When Did THIS Happen?

It’s like we went to bed one night with a baby and woke up with a toddler.  I am at a loss.  I know she has to grow up but really Monk?  So fast?  She’s trying to talk and trying to walk and eating regular food.  To borrow a term from the ladies at Rants from Mommyland…WHUCK?  

I’m a little weepy over here!  It’s really exciting and amazing to watch her little supercomputer brain figure out all of these new things but damn!  Before we know it she’s going to be driving!  To top it all off I was listening to the Jewell Lullaby channel (thanks Teresha!) last night while rocking Cedella to sleep and this beautiful song by Frances England came on.  It’s called ‘You and Me‘.  Just listen to the clip (like Michael Scott I only need a taste to get teary eyed again).  It totally and completely encapsulated EXACTLY how I’m feeling right now.  Like listening to Tori Amos’ ‘Little Earthquakes’ in the middle of a breakup.  I’m rocking and sobbing and Cedella was sleeping like, well, like a little baby.  So now I’m the mother of a toddler AND I like children’s music?  Oh no…I can feel more gray hairs sprouting…

What’s a Mama to do?  Does coffee really stunt growth?  At least she’s nervous enough that she’s hasn’t taken any major spills yet.  But I have a feeling running is not too far away.  Damn.  ‘They’ are not kidding when they say they grow up so fast.