The Nugget

Our beautiful second daughter has been affectionately referred to on this blog as Little Nugget since she was just a embryo sac in her first ultrasound picture.

Otherwise known as Isora Rose, Izzie, Zorie or Baby Sister.

And just to show us ‘Who’s The Boss?’ she made her entrance into the world on St. Patrick’s Day aka The Busiest Day to Own a Liquor Store aka The Only Day She Wasn’t Allowed to Be Born.

In the few short months she’s been on this earth she has filled it with so much sunshine and light.

She is the happiest little baby I’ve ever seen.

I mean…just look at this smile…

And by the look of those thighs you can probably tell that this child isn’t missing any meals. In fact, she’s quite the healthy eater. What can I say? Guess my Mama Milk is straight cream.