(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday: Making Cookies

One of my favorite things to do with my daughter is cook. Anyone who kept up with my Week in the Life posts saw us in the kitchen together. A lot.

I love to cook. I think food brings together the family. I couldn’t wait for the day to be able to be in the kitchen with my kids making something delicious and having them try and taste new things.

And Cedella is my perfect little assistant. She loves to measure things and pour things and stir things. When she’s antsy and bored she’ll grab my hand and lead me to the kitchen and say ‘I Cook Mommy’.

How cute is that?

I’ve always wanted to be the mom that has a jar full of freshly baked cookies sitting on the counter just waiting for children to come home from school and devour them. And I’m proud to say that I’m doing a pretty good job keeping that up so far.

My favorite cookies when I was a kid were No-Bakes. They were chocolate, peanut butter AND oatmeal. And they were delicious. I had an extreme craving for them a couple weeks ago and so I got my little girl into the kitchen for her first cookie making lesson.

First…the ingredients. These are the easiest cookies to make cause there’s only seven ingredients. And there’s no putting in the oven. Hence the name No-Bakes.

Then there’s the measuring…

And inevitably when cooking with a 21 month old there’s some spillage involved…in this case it was literally spilled milk.

But once we got the chocolate and butter and milk getting all delicious together in the pan things started looking up.

Then it was time to add the vanilla…Cedella had her own way of opening the bottle.

But we rescued the vanilla from being consumed like an airplane shooter, stirred in the oatmeal and peanut butter and poured beautiful globs of goodness onto some wax paper to cool.

They were absolutely delicious. And thankfully my husband doesn’t like chocolate (whuck?!). So that meant even more chocolately goodness for me and Monk.

Here’s the recipe I found in Pinterest courtesy of One More Moore: No-Bakes.

What kind of stuff do you cook with your kids? Happy Wednesday folks!!