flying like an airplane up in the air. Raspberries on her cheeks and tummy. ANYTHING that Cedella does is her instant favorite thing.


Weight: 15 lbs.

Height: 24 inches

Clothes/Shoe Size: 6-9 month clothes. A couple 3 month things still fit. Size 2 shoes seem to fit good.

Milestones: Teething has begun. The drool, the constant gnawing on other people’s fingers, even a little bit of bedtime discomfort. She’s been wearing her amber necklace and takes teething tablets when she’s especially cranky.

She’s now a master at the tummy time and rolls from her back to tummy and tummy to back with ease. In fact this month she’s rolled off the bed more times than Cedella ever did. The second you set this child down she is moving.

Little Boogie got to go to her first concert this month too. There was a fundraiser for the Broad Museum in Old Town featuring a band called Janka Nubay and the Bubu Gang. Straight outta Brooklyn by way of Sierra Leone. See hung out in the carrier all night and loved swinging and dancing with me and her dad to the music. And Janka Nubay even pinched her cheeks after. She was definitely the youngest patron of the arts at that show!

This month Izzie got to meet lots of family members and friends she hadn’t met yet. It was so busy I didn’t get a chance to take her monthly pictures. Between visits from our Canadian family, relatives from Lebanon and the Deirmimas annual reunion, it seemed like an entire month full of visits. And she seemed to particularly love meeting her cousin Mila.

And being passed around to everyone at the reunion hafli (dance party). Though, the party may have gone a bit too late for her.

The biggest milestone of this month? Food. She is completely obsessed. Haven’t given her anything more than a chunk of banana in her mesh feeder thingy, but she absolutely loved it. In fact she wouldn’t even let me pry it out of her hands without screaming in protest. So when her Jiddo offered her a cucumber she was all to happy to gnaw on it.

Favorites: Getting tossed up into the air. Being in the baby carrier on my back. “You Are My Sunshine” sung by me, Cedella or both of us. Hanging strawberry toy on her car seat. Bananas. Smiling, she’s always smiling.

Stay tuned…Month 5 is coming tomorrow!!




The Cedella Report: Month 9

Hey Everybody!  I’m 9 months old!

My child is 9 months old.  ::gasp::  My baby is trying to walk, trying to talk, trying to get into EVERYTHING.  Oh…and she threw herself out of her crib onto the nursery floor.  That’s right…my Monk is giving me gray hairs.  In fact I found three today.  Three.  ::sigh::

Good news is that despite having her first cold and a runny nose that is finally going away (two weeks later), she is perfectly healthy.  Here’s her newest stats:

Weight – 19.5 lbs  (only about 1/2 lb since last month but she hasn’t had a growth spurt lately)
Height  – 28 inches (still the same too…which is great cause her few pairs of pants still fit)
Head    – 17.5 inches (this is great because it means her little peanut head has made it to the 50% and   everything is A OK.
Size – Mostly 12 month clothes these days.  Some 9 month jammies and onesies.  Some 18 month sized jeans (that big ole booty)  Still size 3 but almost size 4 shoes.

My little Fashionista.

What’s new with Monk?  Still all the same tricks as last month with the added excitement of the Amazing Baby Out of the Crib Trick.  One night after laying her down to sleep in her crib I ran downstairs and poured myself a glass of wine.  It was just that kind of day.  As I sat down on the couch to chug my glass, I heard a deep thump right over my head, almost immediately followed by the loudest wail that has ever come out of my child.  I don’t think I’ve run that fast since high school.  Ella was lying on the floor of her room, on her stomach, screaming bloody murder.  I scooped her up and shushed her and rocked her and nursed her and she fell right to sleep.  Talk about it hurting the parent more than the child!  I was crying like a lunatic and called Michael at work to tell him all about the horror.  After waking her up an hour later to check her pupils and make sure she wasn’t going to die I fell asleep sobbing and clutching her to me.  I’m pretty sure one gray hair sprouted at that exact moment.  The next morning she woke up and pushed herself out of my arms and once I was awake she started waving at me.  ::sigh of relief::  Despite a knot on her forehead she was perfectly fine.  And the crib is now in the lowest position it can be in.  Thank you Michael.

Our Little Dare Devil

She waves every morning when she wakes up.  She waves at our neighbor Wing when she sees him outside.  She waves to the picture of her grandma and auntie every morning.  She waves to Elmo every morning on Sesame Street.  She even waved at the nice sales girl at Babies R Us today.  There are hello waves, two-handed Arabic hand waves, bye-bye waves and even the weirdo closed-fist waves.  We’re still trying to figure out if the closed-fist is her fight-the-power wave.

Waving at the camera

Then there’s the kissing.  She’s a kissing bandit!  She kisses me constantly!  She makes this “mmmmmm” kissing moaning noise, then leans in, opens her mouth and proceeds with what we call the Movie Star kiss.  She makes out with your face.  The other day at a baby shower she went all Lolita on this 18 month old boy.  I sat her down on the floor a few feet away from him and before you could say “cherry chapstick” she was on this kid. Hands first, she dived for his face, placing hand on each one cheek, opening her mouth and slobbering all over his face.  Michael is currently working on building a cage and procuring a shotgun.

Kissing…notice the open mouth.

She’s also getting quite a bit closer to walking.  Yep, I said it…walking.  There are moments when she thinks no one is looking and she pushes off of the couch and just stands there, trying so hard to balance without holding on.  She loves holding onto fingers and walking back and forth across the floor all day long.  She has the whole furniture walking thing down to a science.  In fact, she’s such a good scooter she only crawls when absolutely necessary.  It’s pretty terrifying to think of her walking.  I just sprouted another gray hair.

Walking around her room

Cedella has always been an dancing machine but I got some pretty damn adorable footage of her dancing the other day.  Currently her taste includes Jay-Z, Yo Gabba Gabba and Led Zeppelin.  I know…she’s got great taste for an infant.  Check out her moves (but please ignore my horrendous impersonation of Rihanna):

These days she is still obsessed with balls, so much so that she says “Ba ba ba” until you hand her anything round that resembles a ball, like lemons, limes and apples.  She tries to eat them and is throwing them onto the ground, but still can’t quite get the hang of rolling it.  Oh well…next month maybe.  By far the favorite toy right now is her Elmo doll.  Anything Elmo holds her attention for a few minutes, which is tricky these days.  Elmo’s World is the most important (and usually only) time of day that she pays attention to the television.  Besides Dancing with the Stars.  She loves the dancing and the shiny lights.

Elmo is never far from reach

Sleeping is getting slightly better, but is still not what we’d like it to be.  At least once a night she wakes up and doesn’t want to go back to sleep.  She’s wide awake and wants to play.  We’re working on a nap and nighttime schedule but it’s a bit tricky.  Either way though we’re still nursing during the day, Mama’s Milk Diner is no longer open all night.  And I’m much more rested and generally pleasant for it.

Happy, well rested Mama

Newest favorite food?  Scrambled eggs!  Just like her Dada she absolutely adores eggs.  They’re the perfect finger food and she gobbles them all up in seconds.  We are fortunate enough to have local farm deliver fresh eggs to our porch once a week so we have peace of mind that she’s eating the very best.  And in case you’re wondering…yes you can definitely tell the difference between the farm eggs and the grocery eggs.  And yes, they are absolutely worth the hefty $4/dozen price tag.  Ella has also been eating chicken, tomatoes, apples, butternut squash, sugar snap peas and broccoli.  It may have been said before but seriously…this girl is such a great eater!  I hope she will always have such a healthy appetite for healthy food.

We have joined a mom group and have been on several events.  Our favorite so far?  The Nature Hike.  Wow.  Cedella was the most excited and thrilled baby I have ever seen.  She narrated the whole hike with her ‘Whoo hoo’ and ‘Lalalalala’ for the 2.5 mile hike.  Seriously, most of the other kids were either passed out or crying.  All but Cedella and another little girl.  They had a great ‘chat’ as did me and her mother.  So this little girl and her mom are our new buddies.  We’re going on a solo walk tomorrow.  Yep, a solo date.  That’s what it’s like.  Finding mom friends in a new town is like dating.  I hope our first date goes well cause she’s cool and we have lots in common and I need a mom friend.  Wish me luck…

Trying out the slide
Teething bad…
Stinker Face 2.0
Digging her teething pacifier