(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday: She’s Here!!

There are so many words I can’t wait to share but for now just the most important ones.


She was born on St. Patrick’s Day, which happens to be my beloved Grandma Rose’s birthday, at 11:55am.

She was a 8 lbs. 9 oz. and 21 inches long.

We had a really amazing birth experience at The Greenhouse Birth Center. And when I say amazing, I mean laughing hysterically and smiling with my husband and doula and then pushing out a baby ten minutes later in a luxurious bath tub.


Seeing this face for the first time is one of the most powerful and beautiful moments of my life.

She is calm, deliciously chubby, funny and oh so snuggly.

Her big sister loves her very much and calls her Baby Sister. Or Zorie. This picture was taken when we came home with Zorie 6 hours after her birth, the first time Cedella met her. Instant Love.

Her Auntie Kylara calls her Squishy.

TeTe calls her Izzie.

I can’t decide whether I like Zorie or Izzie better. But she’ll always be my Nugget.

And now I know just how possible it is for one’s heart to instantly expand and almost burst with instant love. Because in this moment my heart just about exploded for this little miracle.

Hope that your week is as amazing as mine has been! Happy WW!!