Wordless Wednesday: A Sweet Date

Well it only took all of us a full two weeks but everyone was finally healthy enough to meet up for our annual Valentine’s Day Pie Date last week.

And damn was it worth the wait.

This is the third year in a row that me and Ella have celebrated Valentine’s with our besties Leslie & Anna. Only this year, there were two new little ladies in tow.

Sweet Mia.

And sleepy Izzie.

Every year it seems these two get a little less adorable and little more sassy. And while they may have spent half the time arguing, they did sit and play together nicely for at least a few minutes.

Look at how they’ve grown in two short years.

The lunch menu is super delicious. Here’s the bacon and caramelized onion quiche. Super. Delicious.

Anna was quite serious about this mac n cheese.

But the sweets. Oh the sweets. The Salted Caramel Whoopie Pies were out of control. I may have inhaled it too fast to get a picture.

Even Mia and Bea (Cedella’s twin baby dolls) got to join us for the fun. They join us every where we go these days. And yes, Bea is naked. “Cause she likes to be nudie.” And yes, that’s a direct quote from Mommy Cedella.

And despite all the arguing over toys and such these two are incredible to watch interact. It’s like they’re sisters or something.

And then there’s the these two playing together at our house the next day. Two more BFF’s in the making.

Isora really likes to kiss her little friend. Sorry in advance Mia for all the kisses you’re going to be getting from this one in the future…

So glad we were all finally feeling good enough to keep our tradition alive. It’s great seeing the girls grow into the tradition each year, or hate it completely as the case may be. But it’s also a good reminder that these little things are the little things they’ll remember from their childhood. They’re the little things they will take with them into their own families and do with their own children. I love knowing that we’re building something each and every year and with each and every bite of pie.

It just reminds me once again that I really must get more pie in my life. Because pie is the new cupcake. Mark my words 😉

How did you spend your weekend?

Happy Wordless/Wordful Wednesday to one and all!!

Happy Heart Day

As many of you faithful readers know Valentine’s Day is kind of a touchy subject around the Babies & Bacon household. I talked about why we don’t make a big deal of it HERE. And why I was pretty pissed we didn’t make any deal of it HERE.

But this year I was so incredibly surprised. Because for the first year ever Michael decided to care about Valentine’s Day in more way than one.

First of all he decided to take his little lady to a Daddy Daughter Dance with a couple of his friends and their daughters. Ironically enough Michael has a large group of high school friends that he is still pretty close to and of all the guys that have kids, almost all have daughters. It’s pretty sweet to see all these tough dudes with their baby girls.

Cedella was beside herself with excitement for the Party. She picked out which dress she wanted to wear. This one was picked for the twirly skirt factor. * Fashion side note: This is a Jelly the Pug dress that I bought for Cedella before she was born. She is only just now fitting it and it’s still huge. But I love it so. Isn’t it pretty?

So glad I took pictures of them before they left the house because there are only a couple pics of them from the actual dance. Aren’t they the cutest?

And making the goofiest face of all…

God I love these two.

They had a great time at the dance, even though Cedella wouldn’t leave her father’s arms except for the two minutes she sat down to eat a cookie. Here’s hoping that this begins a tradition of many more Daddy Daughter dances in the years to come.

And then there was V Day.

We woke up early and decided to start working on Valentine’s. I busted out the construction paper, foamies, glue and glitter at 7:30 am, cause I’m kinda crazy like that. Cedella loved it.

And though when she was done the floor looked like a stripper conversion, she made some beautiful art. Some of her work…

After we cleaned up the glitter-blizzard that was all over the floor we got ready for the day.

For the past two years we’ve gone for a Valentine’s Day pie eating lunch with our besties Leslie & Anna. But this year Anna’s baby sister was really ill, as was the rest of their family. And the plague settled into our house last week, so we haven’t been able to meet with them yet but tomorrow is the make-up date!

So instead we planned a girlie luncheon with my girlfriend Lucy. And where better for a group of ladies to enjoy a Valentine’s Day lunch? Olive Garden of course! Cause unlimited soup and salad and breadsticks is alright with me 😉

The girls waiting for our table actually got along quite well. Shocker.

Auntie Lucy and her sweetheart date. And yes, she bribed this photo op with rainbow colored clip-in hair extensions.

Me and my ladies. I even had my heart sweater on. Cause we like to coordinate like that.

Pretty sure Monk just said “Whatcha talkin’ ’bout Willis?”

We had such a nice date and the girls were so well behaved and Lucy and I are both chatty so we always have great time together.

The good was excellent as usual. And though I could have eaten four more of these little yummies, I only had one. And it was delicious.

After lunch we decided to take the girls to the mall playground to burn off some steam and give us grownups a chance to chat for a while longer. The girls were actually getting along with one another for a while. It is so sweet to watch them play together.

But then Ella got bored with being told to “be careful” and so she found a few Valentine’s friends of her own. Yes, those are all little boys. Sorry Daddy, the boys were crazy for her that day.

And Isora had a great time too. There was more than enough little things for her to climb all over. Looks a bit happy, no?

Ella even found a friend she has met before when her Jiddo takes her to play at the mall. The were really cute and insisted on holding hands every single second they were together.

And then we got home from our day just in time to meet Michael after work. And that’s when it happened. The core of the universe turned to ice and all that is unholy was disintegrated and the Earth stopped turning for just one brief moment.

He bought me flowers. A big ole gorgeous fragrant bouquet with not a rose in sight (I don’t care for roses.)

On Valentine’s Day.

On purpose.

And he even brought flowers for his daughters.

It was so unexpected and incredible and lovely. I almost cried I was so surprised.

Well played Mr. Eyebrowz. Well played.

And of course I didn’t have anything for him. Well, except for concert tickets to see one of our favorite singers, Erykah Badu, and a night out on the town. Which was…AMAZING!

So this is the first time in our history that we (meaning Michael) has decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day and I was caught totally off guard. But you know who totally got it? Cedella. She loved the flowers and kept saying how pretty my flowers were and how she got three flowers cause she was three now so she gets three flowers.

And THAT’S why we should celebrate. How was your Valentine’s Day? Hope it was special.

Thanks for reading!

Why We Don’t Celebrate Valentine’s Day

And why I’m pretty irritated about it.

It’s quite simple really. Michael and I decided early in our relationship that we would celebrate our love for one another every single day, and refused to participate in a marketing-driven Hallmark-inspired faux-holiday.

You know those early days of a love affair when you think that the feeling your in the midst of could never possibly fade, but only grow brighter? Those days when you want to spend Every. Single. Waking. Moment. Together? To the point where you’re playing hooky at work just to stay in bed with each other a little bit longer. Yea, those days were so sweet and silly and romantic…

And LONG gone, and yet our deal about Valentine’s is still on.

I knew there was some underlying tension between us on Sunday night as Michael grumbled about having to get flowers for his step-mom because his dad is out of town. I mentioned how nice it was going to be for her to get flowers, and that it would be even better if he brought them to her at work. Cause what woman doesn’t like to get flowers at work for all her co-workers to drool over? Immediately after this seemingly harmless exchange the tension was palpable.

Though we made the decision for the two of us not to celebrate it obviously didn’t carry over to Cedella, right? So Leslie (aka New Friend) and I took our girls to this awesome little pie bakery called Sweetie-Licious. It was a Mama/Daughter Pie Date!! We had such a great time, and so much great pie, that it actually felt a bit celebratory.

 Playing in the Sweetie-Licious Kitchen
 Sharing food with Anna
 Having a tea party
Sharing a tea cup

But I have to admit a bit of jealousy when we stopped by the flower shop and I knew that I wouldn’t be on the receiving end of any blooms. Or that I wouldn’t be taken on a special fancy date. Or that I had absolutely no reason to shave my legs or wear heels (really I love to dress up and having no reason bums me out).

When we got home I got out the paint so that Monk could make some Valentine’s Day paintings. Maybe I should have confirmed this parenting choice with Michael, but I decided that at the very least we would make a tradition out of making something for one another to celebrate our love, at least on this day, if not as often as we can. So we painted cards for Daddy.

When Michael got home from work, after having delivered the flowers, he was much later and grumpier than usual. We gave him his paintings, which he was not as impressed by as I had hoped. And again I mentioned how nice it was for him to have taken the flowers to my MIL. At this point my second mention became a ‘thing’.

He was immediately defensive and angry. “We decided not to celebrate Valentine’s Day together and now you want to celebrate? WTF?” (Totally paraphrased BTW). He said he would love to buy me flowers and take me out, on any other day than Valentine’s. That’s the problem though. I don’t get flowers or a card any other day, let alone on Valentine’s. The last time he gave me flowers was during our honeymoon. I can count the times we’ve been out just the two of us since Cedella has been born on one hand (that’s less than 5 times in a year folks!).

Now I’m beginning to understand the whole V Day deal. It’s not just about forcing one to buy overpriced boxes of heart shaped candies and red long stem roses. It’s like Thanksgiving or Christmas or Fourth of July. It’s a reason to collectively celebrate, only instead of being thankful or saying Happy Birthday to Jesus or America, we celebrate Love.

For a lot of us married folks, saying we love one another can become so banal. It’s like brushing your teeth or making coffee. You just do it as part of your day. How often do I take the time to tell Michael I love him because he is the Clyde to my Bonnie. How often do I express how much I love the way he makes me laugh. How often does he understand that when I tell him I love him before he leaves to go to work, that I really LOVE him. That I can’t live without him. That he is my other half.

Even if, as a couple, we decide to continue this tradition of not celebrating Valentine’s, I feel the need to insist we celebrate our love, that we talk about our love, that we make our love a priority. That we give cards, flowers and handmade mementos just because. That we take time once a week (or so) to reconnect and spend some quality adult time together. I don’t see how we can maintain our passion for one another without celebrating it.

What do you do to keep the love alive and celebrate one another?

My little Valentine